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all black silk hi ~ ~ today's senior black came when

was little, not obedient, is playing the mother, but after my mother said to me: love you stupid child, you play you will not run, I am angry just hit you, such as the elimination of gas will not hit you, you make me angry, you run, I eliminate the air would not hit you. One day, I make her angry, I ran away, ran to the corner squat, hungry, just leisurely walk home, then there is no suspense and got a good play, the reason is: hide the first, hide in the fifteen? And from that time on, I don't believe what the woman said......

mother was dying, he has waited at the bedside day and night to take care of her, eating and sleeping. Nurses in the ward look in the eyes, especially touched, so the initiative to strike up a conversation, and to understand the situation in his home, to become a friend to talk about. After his mother's death, he had the courage to ask her to marry him, she thought that the world is so filial, so good to her mother, a man is not much, he married his father.

Olympic table tennis men's singles final to decide the winner of the final gold medal today, Malone has the final 4-0 victory to become the new Zhang Jike, a Grand Slam winner, but because Malone and NBA star Malone Malone to win the same name, so it was all bad play"......

in the semi-final and a little bit earlier, Malone and Zhang Jike have a smooth round, interestingly, Malone in the win in the four game is to score 11-5 win, and Zhang Jike in the four inning victory without exception only to win the match two. Netizens have jokingly said, Nanping players have obsessive-compulsive disorder?

the end of the Olympic Games women's gymnastics individual all-around finals of the competition, and ultimately from the China women's gymnastics team captain Shang Chunsong has been behind third less than 0.2 points that harvest fourth, no medals. But there is a high level of competition but also by the referee "grab a mirror", a set of original commercial Harumatsu uneven difficulty is 6.6, but the referee only gave 6.4 points, it is more difficult than the opponent in the uneven bars high 0.1 points under the condition of complete points 0.5 points less than the opponent. After the game, gymnastics world champion Chen Yibing also released a message Tucao this thing in the personal social platform, this Xiaobian want to say: judge you out, we talk about

Chinese player has always been to the mature image of famous international, but from this session of the Rio Olympics, athletes Chinese international image estimation to "destroy", because this session China sent a full piece hand Swim team. From the girl Fu Yuanhui, to stay adorable boy Sun Yang, and then to the upright men's boy Ning Zetao et al., it is pocketed everyone's eye, but Xiaobian want to say, you have considered this reporter friends feel mody.

in the Olympic women's epee team final yesterday, although the final China team lost to the German team that gained the silver medal, but happy is, after the award ceremony, finally raised the right Chinese flag. This time the flag to raise a Babel of criticism of finally come to an end, but the game has been carried out on the seventh day, China delegation formally ascended their national flag in the Olympic Games, this history is also no right with no predecessors...

today, Chinese women's volleyball coach Lang Ping's daughter, whitecaps came to Brazil for his mother and China women's volleyball cheer. But the little girl saw her mother said the first sentence is actually: "this morning, wash your face?" Get coach Lang Ping dumbfounding. Girl you this is the strength of pit mama ah...

held today in the Olympic men's 200 meter medley final, Phelps won the gold medal in the super advantage, this is already the 31 year old won twenty-second Olympic gold medals. Phelps is you in the life is the dolphin, how can you swim so fast......

Jordan and Green this summer on behalf of the American national basketball team at the Olympic Games in Rio, they got a lot of time together, they become very close in the past few weeks. "He is now my brother, in August 22nd, it's over." Joe Dan joked. Your friendship is really easy to come to the fast ah...

to celebrate the fourth Olympic Games Tour, American swimmer Michael Rochette made his hair with silver, but with the passage of time, we are pleased to find that Rochette's hair seemed to "color", the original white hair has gradually become green. It is said that because of Rochette these days almost all stay in the pool, resulting in a large number of chlorine bleaching his hair color, and as he stayed in water over time, become more obvious. After diving site water overnight green, Luoqiede hair was not spared, green is really represent the color of Brazil...

was in the 2013 season playing for Shanghai Shenhua in Argentina Wei's Avignon recently in an interview with Argentina media interview said, "cupping" can indeed stimulate the body force field, his single season 26 appearances in the Super League at the age of 40, is completely "Oriental Art". He also believes that Horton's criticism is completely groundless statement, should go back to Australia after the old Chinese try, will stop.


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