Brazil ah, you more than the Qixi Festival Pennsylvania | Valentine's day.

Valentine's day Brazil Double Seventh Festival

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China today is the traditional Valentine's day, the Qixi Festival, Xiao Bian here wish you a happy Valentine's day

1.6; first to send you Deep-Fried Chicken with Chili Pepper Wuli Fu Yuanhui expression package, in order to friendship, please do not ask the friends in this problem today:

for a single dog has been out of the ranks of the Comrades, Xiao Bian also send you a benefits Yes, that is . Style= color: "RGB an (255, 0, 0);" > HD no code "Olympic couple Avatar" , I sincerely hope that you and your lover can like.

ADO, then />

as a focus on professional sports news of the public, especially the Olympic games such international events at present, if you think about a small sports love story, it can only congratulate you right. From Brazil imported dog food is so good at please be caught off guard, the audience caught a small bench.


first, is in Brazil to watch the Olympic Games of the nouveau riche who Rio feel free to skip the festival today "

small addendum to science, get out of the way

in February 14th is the world recognized the Valentine's day, " but in Brazil are very low. Style= line-height: "25.6px white-space:; pre-wrap Brazil's Valentine's Day is June 12th, just like the Chinese Valentine's Day is today's Chinese Valentine's day. Brazil babies to save a year of sugary love in June 12th enjoy, therefore, in Brazil to see the Olympic Games Pro will not feel the hot atmosphere of love.

in Brazil, Sanantonio is to help the public of the saints, the equivalent of Brazil's" old ", each city of Sanantonio church is the main place to celebrate the festival. So many young people on the day of the mass, are religiously for Sanantonio to give them a good marriage. | this story as if where heard... Each country.. the original stories are similar, " coincidence.

Brazil want to find the object, the statue of Antonio head toward the ground to throw into the well to " A girl to do so after finding life story, word of mouth achievement has become the established customs; if there are many her | well, this is Brazil. Xiaobian want to have "many" , the girl took them to write the name on a piece of paper, fold the piece of paper in the cup filled with water, when it spread slowly, the first is the name of your future partner. />

| no car single dog

  -------------- end ---------------

secant science must always have to show love, ready to send some food. And here are a few of the Olympic couple (BI e to speak, that is you) to take full advantage of the Olympic stage, showing the style of love. On the occasion of the festival celebration, Xiaobian take you to see the Olympic Games decided to love a riot of colours.

porcelain doll and Taiwan


1.6; Ai Fukuhara and Jiang Hongjie: a beauty Xi, see the forgotten, one day apart since Xi, think of as crazy since

in the Olympic Village, porcelain doll Ai Fukuhara sweet as a new generation of network traffic. Whether it is the love of micro-blog and the Chinese players interact, or stick out their own small dynamic, always can cause concern. When I look back, this can say authentic northeast words the Japanese girl has grown up. The opening ceremony of the porcelain doll quietly fit Jiang Hongjie, Ai Fukuhara's coach Tang Yuanyuan served as a photographer, Ai Fukuhara is innocent on the shoulders of her boyfriend. | said that during the Olympic Games do not meet? Look at this small mind your eyes.


& : Pang Wei Tully; CAI Feng Shuangfei body without wings, heart to heart

1.6; China shooting team Olympic champion couple, "the first gold couple the pressure is different from ordinary people". 2008, only 22 years old Pang Wei won the men's 10 meter air pistol champion at the Beijing Olympics, make up for the loss of Tully's first gold regret. Since then, a famous battle of the Pang Wei an old head on young shoulders. After the Beijing Olympic Games, Pang Wei and Tully married, they become the first Olympic Games in the history of Chinese sports. | Xiaobian, Rio fooled mother of Tully more shining charm, especially in that a card to receive the bronze medal bright smile, and far more than the dumping of Pang Wei. Because of love, will not easily sad.    

genius Juan

Emmons & Katerina : life is based on affection, this hate not as the

& nbsp; 1.6; three consecutive Olympic Games, Matthew Emmons fell in the three position rifle finals the last shot: a miss, two low ring, his bad luck, has achieved China players Jia Zhanbo, Qiu Jian and South Korean contestant Kim Jonghyun. The 2004 Athens Olympic Games Shooting hall bar, Emmons mouth with a beer, he was sent to the miss Chinese Teams Olympic gold medal, he met the beautiful Katerina, later, in the 50 meter rifle prone, Emmons won the gold medal, he and Katerina hug. They married in Czech in 2007. Emmons once said: "if I had known in the Olympic Games will be able to get to know miss Katerina, I must first shot Dapian selection.

Yutan Xialv style= width: 0px; height: 0px; clear: both; >

Zhang Nan & Zhao Yunlei: "/strong> he found the degreeses, suddenly look back, that person but in the lights dim.

" love ", this is a love story. Two people are in the national badminton team doubles group, often in the course of time, contact the atmosphere for Zhao Yunlei on the details of the comprehensive care of Zhang Nan in 2010 attracted the Japanese super match in the mixed doubles final, Zhang Nan / Zhao Yunlei team 2 to 0 victory over teammate win. After the game, born in 1990, Beijing boy Zhang Nan hugged his 4 year old Zhao Yunlei kiss. "Kiss" photos immediately crazy pass network. | this year two people will join the Rio Olympic badminton mixed doubles, small hope that they get good grades and again show a wave of good love.

< Kate Helen:

& if they're elderly from

  Kate and Helen two people from the teenage acquaintance, but dating from the 2008 Beijing Olympics began. The two married in 2013, the British hockey players and coaches to attend the wedding. They are also the first couples in the history of the Olympic Games. Because Helen is about to retire, so the Rio Olympics will be the last of two people to participate in the Olympic games. .

written in the end, on the occasion of the traditional festival is coming, my friends are love please deep love, without love, pay attention to the sports Tencent, Xiaobian take you to watch the game!

Olympic battle started. Medal athletes eager for a fight. Tencent sports also for the majority of fans friends portrait presented Olympic gift friends "max-width: 100% style= ~

first 50Q second 30 third

: the Qixi Festival interactive today comes, and to express the "season" of it ~ if you can to an Olympic athlete that you want most and which Olympic athletes together, would you say what words pinch shame ~

benefits: released three winning fans yesterday, congratulations message points like the number of the top three under three award winning ~

Sports Tencent (txsports)

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