He and Nicholas Tse is the same as the two generation of stars, there is a handsome face, but played a bad man is not red

Nicholas Tse

yulejie· 2016-04-24 01:32:02

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recently, the news about Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung and occupy the entertainment headlines. The beginning of Nicholas Tse's little son refused to see Nicholas Tse, and later Cecilia Cheung Nicholas Tse joint statement is not the case. Anyway, Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung's marriage has become a thing of the past.

and Nicholas Tse in the mainland is now fast, in its fledgling shows the later will become a star potential. At the age of 19, Nicholas Tse starred in the movie "cigarette", and therefore won the Golden Horse Award nomination for best actor. Xiao Bian today to talk about, but it is another actor in the play Terence Yin.

Terence Yin in the movie "cigarette" star said English expletives Guhuo Zi Da Ji. The play is not much but impressive. In fact, Terence Yin and Nicholas Tse, is singing a movie. Because love singing, who also signed the Rolling Stones album in early. Style= >

although and Nicholas Tse has a lot of similarities, and even have a handsome, but Terence Yin in the showbiz development did not so good. It is said that Terence Yin, Daniel Wu and Francis ng is the Hong Kong performing metamorphosis of the best of three people, although some words too, but thus Terence popular role is bad, which also makes Terence is difficult to be developed. Style= >

a even handsome man, once played the bad guys, and slowly its temperament also seems to change. It can be said that Terence Yin's works are also many, but the good play bad, but the bad guys are very good.

such as in the movie "stunning rainbow, and Terence Yin in the play the role of bones, also abnormal and lechers, as well as the" new police story "," dragon play chicken "tour," single men and women "and so on. Style= >

the former singer and Daniel's friend, some LaPO Terence also signed in Daniel's. Daniel Wu was married and had a baby, but Terence Yin was still single.

the once exposes is the girlfriend cheating, perhaps after the injury situation, this is some of the media said Hong Kong "chase the Queen" actor seem to prefer a single free life.

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