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firmly do market Lenovo new glass has been done in National Museum and State Grid vote" soil trench "customers, find out a Set AR commercial play.

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2 years ago in July 24th, Lenovo announced the establishment of a dubbed the" new bench "(NBD) of the Department, the purpose is to expand the field of innovation and technology, after the Lenovo new glass debut in this department of business development has undergone some adjustment, and focus on the industry of AR glasses. 2 years later, Lenovo has been in the field of smart glasses to make a way out of their own.

recent intellectual things (public No.: zhidxcom) is the exclusive dialogue vice president of Lenovo Group, the new general manager of business development department this year Lenovo white Yuli, decryption experience in AR smart glasses breakthrough direction and thinking now.

(Bai Yuli


origin: NBD platform development

when I from Lenovo Research Center building A north to find white Yuli office, Lenovo company staff said, A is the main office area, Lenovo venture group later learned that 2 years ago founded Lenovo NBD department the core business mainly has two parts, one part is from the current layout of Venture Capital Group investment and incubation platform, the situation will be even greater than before; the other part is the AR glasses business.

in white Yuli office, see the evolution version of Lenovo new glass several different, many of the details of the final design, it is through these hand version of the product constantly fine-tuning.

on the other side of the office, there is a special presentation for developers to test, here I have seen several VR/AR hardware products on the market just red, is around AR glasses applications are content and function test.

(Lenovo new glass C100

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products: two core < /span>

Lenovo product form can be intuitively understood as the Google Glass variant, but the change in morphology compared to many kinds of Google glasses products had great adjustment, such as power module independence; wearing styles are more and more diverse, but can be worn independently, it can be fixed on the existing users of glasses through various fixture, and angle adjustable.

NBD in one year after its establishment, established a AR smart glasses is in the direction of to B," Lenovo itself at B is also in the to direction, "said white yuli. White said Lenovo will AR glasses sector positioning AR industry application solutions provider, also known as the hardware industry is only a component of the user needs to solve the industry.

specific to the product, according to industry application also has two different positioning, white Yuli will summarize the direction: one is the purpose of communication products, more emphasis on the built-in audio and video calls; two is the application of scenes with visual effect mainly, such as in the the museum, industrial application scenarios, AR augmented reality image can guide the operation. Style= line-height: "1.75em margin-bottom:; 20px


team layout: from ten to 4 ~ 50

smart glasses project is still under the Lenovo business, but white Yuli also revealed that, after also consider independent financing development.

Lenovo will comb the whole business system for a 9 grids, Lenovo AR smart glasses to 9 grids F, belongs to the future of emerging business sector, mainly relying on investment growth incubator.

(split power glass C100 Lenovo new


AR glasses: two generation product

in this period by the Lenovo AR glasses, also achieved a lot before it is very difficult to do" feat ", such as the original AR glasses live interactive, let the old professor at the Shanghai Ruijin Hospital in Zhejiang, guide the rural Jinhua young doctors surgery.

in 2015 June with the National Museum between new based glass navigation service to try. And then in mid September 2015, with the Zhoucun Shandong tourism cooperation conducted a AR panoramic tour of the pilot.


core business model: integrated solutions

in cast Capital side, the association also has a more well-known investment in the United States AR Meta helmet start-up company, which is the competition or cooperation? Bai said that there will be no conflict between the two, Lenovo AR industry in the program, in the design, medical and other areas can be combined with the Meta.

White Yuli said, Lenovo AR glasses team future plans is the independent development, is still relatively low-key.


market where traditional industry giants just need

Lenovo AR glasses industry main application direction in the medical and industrial hygiene Several production, security monitoring, tour etc..

(Lenovo in beta AR)

specific, in terms of medical treatment, mainly is the first perspective shooting, broadcast, and to add realistic picture of partial content superposition. In the security aspect, mainly is the first perspective shooting, Si, and face recognition and other applications.

it is tourist guide, guide the application. Style= line-height: "1.75em margin-bottom:; 20px

compared to C to product batch delivery is different, Lenovo positioning AR glasses program, for each customer, there will be a corresponding demand. At this stage, mainly in the pilot trial.

on the future application of market space, white Yuli lists several figures show, he referred to the size of 100 thousand, the domestic market of 9 million registered doctors, public security fire 2 million 820 thousand, 200 thousand electric power demand. Style= line-height: "1.75em margin-bottom:; 20px

tourism, the domestic 5A scenic 213, 4A scenic 1384, is the potential demand for the market. At present, most of the glass new market is in the stage of cooperation testing, can be covered by the state power grid, the Ministry of public security and other departments. From the test trial to apply formally listed, need about 2 years time, so the white Yuli said in 2017, will see more Lenovo AR industry solutions.

now, Lenovo AR glasses project investment has tens of millions of yuan, and Lenovo in business linkage, mainly with the traditional Lenovo customer resources together. Style= line-height: "1.75em margin-bottom:; 20px

(vice president of Lenovo Group, the new business development department general manager Bai Yuli)


Prospect: solutions to value-added cloud

on the future of the white Yuli claimed that several major advantages of Lenovo's B business in to will still play a huge role, including Lenovo brand, channel, product and promote the efficiency of the business ability.

from the long-term perspective, the Lenovo AR glasses of white Yuli aiming to build AR value-added cloud, and upgrading of traditional industries by AR. Specific strategy is: to make hardware more yuan, AR application platform can be customized, by this way to expand the scope of application. At the same time support the value-added services, and expand overseas business.


conclusion: 2017 AR

chi things (public No.: zhidxcom) in white Yuli 2 hours deep Into the dialogue, you can clearly see the difference in the AR field layout ideas, the core is summarized in 2 years: 1, not simply do AR hardware, to do the overall program. 2, do not do C to business, only to do industry applications.

it is these two characteristics, the team has shown such features in the industry: 1, the product image and brand exposure on LETV, unlike the storm so high-profile, promote the business relatively stable. 2, not all science and technology circles reported to be able to see, because the application of the process also need to wear".

it is the mode and characteristics of Lenovo commercial application in AR glasses on the stage of the outbreak has not accumulated a lot of customers in the industry, and aiming at the scene of the attempt to use the custom, try, according to the white Yuli talked about progress, 2017 is time to blossom.

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