The endurance of UP in winter 10 mobile phone TV University recruit!

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turtle is life, and when there was. Even if you have no mobile phone battery capacity, also enemy but winter shivering life ability. Style= line-height: " with the temperature is getting lower and lower, you have wood have found that mobile phone batteries become less resistant to use it?
when the original battery can also adhere to 1%;"...... even the last 1% of the electricity can persist for a long time... 10%... Now even boil long...... uppercase bold heart plug!!!

said the greatest sense of security, is the mobile phone battery is full grid. How to get rid of the power to get rid of the worries of charging treasure, and how to make the style= air performance doubled? Kathleen Jun tell you immediately 10 Galaxy TV University recruit!!!
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A: set the account will be automatically synchronized in the network or the machine (WeChat, Taobao, micro-blog, Alipay and other accounts), closed synchronous data flow accounts can reduce the amount of /WIFI, thus saving battery usage.

solution: open set were click on the upper right corner of the selected account have more instrumental click disable automatic synchronization section>

open network power
rest at home when the mobile phone automatically connect to the WIFI, the power consumption?
A: long time open WIFI, and open the application background (WeChat, QQ, micro-blog, etc.), there is a notice message reminder, it will naturally be consumption, saving in mobile phone network open recommendations.
solution: open set were the bottom of the battery were selected on power network were clicking on the button to open the screen were set out, the closing time of the network, to suggest setting 30 minutes later.

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A: open mobile phone notification bar function will increase the burden on the mobile phone, for example, NFC, intelligent sleep function GPS, Bluetooth, suggest the need to re open use.
on the desktop were at the top of the notification bar were selected under sliding open the upper right corner of the Bluetooth, NFC language editor position synchronization, intelligent sleep off some unnecessary.

close S-VOICE
Samsung mobile phone has a S-VOICE voice the function of each. Insert the headset will appear, do not know will increase the system power consumption?
A: S-VOICE is Samsung with voice function, if not often recommended disabled, so that the S-VOICE won't wake up to start. So as to reduce the S-VOICE wake up system, reduce power consumption.
solution: click application have find the page S-VOICE icon, select the upper right corner click on the S-VOICE icon editing language can choose to disable

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at night WLAN function a straight opening, will accelerate the power consumption?
answer: keep the WLAN function adjustment during sleep, in order to well management of mobile phone (WIFI) wireless network, let the machine hand dormant in the wireless network brings more power.
solution: open set were selected WLAN were clicking on the more click Advanced settings were selected were maintained during WLAN sleep were open to select "box-sizing:

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always maintain the highest brightness, and open the automatic brightness, but the brightness of the screen select automatic adjustment and set up their own brightness which power?
A: if adjusted automatically, in the light / dark case, mobile phone will need to run the light sensor, increasing power consumption of battery for mobile phone, suggested the use of manually adjust the brightness.
solution: drop-down notification bar at the top of the brightness were instrumental click on the notification bar to manually adjust the brightness can be

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mobile phone battery is not very durable, and the equipment is more and more cards. With the phone has never been off the machine has a relationship?
A: mobile phone need to restart a 1-2 day, not only can the daemon completely shut off, and can release the mobile phone running memory (RAM), to re activate the SIM card, mobile phone to run more smoothly.
solution: long press on the right side of the fuselage to open the key, click on the" box-sizing: border-box style=

; intelligent management automatic cleaner background
said daemon excessive mobile phone power quickly, but the daemon always need to constantly open, clear clean and how to do?
A: Samsung GALAXY with intelligent manager or memory manager, automatic cleaning function of the backstage, only need to set a time after the screen is in standby condition thoroughly cleaning system at the bottom of the backstage application.
solution: open intelligent manager have the choice of memory were click automatic operating program of the background were closed were

intelligent manager optimization section>
manager can automatically disable background, but it is the need of the screen is full automatic cleaning standby, but want to clean up the background program immediately, how to solve it?
A: then you can open the intelligent management device, one click optimization, can immediately clean up the background of all procedures for power saving of mobile phone.
solution: desktop application (1) intelligent manager (Instrumental 2) click on a button to "line-height: 25.6px style= were (3) to immediately clean up the program running in the background of "text-align:
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