"The most big entertainment" - the girl waiting for migratory birds

Girl migratory bird

leshiyule· 2016-04-24 01:31:48

  Sun Yi, a new generation of actress, was born in 1993. When he starred in the "Mi months biography" Mi month niece Mi Yao a corner is known to everyone and partner bobel starred in the youthful love comedy "my adolescent". To recently broadcast a hot TV drama "fifteen years waiting for migratory birds", the sun in the drama played appearance is ordinary but IQ is high female Xueba Li glass.

  although it is just two years but this momentum is not small, quite small Huadan momentum.

  the young Sun Yi can say the slightest careless character, no star shelf, very close to the people. Personality is very outgoing, she in the face of love that all revel, in love will become shy, passive, will have been waiting for love. />

  more content, please pay attention to music as entertainment, pay attention to the entertainment of the most big. For more details, please click to read the text to watch the video />

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