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8 Sept. 13, interaction, Razer Jointly announced the OSVR (Virtual Reality Open-Source) development platform for the recent status and recent progress, and announced the contact interaction will undertake OSVR exclusive distribution and operations in china.



contact interaction with Razer in February this year, A shares of the company Hangzhou interaction (002280) as one of the C round of $75 million investment stake in Razer, which reached a strategic cooperation, to promote the development and operation of the OSVR open source platform.

contact interaction, called the Beijing digital tamrac Polytron Technologies Inc, completed the listing in 2014. In the early years, the system is committed to the system level of technical services, to provide mobile phone operating system OS solution. The existing three industrial division, respectively, digital tamrac division, game division, intelligent hardware division.



according to Razer technical director OSVR Justin, OSVR will provide three main services, software development kit, the hacker developer relations for developers, the specific contents are as follows:

1. software including SDK open source localization, unreal & game engine support Unity engine, can run on Windows, Linux and Mac systems, in addition, will also support the Moblile mobile terminal system. Style= line-height: "1.75em margin-bottom:; 20px

2. hacker development kit, including the Razer OSVR helmet (2K screen, 90Hz refresh rate) modular design resources, localized OSVR support.

3. developer relations refers to Razer, a special set of $5 million (about 33 million yuan) of the developer fund, for related activities in support of its platform developers. />

Razer emphasizes that joining the developer program at this stage does not need to pay any fees. Platform will be given support including: free development of hardware, the right to use the OSVR network platform to provide support for the supporters, the priority to use the support portal, publicity and marketing support.



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