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wangguanxiong· 2016-08-19 02:29:46

Q2, the second half of 2016 is coming, and to the various enterprises on time pay transcripts. Earnings is a manifestation of the real vitality of enterprises, by this time there will be a variety of face events, some enterprises usually PR boasting of the data is not out as if it were raining flowers, it happened; some enterprises can "analyst" analysis if tomorrow will be closed, can take out earnings is quite brisk. />

(immediately following the title of the blue word attention can get more inside, a daily depth!)

[Twitter loss to the rental office, what micro-blog breaking the market value of $8 billion? />

[into video market brings to micro-blog what? ]

from micro-blog's Q2 earnings can be seen, revenue and customer volume and active user data were higher, indicating micro-blog in hematopoietic ability enhancement, the income structure is more reasonable. />

is one of the first batch of relative social media and a short video of the depth of cooperation, micro-blog's characteristics of high viscosity, openness and so on, but also makes each net red habitual to micro-blog as precipitation fans preferred, Papi sauce and Ercoli Lee a red micro-blog with a public network to a large number of video viewing habits the user, plus a short video of this bearing mode of information have become more and more fire, people gradually accustomed to micro-blog as a platform to watch a short video. />

into the video market, is undoubtedly opens up a new territory for micro-blog. Morgan Stanley for micro-blog's revenue next year to make a $1 billion forecast, the current micro-blog first half revenue 266 million, an increase of 30%. Now is the Olympic Games, is the size of the brand marketing occasion of the season, will be micro-blog's revenue reached a small peak this year, revenue is expected to reach 6-7 billion.

[live + Red Net, micro-blog was just on the road

] in accordance with the current momentum, micro-blog in the next year to reach $1 billion in revenue should be no big problem what. But in my opinion, next year, micro-blog's revenue structure will be more diversified. />

2016 is the first live, believe in the next broadcast of the commercialization of the road will be more clear, if micro-blog can continue to maintain the growth of the user and live in areas of strong, profit margin for next year is likely to increase. Based on the above analysis of the

, micro-blog's revenue next year is likely to reach $1 billion in profit rate, profit margins are often platform mode to 40%-50%, micro-blog is currently still in the growth stage, even if calculated according to 35% or 40%, also means that the 350 million - $400 million profit, according to 30.8 times earnings before Morgan Stanley given rate, micro-blog market capitalization of more than $10 billion have very high probability! According to today's stock price, micro-blog is only about $2 billion from the $10 billion club.


micro-blog of today's development, the main is to strengthen the positioning of social media platforms, and on the basis of the bet and the two mobile short video.

apparently forms a short video is more suitable for every day with a group of young mobile phone brush does not stop, and in the content level, micro-blog has mainly focus on areas of the transfer from social issues to more diverse topics, the young users have more attraction. The courage to embrace change, I always support, now wait for micro-blog to the tact momentum impact of ten billion dollar club!

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