Look at the face. This is Zhang Li! Hot, but I didn't recognize it at first sight.

Hot body

xinlangyule· 2016-08-18 21:17:42

and an unexpected female star on the "men loaded", a fierce look really did not recognize! Style= line-height: "23.2727px >

is a bit hit the face of nuozha??

don't know makeup or hair problems, then is not a retouchers problem?

but this a few she still like before, people also eat melon said: her body is so good really surprised!

many classic camera movements appear again before Wang Ziwen ah Yang Mi ah get!

she also belong to the kind of short hair long hair than to look good type, if people feel too rigid!!

tie up, there was a serious female director that visual sense!

tried this kind of short, hard to effect real!! It looks a little bit long...

don't know that Zhang Li is the first of several lob head to save the female stars, since leaving the hair, the whole up vitale!

than before the hair too much, find a suitable hairstyle is not easy...

sometimes think, do female stars are suitable for lob? Is there not suitable for? Do you have any examples?

to recommend

Wang Ziwen this large scale is too big! The original Yang Mi Liu Shishi tried sexy wind

Wang Yangming Cai Shiyun is about to get married, but users are grateful to him not to marry Zhang Li!

; long press image recognition of two-dimensional code key attention

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