Guo Jingjing Kenneth Fok wear couples dress their adorable son stay to pull the nose

Guo Jingjing couple loaded

nandouyulezhoukan· 2016-08-15 23:12:25

, former national diving team Liang Xiaoqiao in micro-blog released a set of dinner photos, and wrote: "for 12 years, Guo Jie is a good happy to see, have again gathered together" family ", today for the first time see Kai just brother...... I just want to say that my brother's Mandarin speaking super good low-key good contact! Can see you super happy." In the picture, Guo Jingjing Kenneth Fok couple wearing couple sportswear appearance, and the beam bridge a dinner, two people together in the photo, the Xi small fingers kouzhao adorable cute nose, big legs are particularly qiangjing. />

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