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Coffee delicious

aifaner· 2016-08-20 23:02:59

plaything Zhi is love fan children's individual business platform, focus on mining and provide high-quality new life necessities.

this year, whenever someone asked what hobbies are special.

there are many coffee not only pay attention to coffee containers can not be sloppy.

Goat Story

you must have seen unique cup like horn cup!

plaything was fascinated by it, just not hardships, also must bring it back from abroad!

coffee of course a little reluctant to waste However, special claw shaped cup body design can help you easily drink the last drop!

coffee really is a bad mood.

100% leak proof cup cover design, so that you do not have to worry about coffee will drop to the clothing!

open the lid in addition to drinking coffee you can also use the cup cover above the small mouth sips.

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! Easy to carry

you can take it is set in the hand, to pack, or back to the shoulder, not only does not occupy space, and will not delay you do other things.

Creative Cup

leather artificial leather black / red wine / Leather Black     / leather / Leather Brown   red wine / flax

price: 278 yuan

well, have a good cup feeling is not the same as ~

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