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Road of revival

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in the new season of the Bundesliga, also need to enter the competition state and the Monchengladbach as soon as possible, on the season the Colts at the beginning of the season with five league defeats, the senior team decisively choose Huanshuai, and quickly achieved success, and gained fourth in the league. Schubert will lead the team in the new season from the Champions League qualifying tournament.


the current lineup for Borussia players is Schubert fielding so much, in the transfer market, Borussia did not need to do much of the action, the main position to supplement or in defence. Dominguez has long been injured and nordveit leave on the team had a great influence in the new season, but after the sale of Zaka got Borussia a considerable fee. Cramer previously played fast in Borussia midfield, returned to Leverkusen and seemed so Cramer back to The climate does not suit one., Borussia, he still has the ability to replace zarqa.

had the team's main defender, Dominguez injured, stelen Branko officially retired. Stand in the central defender position must be added. No matter the success of team buyout Christensen in the summer, the Danish defender's contract after a year, the new season Christensen will be the team's main satellite. With his partner will be the introduction of West high from bremen. West Gogh's characteristic is high, a stronger, with good shooting ability.

outstanding performance last season, Nordtveit in the new season free to join West Ham, Borussia in the summer also added a utility player, he is Strobl, Strobl can also play in the backcourt multiple locations. But also some gaps compared nordveit mobility.

there will be a lot of Borussia personnel selection on offense, the abundant reserve personnel will ensure that the team has enough capital for multi line operations. Especially in the flank, Herman, Traore, Zal and Hahn were a small horse wings, but the few offensive players can only compete for a main winger position! After all, the United States International Fabian Johnson although there is no other wingers so obvious characteristics, but Johnson simple style and super stable state will let him become indispensable to the team!

has a rich reserve personnel in the two side door striker's greatest wealth is Brazil veteran Rafael Rafael, although 31 years old, but whether technology or in front of the organization and coordination ability, belong to the Bundesliga class, the key point is Rafael's style of play is very slippery, so a lot of the team defender feel headache. Behind Rafael, captain of the team for the new season, Stindl. The position of Stindl free between the waist and two strikers, Stindl comprehensive technology can play multiple roles in the attack, but also Borussia a razor in the attack end. The

team midfielder after missing Zacca to welcome back, Borussia Cramer, Cramer had abnormal eye-catching performance in Moenchengladbach, even became the German team at the world cup starting midfielder. I love to call him the Bundesliga "confidence in the interpretation of the emperor"! Although Cramer is tall, but also have good overall view. Coupled with extreme confidence, dare to do action, as long as the future to maintain a good attitude, still will become a first-class midfielder. />

of Hu de

in defence, West Gogh and Christensen will be back in Sweden, winter will continue to sit the left town, young Swiss International Herve Di is also likely to become the team's official position, the main right back. However, Schubert at this point there will be some changes, here mainly concentrated in the backcourt. 442 or 4231 will be the new season team used the formation, change of these two kinds of formation mainly depends on the performance of Stindl. Schubert returned to Borussia configure a set of three defenders in the game after taking office, the young Herve Di last season in the right half position is extremely bright. In the three guard system, the new aid Strobl will have their own location.

in the prediction of the starting goalkeeper position is not Swiss country written by Hippel Sommers, the reason is very simple, saumos hurt! German media said the injuries to the ankle joint capsule saumos ligament tear! There is no official announcement Borussia SOMO's injury, however, this relates to the injury within short time ligament is certainly not playing.

injured the biggest problem encountered in the preparation stage is Moenchengladbach goalkeeper saumos the! The European Cup the greatest impact is the team in front of players saumos. Young fellow Herve Di also with the Swiss national team for the European Cup, but after all is new, whether or not to play, to see some big scenes on his growth is very helpful.

there is a battle of the players is Fabian Johnson, Johnson as the main member of the United States national team, in the last hundred years the American Cup was 5 times the first opportunity, consumption is not small. But Johnson's attendance has always been good, he also belongs to the physical fitness of the players, as long as it is not injured, Johnson is still very easy to adjust their physical status to a good level of competition.

last season as the Bundesliga Borussia fourth, they will be two Champions League qualifying matches in mid August the new season, although the opponent is not yet clear, but considering that they are in a non Championship Group to the pit, so the strength of the opponent will not be weak! Stand in the German Cup match is from the Northern League DeRossi Tsen, the problem is not easy. But in the league, the first round will face strong Borussia Leverkusen! The last three seasons, Borussia did not had any success in the first round of the league. This season, Schubert will face a more difficult situation at the airport, warm-up match the players feel is good, the Champions League squad, and they will also be a friendly international in Milan. At the beginning of the season will face more tough!

menxing in the new season in the Champions League at least have to enter the race, this is high with the Champions League broadcast into the hook, naturally attaches great importance to the club! Although the Borussia foundation is good, depth with multi line combat, but the overall strength in the Champions League level is still very difficult to make a difference, enter the game can go far far away. Team in this regard will not give Schubert too much pressure. And go back to the Premier League or Champions League goal Borussia Paul four for three seats! After all, in addition to Bayern and Leverkusen, Dortmund, Schalke 04, Wolfsburg also has the good strength. The title is not realistic to Borussia team, ensure their Champions League ranking, to ensure that their income is the most important season.

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