With the Beijing Tianjin derby is worse than before

Beijing Tianjin Derby

titantuolasi· 2016-08-17 16:53:38


on Saturday evening, the Beijing Tianjin Derby again struck, compared to the beginning of the season, the two teams have not changed. First they said Beijing Guoan, Italy Marshal Zaccheroni bleak class, the handsome Xie Feng stepped in, to reverse the unfavorable situation the standings, ranking rising; talk about Tianjin TEDA, Tianjin tiger after the early season slump, usher in the outbreak in May, Yongchang Luneng wins out grams of Suning, Jianye draw away Shenhua game very touching, but the recent four round lost three games in front of the team, integral and gradually widen the gap.

there are a lot of people will think of the season sweep 4-0 Guoan match TEDA home court, it is by virtue of that victory. To ensure that the stay in TEDA, or is likely to downgrade, so there is some Tianjin fans think this weekend away kick TEDA Guoan, will likely lose," and also "means. But the occupation football, all guesswork or subjective assumptions are not desirable, believe that the process of the game and the final results are worthy of the attention of fans.

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With the Beijing Tianjin derby is worse than before

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