From beauty to strange. Why "China monster" Daji, face more and more ugly?


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YY" into the ancient solar eclipse dog day ", a lot of people in urban and rural areas has also been Gong drums, firecrackers to drive away the Tengu custom. The ancestors of nature curiosity and awe to demons and ghosts generation, they are recorded in the ancient books and gradually turned into a film and television works.

TV series demons and ghosts "The Classic of the Great Wilderness" a Book of more than 400 kinds of supernatural animals, logical to become the Xian Xia film textbook. Japan has a "monster island" called "monster" is also a recognized knowledge, our school is not a "monster" alone the development of knowledge, can also be called a system theory. And it is estimated that there are nearly 70% Japanese monster prototype from china.

nine from" The Classic of the Great Wilderness "

" the legend "in" text-align: style=

with the popularity of postproduction means, Xian Xia fantasy, film and television works gradually to the size of the screen. "The legend", "nine sky", "Zhu Xian Yun Zhi", "city of fantasy" became the summer people the most anticipated film feast, there are some ancient books recorded the demons and ghosts. The princess King Zhou of Shang Su Daji in China however, the new version of "gods known to every family, but in" the legend of Daji arrange a size to the west to fight monsters and thor. From the subtle beauty treatment turned befog the minds of the people, to yiyanbuge fight monsters are simple and crude, the summer China TV drama are more Westernized demons and ghosts. />

Chinese and western film and television works of the demon difference? />

that is the difference between beauty and the beast ah! Style= color: "RGB


with the demons and ghosts of film and television works have a natural attraction to the audience China. "Legend of the White Snake", "journey to the west", "ghost" and "gods" and the demon books are repeated remade into multiple versions of movies and television shows, still audiences. The film and television works to show the demon Chinese have beautification habits, which is in line with the Oriental implicative character.

" silent pansidong "

Angie Chiu version of "The Legend Of White Snake"

Fu Yiwei version of" Fengshenbang "

Joey Wong version of" ghost story ",

80 the beginning of 90s, a group of old" journey to the west "," gods "," White Snake Legend "," ghost story "," Liaozhai "have been on the line, Bai Suzhen, Nie Xiaoqian, Su Daji other bewitching increasingly starring, can have the honor to play these characters Angie Chiu, Joey Wong, Fu Yiwei by a few generations of audience regarded as a goddess, a femme fatale is more popular. These classic roles are endowed with human emotions, have their daily look and the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures, like humans, only when they had no exposed. Bai Suzhen is a thousand years of practice. Avalokiteshvara, pointing to a debt of gratitude to the world and Xu Xian as husband and wife. Although the snake, but Bai Suzhen in the television drama image is absolutely positive, even by many mortal mistake avalokitesvara.

  "Legend of Sword and Fairy" played by Liu Yifei Zhao Linger of

2004, has a very influential Xian Xia drama "Legend of Sword and Fairy", played by actress Liu Yifei Zhao Linger is mistaken for snakes, but its identity is the descendants of Nuwa save the common people the. In this stage, beautify the trend is more obvious for the creators of demons and ghosts.

western film and television works on demons and ghosts are relatively direct, they pursue the visual impact. The monster, usually in the form of animals, with huge body and ugly appearance, not to communicate with people, more style of the adventures of Yu Qihuan, presented in a science fiction movie way. In the process of struggle with the demons and ghosts, they pay more attention to people's subjective initiative, so in the context of fixed many science fiction works, the monster created by Dr. x, through a series of justice over evil stories, eventually defeated by human. Thus, the eastern and Western movie with demons and ghosts of beauty and the beast a world of difference.

" the legend "," sky city "

this summer China monster especially western

" Nine "in the western sky city

ancient version of human and robot wars

summer popular TV series" nine sky "not surprisingly, the Western version of the monster. Guan Xiaotong played for easy Fuling want to see Prince Bai Tingjun stars into the Terran pavilion. In order to avoid pain Guan Xiaotong needs to win the floating Yu Ling in inflammatory nuclear mecha. After entering the floating jade, appeared in front of the audience is a Transformers with the eyes of the eyes of, seeing to suffer the loss of Guan Xiaotong ran out of the floating jade, the robot will lead out. Then all stars Ge disciple collective against inflammatory nuclear mecha, ancient version of human and Robot Wars began, even the last human robot is to find weaknesses together after the end are killed, deja vu.

movie "Fengshen legend" is the audience familiar with the myth of the story, the film brings together Jet Li, Tony Leung, Fan Bingbing, Huang Xiaoming, and Jacky Heung Angelababy, the founding, cast as a fantasy version of "big industry". However, the film is a slot full point release, but a few days, watercress score has been as low as 3.2 points, there is no suspense in the audience was attributed to the bad. Even the netizen bold prediction: within three years will not be so bad, if it is a sequel to it! Of course, in the audience seems to be more than the film's slot is not only the son of a big brother.

" Fengshen legend "was awarded the


Fan Bingbing as Daji;" FengShenYanYi "this is a classic Chinese story, the film is everywhere Hollywood elements. One way to follow, Thor Na Zha's magical immortality cos Hollywood movie practices appear adorable pet. Two party fighting, behind the big Boss Daji person to send to, but appeared in the Western movie giant monsters to fight, even to the last Shen Gong Bao also directly into a monster. Thus, not only the monster directly by the western, even the classic China myth needs to have turned into monsters fighting qualification. The dynasty song, Xi Qi against the juggernaught equipment, is also considered a serious does not comply with the time, the students put a "legend" into a war of the gods.

"" Zhong Kui demon has Western features

" nine layer "in Tang Yan and the monster demon tower on

in fact, very western features appear in the monster size on the screen is not from the beginning this summer. "Nine", "Zhong Kui demon demon tower" monsters have layers of rage, however, this heavy industrial flavor on the monster seems to have been no China audience, although not all will work is not good due to the ugly beast, but this kind of monster has always become one of black film and television works, be ruthless as part of reality and Tucao hybrid video game half. />

" the emergence of Chinese monster is so difficult? />

1: foreign monks chanting, foreign VFX team is regarded as the" color: RGB style=

foreign TV drama in the production efficiency is much higher than the domestic, the film side will call logical the famous foreign VFX team as a guarantee," - ", the famous American company involved in the production of special Pixomondo, responsible for the snow lion is in the" game of Thrones "done" dragon "stunt company. A lot of film even as a publicity stunt, in many film and television works through, it is easy to see the special effects team from XX in China, although most of the audience Chinese not familiar with these names, but see a bunch of strange company name, seems to be able to feel the thick atmosphere of the high force.

" - "

" - "in the scene with the" frozen "is similar to

to the production of foreign companies the effects of naturally biased Western aesthetic. They joined not only to become demons and ghosts westernization, many scenes are copied directly. Last summer oratorio "spend thousands of bone" can see "sleeping curse", "Lord of the rings" scene, this year we are in a "-" see "the snow romance" in the picture of deja vu.

"nine sky" director Lu Beike on the oriental story steel monster discovered some helpless, "my hands and not a lot of resources to do a special flavor, Chinese silk punk mecha, because digital assets, we use the hands of software related information is the need for rigging according to the original, I imagine, this should be a little more elegant mecha, but now it looks more like a western style pier, volume, heavy feeling, because most of our hands now template technology developed by CG company is in favor of the west, in short, are American software, so only by the amount of this direction and do it."

, of course, to break this pattern not only need to strengthen the local effects of the strength of the company, also need to change the TV drama producer "foreign monks chanting inherent consciousness". Foreign effects of the company has advanced technology, but his aesthetic is not necessarily fit the Chinese people, before making a large amount of money spent on special effects, but also need to think about the audience to tell a good story.

2: you cannot make bricks without straw,

has become the key policy restrictions in order to eliminate the feudal superstition, China's relevant departments have always been on the TV drama jiaomoguiguai to control more strictly, a rumor" after the founding of the animal to a fine "by the hand piece to play for a while. Most producers to the sensitivity of the policy has always been to know real grass. "The South Korea to make a large number of the crew immediately replaced Korean actor; artist works banned many misdeeds, the crew quickly implemented into the group first urine test policy. Although the animals are not allowed to become fine, the rumors have not been confirmed, but it may also be a reference for the production side.

very early, there is no ghost China horror movie ghost, all that will eventually clarify human at work, which is restricted to some extent diversified types of demons and ghosts. As mentioned above our records, the demon demons, ghosts, monsters, essence, spirit six categories present in the film and television drama in the western approach to the animals, most fantasy drama also occurred in the era of overhead, these practices are not unrelated to policy.

3: it's hard to imitate the bone shape, China monster more difficult

China ancestors since ancient times have extraordinary imagination, foreigners YY flying creatures let them grow wings, and Chinese will Lenovo Mata Feiyan, it is this rich imagination that Chinese monster created with a certain degree of difficulty. Westerners YY monsters come out often is half man and half beast, and Chinese YY more detailed, with the prince's castle like city of snow lion, concept of similar mounts in Oriental myth. Prop group said, "the head of the snow lion by 33 million high modulus polygons, face 20, muscle blocks 32, 1600 hair root." Do not say anything else, these drawing out the feathers on the invisible monster to create more difficult, after all, not every crew as a "-" general caitaiqicu. />

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