Dialogue Razer JustinCooney: five issues to resolve the details of China's opening OSVR

Justin China

zhidongxi· 2016-08-16 18:12:28

 , the wisdom of things; the April

after the wisdom of things (public No.: zhidxcom) and other media and interaction of VR ecological habitat for large power, Razer OSVR global director of developer relations at Justin Cooney are discussed, based on OSVR platform access China market the real situation, OSVR and SteamVR and OpenVR coexistence situation, the app store distribution protocol and PC / end mobile terminal force focused on five key issues, the specific details of the plan China open OSVR. Style= line-height: "1.75em

1, OSVR platform has access to the Chinese brand? Style=

A: OSVR in the global scope of the cooperative manufacturers have nearly 400, but in the Chinese market is still in its initial stage. Now, access can be disclosed China VR brands include VR, ants as the mirror of VR, 3Galasses, and Qihoo 360 to build software platform. More products will be pushed out later.

in addition, due to the relevant OSVR code and interface had been open, so maybe some entrepreneurial companies have in understanding and using the OSVR process, but did not add OSVR certification or released. Style= line-height: "1.75em

2, in the development and promotion of OSVR process, contact interaction, Razer, Sensics, respectively, the role of what?

A: first, interaction with Razer at the beginning of this year reached a strategic cooperation, mainly in the field of VR, OSVR in China interaction is the only official promotion partners. By the contact and interaction is responsible for the construction and operation of China's OSVR platform, including OSVR's Chinese website operators, all Chinese developers docking support, application and so on will be responsible for the contact and interaction. Style=

3, OSVR and SteamVR whether there is a competitive relationship? Can the developer access OpenVR SteamVR resources via OSVR?

A: SteamVR OSVR not rivals, but bear the support partner role; because many game developers also need more platform to support the content they provide. Now VR market opening early, everyone has their own advantages in terms of software and hardware, in exchange for each other can bring the prosperity of the entire industry. Style=

on second questions. OpenVR is a relatively open source SDK, but in fact it will be subject to external control, SteamVR will determine which developers can get support. OSVR supports Steam, including OpenVR, and is a truly open source, fully open source platform. The developer can get the support of the entire platform through the adapter OSVR, get a greater access. Style= line-height: "1.75em

4, application store content distribution to other platforms must also comply with the OSVR agreement? Style=

A: the establishment of the application of OSVR store is to give developers a wider choice. At this stage, the content development side limitation is that only fit and a small part of Dachang shipments in the platform, content adaptation process, divided into links are very complicated, cost of manpower and financial resources.

OSVR open platform developers to upload content, you can get all the support OSVR standard hardware support, will reduce the workload of developers in the channel operation, contact interaction may give a lot of support. Of course, if the developer will distribute the content of other new hardware platforms, such as HUAWEI may want to do their own OS and application stores, this we do not line will be denounced. Because the situation in China's hand travel market has been very common.

5, previously, Razer based OSVR has launched a PC helmet, then open the modular product resources; then, the OSVR platform in a compatible device, aiming at the PC end, the mobile terminal would be the focus? Style= line-height: "1.75em margin-bottom:; 20px

A: Razer itself in the PC peripherals have a deep accumulation and a strong influence, OSVR will have a corresponding focus. In the OSVR platform, Razer contributed about 35% of the PC source code, contact will provide about 20% of the source code.

in addition, because the contact interaction is OS mobile phone system started, so the mobile VR technology and resources by interaction filled. In terms of the entire market, PC on all the OSVR side, the mobile terminal all support.



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