See Qin Kai had denied the affair when building flag, I was laughing


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to people really is not promising to give up watching the Olympic Games, I went to bed early Nobel brother 1.6 yesterday; wake up that he missed a lot of ah ah ah ah!

Lin Dan staged a second bat God "line-height: 25.6px style=

, I say is, because this people 4 years ago is played! Cool no friend to the "line-height: 25.6px

Zhang Jike underwear is actually Suihua wave point, oh, so you are such a "line-height: 25.6px style= />

is with the Boulter game time expression, too magic! the heart OS: you chase me, if you chase me, me and you... "..

but that's not the point, the focus is on after she won the runner up, her boyfriend Qin Kai down on one knee to propose to her!!! Style= line-height: "25.6px >

proposed! Style= line-height: "25.6px

proposed!! Style= line-height: "25.6px


here, single knee kneel so simple and rude

Hezi moved to ~~

Qin Kai expression should not be so adorable ah ~

for the future wife take the ring, must be happy. ~

heaven! The earth! What is a life experience to be proposed by a man in the race? Looked at them, are full of moving!!!

"color: RGB style= she said humorously: "I think, I am so soon to give married. In fact, very panic, the legs are a bit soft."

1.6; propose what they said, still in the happiness in what posture is too nervous, have forgotten what Qin Kai said:" he is repeatedly said to bully me for a lifetime, he must only bully me a lifetime!"

from Fu Yuanhuisun CP to Zhang Jike Yang, Malone CP, Wu Minxia and her boyfriend, to any position and Qin Kai, all day eat dog food, "line-height: 1.6;" Oh good meet!

two people actually have been together for a long time, 11 years of Valentine's day, qinkai and Hezi respectively in the map, sharp eyed buddy certainly found, this is the couples dress ah ~

in the same year, two people still go to see the film before and after micro-blog time less than 10 minutes!

08 year Olympic Games, Qin Kai by the opponent at the last moment lost the gold medal, he shed tears on the spot, at this time, what posture came to comfort him on "line-height: 25.6px

there was already savvy netizens suspect two people between yo, but Qin Kai did not recognize the "

we don't fall in love, after the my girlfriend .

Forgive me not kind smile

flag can not stand ah!!!

dog abuse abuse so lovely Oh, ~

report! I put "husband"... This is Zhang Jike did not wake up!

in addition Ning Zetao ABS, Sun Yang CP... There is such a swimming team style of elegant woman!

Zheng Shuang? Show wisdom? Zhang Zilin? This year the high color value of the Olympic team, a lot of paper!

; long press image recognition of two-dimensional code key attention


not letter to Ma Rong body tag has become infamous!?

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