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Brazil people have deep love wearable devices, but also may be the most obedient in the world with the.


| Kathleen "1.75em; margin-bottom: 20px;" "as a digital intelligent medical Internet application directions related to industry and many application areas, such as information service / management, wearable devices, medical / health hardware, pharmaceutical electricity supplier, APP fitness and medical consultation etc.. Similarly, intelligent medical direction also produced a lot of business models, with a large number of competitive entrepreneurs, which also attracted a large number of capital investment. But as an important part of medical services, we also need to know how high the level of acceptance of the patient's medical and health care, and their actual operation in the biggest pain point where and so on.

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this period, we recommend by the United States, Britain, Australia, China, Brazil, Norway, Saudi Arabia and Singapore in seven countries in 7840 over the age of 18 consumer survey data collected, and compared the doctor for feedback intelligent medical form report. if you want to collect the original report of the original English, you can in the wisdom of things (public number: zhidxcom) reply key words "style= color:" RGB " download report full text. Style= line-height: "1.75em



in fact, starting from our national conditions, the patient is often the holder of the medical records, and each hospital will set up an electronic file for us, doctors can call our medical records.

but unfortunately:"

first, the electronic medical record information of each hospital is not shared, which adds many patients with repeated and redundant processes.

Second, details of a doctor often than the details of the medical records of the entity more fully, the medical records of the entity than electronic medical record details more fully, descending down, electronic medical records contain information is often inadequate.

Third, the doctor age span, interrogation habits vary, not all doctors are able to use the method of rapid digestion of electronic medical records. Style= line-height: "1.75em margin-bottom:; 20px

the world only 30% of the patients who visited their electronic medical records. Brazil people and the American people are best at using electronic medical records as a health management tool, the use of the proportion reached about 45%. The United Kingdom and Australia are among the countries surveyed in the use of electronic medical records at least, only about 10%. Style= line-height: "1.75em margin-bottom:; 20px

our generation in the media era of change, in addition to obtain information, a lot of psychological factors also is because of curiosity. Other reasons include checking your prescription, checking the progress of the disease, and helping to make treatment decisions and so on. Style= line-height: "1.75em margin-bottom:; 20px

in general, various methods are not significant proportion, we can also learn what methods can be used as health management. Including personal archives of health information, doctor records, vaccination records, X up nuclear monitoring records, of course, keep the invoice etc..

at the same time, the original gave everyone a reminder, health management method is the most effective storage single laboratory, followed by finishing doctor records, medical prescriptions.

points of disagreement that access to electronic medical records!

the global average in 85% of the patients believed that they should get full access to their electronic medical records, and the fact that the seven surveyed more than 60% doctors believe in electronic medical records and access should be restricted.

basically 70% of patients think that their access to the electronic medical record content should fully comply with the doctor to master content, rather than a brief version. Style= line-height: "1.75em margin-bottom:; 20px

Singapore and Saudi Arabia has about 60% of the patients surveyed said they had full access to electronic medical records, this number is 49% in the United States, 40% in Norway. Australia, Brazil and the United Kingdom about half of the respondents had never visited their electronic medical records, limited access and complete access to the proportion of the difference is not. Style=

how do you manage your health records? Style= line-height: "1.75em margin-bottom:; 20px

surveyed both doctors and patients on the following information in the electronic medical records update very seriously, including related demographic information, personal medical history, family history, new onset of symptoms, typical lesions, drug use, drug allergy and side effects were recorded the history, the test results and the check condition. Style=

in fact, this is also the editor is very much agree with the concept of health management. Basically, we should take the initiative to assume responsibility for the health management of personal and family members, consulting doctors, health checks, daily management, etc. should be included in their own health information management system. Styled is certainly not desirable, when we need to consult a doctor, is a health management and its allies; and when you recover after it is necessary to re take the responsibility of health management. Of course, if you have a private doctor to help you take care of the problem, it's different. Style=

most respondents believe that the government should control authority should not have access to private medical records, but also should be restricted to be my own boss.


two, various ways of health Managing style= line-height: "1.75em margin-bottom:; 20px

from different countries use custom, we can see that Saudi Arabia and Singapore for acceptance of mobile devices is very high, more than 40%; Brazil and the United Kingdom also exceeded 35%; US mobile equipment health management and use is 33%; Brazil and Norway at around 30%.

it is worth noting that the wearable device for health management is a major growth trend from 2014 to 2016, the United States, Britain, Australia, has doubled. Norway and Singapore have increased, but the increase is small, but the people of Brazil through the proportion of health management wearable devices in two years fell by almost half of the country, using intelligent scales and electronic medical records are also reduced.


three, mobile APP fitness classes Popular style= line-height: "1.75em margin-bottom:; 20px

APP store application of a variety of health class diversity, is the most popular fitness class APP, more than half of the people love him. Favorite fitness APP is the Australian people, the proportion of up to 66%; followed by the American people, the proportion was 59%. Cold north of Norway on behalf of the people of this heat is not high, only 39% of people like fitness class APP. Style= line-height: "1.75em margin-bottom:; 20px

second is a popular diet / nutrition APP, Brazil people are most enthusiastic about this, nearly 7 into the people love to use. Although the Norwegian does not love fitness, but the nutritional diet is very important, Norway, the United States, Saudi Arabia, the use of the proportion of more than 50%. Britain once again become the country to be interviewed about the black hole, only 44% of the people on the nutritional diet APP interest. But at the bottom of this classification was Singapore, only 42%, is hard to guess. Style=


four, of doctors and patients to love Wearable devices

in the surveyed seven, all respondents believe that wearable devices to help health management. Doctors and patients are the same opinion on this point, the fact that the doctor holds "wearable devices help" view of their own health management rate in more than 70%, this number would be 10% higher than in patients with the tendency. Style= line-height: "1.75em margin-bottom:; 20px

wearable equipment health management has many functions, including medication reminder and recording, doctor-patient communication, patient satisfaction feedback, the solution of health status, evaluate the overall quality of care, reduce the medical cost, even can help us understand the family health status.

which only reduce the cost of this issue, in addition to Saudi doctors still very optimistic, other countries surveyed physicians and the American doctors agree, they can be worn for equipment for the contribution of differences to reduce health costs greatly, but also with the patient as a whole know the difference. Style= line-height: "1.75em margin-bottom:; 20px

in fact, not only for the recognition of wearable devices for a higher degree of recognition, they have a very large impact on patients.

when doctors recommend to patients wearable devices as health management tools, most patients will listen to the doctor's advice, the proportion of S & P more than 70% people in Brazil may be the most countries surveyed listen to the doctor this group of patients, a willingness to reach as high as 87%.



this is a very critical issue of information privacy. From mobile APP and wearable devices to collect health information, people who are willing to share the content of it?

doctor: respondents for sharing mobile APP to the doctor and wearable device information will have a very high performance of the most enthusiastic, here is the people of the United States, six of adults said they are willing to see the doctor; performance is more reserved is the people of Singapore, 35% of the people are very happy to to see the doctor, 51% said "OK, see also"; not willing to share the highest proportion of the Saudi people, but also accounted for only 24%. Style= line-height: "1.75em

nurse: basically is also willing to. Style= line-height: "1.75em

insurance company: to this level, will be changed. Brazil is still the enthusiasm of the people, to the insurance company to provide information on the overall will also more than 70%, the highest in the country to visit the country. The most reluctant is the British people and the people of Norway, close to six Chengdu is not willing to provide mobile APP and wearable devices to collect health information. Style= line-height: "1.75em

friends and relatives: overall performance is still willing to the majority. But the specific look at the country, is still the people of Brazil, the most indifferent; Norway and the UK, the most reluctant. Is this really a national character?


remote inquiry method is very convenient, and the cost is saved; but the patient went to the consulting room with the doctor face-to-face communication will get better medical care.

but in the comprehensive consideration of various factors on the basis of the respondents is generally willing to face treatment. The global average is more than 70%. For the most reluctant to accept remote interrogation is Australia, more than 80% of patients do not want to take the remote inquiry way.


the investigation of Europe, Brazil as the representative of the developing countries, and China's character close to singapore. Overall is a very meaningful global survey.

from intelligent medical industry direction of view, this paper presents us directly to patients and doctors for many medical equipment formats and the willingness to accept and demand performance. In particular, the popularity of mobile APP classification performance, the willingness to accept wearable devices, are related to the entrepreneur pointed out the user's psychological. Of course, the same need to pay special attention to the security of user privacy.

as for online consulting this business model, from the survey, we cannot distinguish whether it is a pseudo demand, practitioners and investors need to ponder. Style=

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