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many NBA superstar have their own signature move, which makes them also more out of the ordinary. Unique cheats make them more difficult to defend. Below to take stock of the signs of the star action.

Alfred Sen - the rapid cross step breakthrough (Crossover)

Iverson defender Iverson in the face, always always worried about his ankles and knees, a little inattentive may Give Iverson to kneel down. But Iverson dribble, he seems to be a field of open space, let him wander, Iverson can easily find the jump stop or drive space.

O'neal quickly turned back (Quick Spin Move)

can't imagine O'neal such a large body, can make such dexterous turn. When he back to play in the paint, the defender has been powerless in counterpoint, and O'neal a quick turn, immediately to the rim, and the defender has been behind the rest, only O'neal a thunderous dunk.

Duncan - shooting (Bank Shot)

class=" margin-top: "style=" 1em; max-width: 100%; box-sizing: border-box; border: 28px solid RGB (255, 129, 36); border-image-source: URL (" url= yqVAqoZvDibFOMiauiblNRxUzYlMGDqE3COlYv0NgXxm0X9bTX6Rb3Kbyu5YOWOhicUJvlWz67ibROIeaNjSJ1bLDZw/0"?; 28); border-image-slice: color:; RGB (255, 129, 36); line-height: 1.4; word-wrap: break-word important; ">NBA history no one like Duncan loves rebound shot. Duncan is known as the "basic skills", he did not fancy moves, each of the basic skills are very skilled, but these basic skills of chastity is not easy to be remembered, fortunately, Duncan also love shooting.

in the fight against the shooting, playing board is a good choose. Compared to the direct hit hollow, shooting easier to control in intensity and angle, the compressive shot selection, especially. But it does not mean that the basic work is easy. Duncan in order to practice it, but a lot of effort, and in the occupation career, constantly improve.

this is also Duncan's legend. As you learn martial arts moves complex, changeable, I always use a set of the most common. The law is right for you. As long as a deep skill, a set of arhat boxing can dominate the martial arts.

Ginobili (Euro Step) - Europe step

harden now is the league's best player, but the" European "Ginobili, let more players and fans to Europe step charm, and Ginobili, the European step is more pure, and as a breakthrough, rather than the penalty for bo. Moreover, even now, in Europe the use of harden, are not necessarily better than Ginobili.

Ginobili looks like a breakthrough step is a travel, while defensive people just journey, they. The elusive, when Manu to take the next step, where the others, when you finally see Ginobili, he has achieved this breakthrough.

finger picking basket (Finger Roll

NBA now, basically everyone will pick the basket, but" Iceman "Girvin, eventually pop up makes this technology. This technology also allows Girvin invincible at the time, broke the defender in the breakthrough of the usual thinking. Basketball to draw from the fingers, can cover a high arc split defender, also increase the attacker's choice.

Magic Johnson: no look pass (No-Look Pass) < / strong>

magician is very comprehensive, the scores are rebounding but prominent, with his passing ability can match. When you defend him, his whole body is a fake, when you look at his eyes, he used his head and eyes to attract you, but the ball is in the opposite direction. Even if he broke into the penalty area, in the long Lin area, when passing space is extremely narrow, he can still unnoticed will pass out.

but with other people's vast strokes than it no look pass and no killing effect, he will not be attacking you But for the whole team morale of the promotion, is the effect of significant. If other people can easily cut the trick, so not only can help the magician pass teammate scored easily, but also enhance the team's combat effectiveness index. More lethal.

Jabbar - Kareem (Sky-Hook)

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