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2015 the twelve National People's Congress on the three conference, Premier Li Keqiang first proposed the" Internet plus "action plan in the government work report. "Internet plus" is not only the Internet mobile, ubiquitous, is applied to a traditional industry, but also joined the omnipresent computing, data and knowledge, creating a omnipresent innovation, promote the knowledge society to user innovation, open innovation, mass innovation, collaborative innovation as the characteristics of the 2 innovation, change production and work, the way we live, but also lead a new norm of innovation driven development "".

latest mobile Internet combat series published! The electricity supplier, WeChat operations, O2O, the new business model, the traditional enterprise transformation, entrepreneur, owner manager for! Enterprise group purchase, cadres, marketing personnel to learn the most appropriate! A set of 90 tea series, let you catch up with the Internet outlet!

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[90] the latest tea series

"public micro signal operation and WeChat marketing"

" how to do business - Method and case "

" it Some fly in the air, "

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" WeChat public operations with WeChat marketing "

there have been about 10000000 WeChat public micro signal, with a maximum of 15 million readers, you opened? Operation situation how? How to increase the fans? How to use WeChat to do marketing? WeChat's latest model is what? A book in hand, all done!

" how to do business - Method and case "

China's electricity supplier the transaction amount is more than 10 trillion, you do the electricity supplier? Big brothers how the layout of the electricity suppliers? Grassroots electricity suppliers how to do? How much is the most fashionable O2O know? There are social electricity suppliers have begun, 50 classic case of electricity suppliers, so you can immediately start the practice of electricity suppliers!

" those in the air flying company "

on the air, pigs will fly! The Internet + era, not only in the air flying pig Oh, let us have a look in the air flying elephant, wolf, pig, dog, Alibaba, Tencent, millet, drops, the only product exchange, God carved, UNIQLO, old godmother... Authority to decrypt these flying companies, you can take off with them.

[90] tea series (Wenhui Press), selected more than 4 thousand articles in the selection of hundreds of articles Experts point to bring readers a large number of practical cases and practice methods, authoritative analysis, let us understand the mobile Internet has brought a revolutionary business model, with the important is how to participate in the revolution!

1." big data era of new business model "

2." WeChat

3." WeChat

4." WeChat operating and marketing "NEW

5." those in the air flying company "NEW

6."! How to do business, "NEW

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editor introduces

1984 graduated from Central South University, Department of research 1991 Beikeda management graduate, do a university teacher, in 90s went to Japan for 8 years.

served as the Tenth CPPCC member of Jiangsu Province, vice president of the Wuxi General Chamber of Commerce, the perception of Chinese IOT network executive president, President of the chamber of Commerce, business, personnel returning from Jiangsu University in Wuxi City Council, Jiangnan Visiting professors and other social duties.

won the Chinese software outsourcing achievement figures, Jiangsu Province youth entrepreneurship in Jiangsu Province outstanding influential man. The builders of socialism with Chinese characteristics such as "white-space: normal style=

in software outsourcing, networking, self the media, electricity providers and other fields with certain achievements and influence.

[No. 90] [] - sharing teahouse, published more than 6000 articles, get hundreds of thousands of readers to subscribe, and choose which part of the essence of the article, by the Department of press published the following books, welcome to buy, pay attention to!

1. "new business model" big data era

2." WeChat

3. "WeChat

4. "WeChat operation and marketing"

5." how to do business - Method and case "

6." company "who fly in the outlet on the

7. "Meiwen! Share" (Series 1-3)

the latest [90] tea series, preview! Exclusive sales of signature edition!

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