Is YG forced by the mysterious BlackPink this is also OK?

Mystic Black

xingmingwanghanyusudi· 2016-08-22 11:12:56

debuted in more than two weeks Black Pink debut song still in the charts of the upper circle, has debut by new girl group YG, many users concerned, this also deliver the goods show YG in the victory, fully deserve "monster new".  

raised concerns that the afternoon of the 21 day, Black Pink in Dage program "popular songs" have a break, the shortest a record, unexpected, it also seems to be expected.

but moved to the fans' unfortunately, except in the stage not what it a chance to meet Black Pink, Black Pink SBS only appeared in "popular songs" program, Black Pink figure can not see it outside of the KBS and MBC of the Dage program, which also triggered netizens discussion for forced YG mysticism is very dissatisfied with the practice. />

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