Chinese, the successful development of quantum chip; Hefei DRAM plant science and technology Zhaoji planned 2018 production; HUAWEI Mate9 is rumored to be using 960 kylin

China branch HUAWEI unicorn Hefei plan

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1. of University of Science and Technology of China successfully developed quantum chip;

2. Hefei DRAM plant science and technology Zhaoji planned 2018 production;

3. HUAWEI Mate 9 according to the transfer will be used kylin 960 processor; class= "P1"

4. to MTN Spreadtrum communications to provide intelligent solutions for mobile phone users in South Africa;

5. microtivo ZX-2000 intelligent terminal lead radio and television commercial scale;

6. in the core of international operations three

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1. University of Science and Technology of China successfully developed quantum chip

recently, research on quantum computer in our country has made breakthrough progress, University of Science and Technology of China laboratory successfully developed a quantum semiconductor quantum chip.

according to CCTV news news August 11th, quantum chip equivalent of the future quantum computer "brain", after the successful development of logic operation and can realize the quantum information processing. With the calculation, quantum storage and control technology is also essential. This sandwich type solid-state quantum memory, in the low temperature magnetic field auxiliary equipment in order to work. Study on the major breakthrough in calculation of

China quantum: the successful development of quantum chip

CAS Key Laboratory of quantum information researcher Zhou Zongquan said. The next development direction, to put this quantum memory to be small neat, in order to prolong its life, we want to make a portable U disk like a classic plot is the device used in quantum information transmission, realize the ultra long distance.

2. DRAM plant in Hefei science and technology plan Zhaoji production in 2018; strong>

set micro network news, released a research report by IC Insights 10, desktop computer, notebook computer (which is the largest application market DRAM) shipments fell, and the tablet computer shipments impact atrophy, slowdown of the intelligent mobile phone, DRAM excess inventory, forcing suppliers to reduce the price.

DRAM report, the average price fell 16%, plus unit shipments shrank 3%, is expected to make the annual reduction of 19% in 2016 the total DRAM market, in the 33 IC product categories in the last ranking. DRAM market is seriously shrinking, I am afraid it will be a drag on the memory of the decline in 2016 11%, while the overall IC market will decline by 2%. (see photo)

IC Insights DRAM pointed out that the price began to take Kennedy in 2016 the end of the second quarter, is expected in the second half 2016, continued to rise in 2017, mainly thanks to a large data analysis high demand for enterprises to give the server. In addition, the low voltage DRAM because of the mobile platform, especially the application of intelligent machines, the demand is also quite robust. The advent of the new intelligent machines, expected in the second half of this year and next year to push up the price of DRAM.

however, IC Insights warned that the trend of DRAM price ascension will probably only appears briefly, because, there are two companies plan in late 2017 or early 2018 to enter the market, the two DRAM plants were Elpida former president Moto Yukio and the Hefei municipal government jointly established Zhaoji (Sino King) and Fujian science and technology Jinhua integrated circuit.

Nikkei in March 11th pointed out that science and technology will be responsible for Japanese million Taiwanese responsible for chip design, production technology, factory operation will be the Hefei municipal government planned a new company set up in the near future to foundries (Foundry) is responsible for the form, the integration of Taiwan, Japan's technical staff and China funds, the formation of "Taiwan Japan continental alliance", in the next generation memory areas against samsung.

the Sino said that at the beginning of the establishment of only from Taiwan, Japan and other 10 technical staff, but the future will be in Taiwan, Japan and Chinese as the center to recruit technical personnel design, production, the target for the formation of scale up to 1000 people the technical personnel team.

however, according to the set micro network understanding, since shortly before the Hefei mayor Zhang Qingjun double, the future trend may be affected by Zhaoji technology.

3. HUAWEI Mate 9 is rumored to be using 960 processor strong>

first before will be published in September debut, and equipped with the latest kylin 960 processor HUAWEI Mate 9, this rumor has been informed to deny, and will be shown at the beginning of the September IFA exhibition is the appearance of the Mate S2. However, the recent run of well-known foreign website GFXBench, there was a Hi3660 powered HUAWEI mobile phone to run sub scores, according to the understanding, it will be possible to first before the exposure, and is equipped with 960 HUAWEI processor Mate 9 kylin.


from the past codenamed Hi3650 955 kylin see, the code for the Hi3660 processor is assumed to be 960 kylin is quite reasonable. In addition, from the exposure of the specifications of the data point of view, Mate HUAWEI 9 specifications can be said to be high order flagship phone is equipped with. According to the data, Mate 9 will be equipped with a 5.9 inch screen, although the resolution is maintained at HD Full, but the performance will be more durable endurance. While the processor is the use of models for the unicorn 960 Hi3660 processor, and with the combination of RAM/64GB ROM 4GB, Nuogat Android will be pre loaded operating system. The camera, HUAWEI Mate 9 will use the 8 million pixel camera and 12 million pixel main camera self timer.


Mate 8 HUAWEI to last year published in early September of this year, will be unveiled the product may not be HUAWEI Mate 9. And equipped with Unicorn 960 processor Mate HUAWEI 9, the fastest possible to wait until the end of this year will be officially unveiled. Want to experience the kylin 960 will bring what kind of smooth sense of friends, must wait until the end of experience. The idea of life

4. MTN to provide Spreadtrum communications solutions for intelligent mobile phone users in South Africa;

set micro network news, China, Shanghai - August 10, 2016 - Spreadtrum communications (hereinafter referred to as "Spreadtrum"), as one of the Chinese leading 2G, 3G and 4G wireless communication terminal core chip supplier, today announced the deployment of its WCDMA//HSPA (+) SC7731C into the platform of intelligent mobile phone Won the bid for Africa's largest telecom operator MTN in the third quarter of 2016, the two sides will work together to provide high cost smart phone solutions for South Africa users.

the intelligent mobile phone based on SC7731C chip Spreadtrum platform, built-in quad core ARM Cortex-A7 processor, clocked at up to 1.2GHz, WCDMA/HSPA (+) and GSM/GPRS/EDGE dual mode, dual card dual standby function. At the same time, the mobile phone with a 3.5 inch screen, 720P HD video and 2 million pixel camera, equipped with 512M operating memory and 4G memory, with Android 6, you can smoothly run Facebook, What 's App and other mainstream application software, providing intelligent cost-effective experience for users.

MTN is Africa's largest telecom operator, has 200 million mobile users in Africa, with operations in 21 countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. MTN in 2015 in South Africa, more than 30 million mobile users, mobile market share of 34.01%.

"for a long time, South Africa is an important strategic market Spreadtrum mobile terminal, currently has more than 3 million Department Spreadtrum chip solutions market in South Africa to achieve the goods," Spreadtrum chairman and CEO Li Liyou said, "we feel very honored this partnership with MTN, which is not only made in South Africa Spreadtrum on the market achievements, and promote the pace of development and vigorously expand the global market spreadtrum. The future will continue to work with MTN, Spreadtrum for users in South Africa to provide products and services more cost-effective."

5. microtivo ZX-2000 intelligent terminal lead radio and television commercial scale;

2013 at the end of the year, SARFT approval organization and released TVOS1.0 smart TV operating system, promote the standardization of radio and television terminal intelligent development to accelerate, accelerate the next generation of broadcast television network interconnection and interoperability services provided conditions. Right now, TVOS2.0 is about to achieve iteration, digital, networking and intelligent development of radio and television has made further achievements.

Shanghai microtivo integrated circuit Co. Ltd. as domestic has the processor, chipset and graphics processor chip three core design technology research and development enterprises only at present, since it was founded and Shanghai Tong Network Communications Technology Co. together, into the intelligent terminal long-term planning of Shanghai Oriental Cable Network Co. Ltd.. At present, the core has become one of the most sophisticated radio and television smart terminal chip suppliers.

2015, application ZX-1000 core chip, equipped with TVOS1.0 of Shanghai Oriental Cable intelligent terminal officially shipped and reached 500 thousand units shipped. With microtivo ZX-2000 chip on the ZX- 1000 upgrade and replacement, as of now, broadcasting smart terminal application microtivo high performance chip total shipments reached 1 million units, high performance embedded chip microtivo has become the industry's largest and most successful commercial products, proved microtivo high performance ARM chip architecture design based on the development of the industry has been recognized by the parties.

ZX-2000 is a new generation of high performance chip microtivo for Ultra HD intelligent set-top box design, quad core ARM Cortex A17 architecture, ARMv7-A instruction set, based on the frequency of 1.6GHz, based on the 28nm manufacturing technology, made the best balance between performance, power consumption and cost benefit.

microtivo ZX-2000 chip has powerful ability of video decoding / encoding, support 4K@60FPS ultra high definition video hard solution, real-time hardware solutions H.265 video, support HDMI2.0 output, can satisfy the user 4K ultra high definition video viewing needs. Video coding, core ZX-2000 can support 1080P@60FPS video coding, can do 1080P Full HD video coding and decoding, support for 1080P Full HD video calls.

performance, microtivo ZX-2000 chip data processing ability of the test is up to 22000DMIPS, GPU floating point capability is as high as 60GFlops. In the Manhattan GFXBench test link, ZX-2000 can win 392.5 Frames excellent results, which is the core of a strong independent intellectual property rights GPU design and development capabilities. Class=

it is worth mentioning that microtivo and Oriental Cable and Hubei radio and television has begun to discuss work, microtivo VR solutions is expected to formally entered the commercial stage, two cable TV users have the opportunity to advance to enjoy VR radio content service.

microtivo chip based on SoC ARM architecture design not only excellent performance, more to achieve a large-scale commercial radio broadcasting power TVOS intelligent terminal, intelligent terminal promotion, achieved very fruitful results. On this basis, the introduction of radio and television VR trillion new business four in one solution, leading the development of radio and television VR new business, showing a trillion core quite forward-looking vision. Chongqing Evening News:                    

6. in the core of international operations three

SMIC annunciation, second quarter revenue, gross margin and operating profit are high, revenue write a record $690 million, gross profit and operating profit for the annual growth rate of 23.5% and 90.2%, net profit of $97 million 640 thousand. For the seventeenth quarter profit.

SMIC second quarter sales high, the third quarter is expected to continue strong growth, driven by share price yesterday (11) morning was soaring nearly 9%, reaching HK $0.76 for the seven month high end; in Hong Kong dollars closing 0.74 yuan, or 5.71%.

SMIC 10 evening announced second quarter earnings, revenue of $690 million, compared with the previous quarter growth of 8.8%, an increase of 26.3% over the same period last year. Profit of $97 million 643 thousand, while a quarter profit of $61 million 400 thousand, $76 million 700 thousand for the same period last year, quarterly and annual growth of 59% and 27% respectively.

SMIC CEO and executive director Qiu Ciyun pointed out that the revenue increase is mainly the total sales of second quarter wafer products increased 23.5% to $218 million; gross profit growth; operating profit increased 90.2% to $115 million. Second quarter gross margin was 31.6%, higher than the first quarter of 24.2%.

outlook in the second half, Qiu Ciyun notice, the third quarter performance will remain strong growth, contrary to seasonal weakness, the fourth quarter will continue to grow in 2016 revenue is expected to record high. Taking into account the strong demand, as well as the recent acquisition of LFoundry, the company will this year's revenue is expected to increase to 25% to 29%. Class= P2 "

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