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recently, American two automatic driving vehicle traffic accident one LED driver died. The safety problem of automatic driving or unmanned vehicle was first to public opinion in the teeth of the storm. According to a number of industry analysts predict that the next mobile Internet as the main terminal, will be an important trend in the future development of the automotive industry in the future development of the automotive industry. Many experts believe that unmanned technology will not stop because of traffic accidents, technical progress is bound to contribute to the improvement of relevant rules and laws.

; RGBA (0, 0, 0, 0); line-height: 32px; color: RGB (57, 57, 57); font-family:; white-space: normal; background-color: RGB (255, 255, 255 >"); not long ago, Tesla Motors confirmed that S electric cars the company's crash in the automatic driving mode, causing the driver killed. The United States is responsible for the regulation of road traffic safety agencies are investigating the accident vehicle automatic driving system. This is the first case in the United States involving the car automatic driving function of traffic deaths.

accidents in the U.S. state of Florida in May 7th, involved in electric car owners, a 40 year old man died. July 1st, in Pennsylvania, the United States together may involve a traffic accident involving Tesla automatic driving system, fortunately, the accident did not cause death. Tesla said, they received a display alarm airbag has been launched, but did not receive the display driving record vehicle control state, and this record can show the automatic driving system is in the open state.

the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration spokesman Thomas in reply to the newspaper the reporter said in the e-mail, the agency will be responsible for the opening of the time of the accident (automatic) design and performance of driver assistance function check". Thomas also stressed that the initial assessment of the investigation should not be interpreted as authorities have identified the accident vehicle there is some kind of defect." But he also said that, as found in the presence of security risks involved in the vehicle will be ordered to recall.

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Tesla explains, is still in the testing phase of public automatic driving the system of the company. Tesla China Communications Director Tao Rong told reporters that the automatic driving is an auxiliary function, need to drive people always put their hands on the steering wheel. When using the automatic driving function, the driver should keep the control of the vehicle.

University of California at Berkeley intelligent transportation system research and Development Project Manager Sdorf pointed out in fact, the autopilot is a gradual process. To achieve a complete unmanned experience no automation, driving assistance, part of the automation, conditional automation and complete automation of the 5 stages. Although since the last century, in 70s the United States, Britain, Germany and other developed countries began to study the driverless car since the breakthrough progress is made in terms of feasibility and practicality, but currently include the United States, Germany, Japan, the mainstream car prices, Google, apple and Tesla, such as science and technology enterprises are still in the driving from the auxiliary part to automation the transition phase.

according to the Rand Co in the United States a copy of the latest research report shows that the total the mileage of automatic driving vehicle test is little, lack of reliability and safety of the car compared with the traditional car enough data.

consumers of unmanned technology differently. Former reporter visited the Losangeles City, a Tesla car store, there are still a lot of people to see the inquiry. The store salesman Kath Le told reporters that the recent sales of negative news, there are a lot of people are directed at the automatic driving function. She said, we have a duty to remind the driver, as far as possible in the automatic driving process do not hand off the steering wheel." Small business owners who live near Brown, told reporters that he took a fancy to Tesla mainly because of its fashion design and environmental factors, and no interest in the automatic driving function.

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there is no doubt that unmanned automobile industry has become a hot topic. In the United States, Google has won the California, Nevada and other state laws permit can be on the road, and has been on the road test last year. Recently, Germany's BMW and Intel and the Israeli senior driver assistance system developer Mobileye also announced that the future will jointly develop unmanned vehicles, will be in 2021 to achieve the production of unmanned vehicles. Previously, GM, TOYOTA and other traditional car prices have been expressed to accelerate the development of unmanned vehicles to enter the field of ambition.

the National Transportation Safety Board Chairman Hart said that the automatic driving technology there is great potential to reduce highway traffic accidents, but also improve the vehicle in a dangerous situation itself can make the factor of safety judgment.

LETV super car (Chinese) intelligent driving vice president Kai ni the reporter said, Tesla by effects of the accident, the U.S. government is likely to intensify supervision of the development and application, but it is impossible to make unmanned technology completely stalled, especially unmanned driving technology of the social and economic benefits is allow all doubt. A report on the company in the United States Navigant market shows that the current global driverless car market reached $5 billion, by 2035 will reach $6 billion 500 million, an average annual growth rate of 56%. By then, 75% of the new car will be equipped with fully automated unmanned module. The United States IHS automotive information consulting company also believes that the next 20 years, the world's unmanned vehicle sales will reach 21 million, China may become its biggest market.

at present, relevant laws and regulations for driverless cars is still blank. Once an accident or cause disputes, passengers, producers should be responsible for what should be defined. However, the progress of technology can always promote the perfection of the rules and laws. Ni Kai said, "now unmanned technology has not yet entered the large-scale commercial, governments should entrust the industry alliance or by the relevant industry alliance with related companies, in-depth investigation, the drafting of the corresponding legal norms, this is the new technology that the necessary conditions for long-term development." Experts also pointed out that the impact of unmanned vehicle success or not, there are a lot of conditions, but in the final analysis, the most critical safety.

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