At China Rio: Legend and Olympic heritage

Olympic China legend

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"a top ah, bite the top, anyway, to blaze a new trail, the fight at outrance anyway." Lang Ping

the so-called legend there is always a long enough, enough ups and downs, enough story. Chinese women's volleyball coach Lang Ping, is such a story of the people. From the moment she set foot in Rio, she and her young Chinese women's volleyball team, is the focus of all fans. They carry the ultimate expectation of China's collective project and the greatest love. Style= text-indent: "2em

  people look forward to the Chinese women's volleyball team in the group stage record is not the best. Two wins and three losses China women's volleyball team, the fourth team to qualify for the quarter finals. Lang Ping believes that lost the ball, the first coach should take responsibility, did not practice good. But no one will blame, the presence of every effort, but sometimes powerless women, because there is her, the Chinese women's volleyball team in the spirit of the Chinese women's Volleyball in the hope that.

3 2 win over Brazil, 3 to 1 victory in Holland, each with hard manufacturing, each with a strong build, every victory with the tenacity of casting, which is Chinese women's volleyball, women's volleyball team spirit which is the most direct inheritance. The final battle seems to be in sight, the momentum play volleyball girl, let Chinese red became the most bright colors in the Rio stadium, casting the legendary Lang Ping, let Chinese become the most beautiful Olympic women's volleyball team. From the beginning of the world cup in 1981, as a player of the Lang Ping has been a success story, 2015 is from the beginning of the world cup, as the coach of Lang Ping, began to write a new legend.

"on the pitch you completely rely on their own, may be the only one that can help you, is at the foot of the road." Liu Guoliang

when legends inheritance, always bring endless hope, table tennis court Liu Guoliang, also completed a period from player to coach legend continuation. 2016 Rio is 40 year old Liu Guoliang, fourth to the identity of the coach to participate in the Olympic Games, and when the players are different, and now Liu Guoliang is more in such a way to transfer his power. Liu Guoliang once said, we are the Chinese table tennis team players, we are born to win the gold medal, we not only have to be brave enough to withstand all the pressure, but also for all of us to present a wonderful game. In Rio, China table tennis team won all four gold medals, Liu Guoliang once again said to do.

"really never imagined, can persist for so long, I think it is because of this dream, will to insist, will go to work." Wu Minxia

beautiful Maria Lenk water sports center, another brilliant record of the Rio Chinese dream team, this brilliant, but also a career goodbye girl. She is Wu Minxia, 31 years old. Backward somersault two weeks and a half body, Wu Minxia diving career the last action set in the textbook of 205 arm, fixed in her fifth Olympic podium. The 112 year long history of Olympic diving, no player can be comparable with her achievement, five Olympic gold medals, one Olympic Games project four consecutive championships, three duo, Wu Minxia accomplished a diving on the legend.

"tube is how to win, how to get to the finals, these people, not entirely on the court than on and the fight against, don't give up, that is." Fu Haifeng

end this waiting, the same is a game legend, he is 32 year old Fu Haifeng, this is his fourth Olympic Games third, men's doubles final, second Olympic gold medals. In the Olympic Games Badminton history, this is a difficult to go beyond the legend, he can take with no predecessors proud record out, but the strong stick man, while the carnival cry. After winning the championship, Fu Haifeng regret to say: I think this stage has been more and more away from me, I do not know the back there is no time to pay for the team. I don't have any time. Perhaps the reality of Fu Haifeng's exercise time is really less and less, but in the memory of countless people, those who belong to his glorious time, but never less than a second.

"I think for me, is to take every game as a kind of enjoyment, so I will continue the training project, will not give up." Sun Yang

  some people have been in writing another legend, some people will give their legendary fall last pen, some people still continue to breakthrough, have the opportunity to interpret their own legend new climax. Sun Yang is one of them, at the beginning of the injury, will not stop he appeared at the Rio stadium, but not all of the trial can successfully to erupt, and not all the pay can be paid in a timely manner, the 400 meter race, Sun Yang desperate, narrowly won the silver medal, the last tears in later finally he can cry brim over with tears, choose the best reply performance. The Olympic Games once again stand on the highest podium Sun Yang, to achieve a new breakthrough Chinese players in this project, two consecutive Olympic gold medal, also let he made a sign of China swimming, a legend, of course, the legend continues.

"may be the last session of the Olympic Games meet, but I think no matter what, two people can play this the competitive level, I think that at least up to each other, up to today to cheer us fans." Lin Dan -

& nbsp; 2016 of Rio, with the southern hemisphere's unique charm, tells the story of a section of unique Olympic story, witness one legend begins, continuation, end. The fourth time to participate in the Olympic Games, Tully, with her signature beautiful smile, with a silver and a bronze left the field. The low-key Li Xiaoxia, in their final accomplishment, but also bid farewell to their occupation career. Adhere to the Qin Kai, did not stand on the highest podium, but the power of the veteran. 33 year old Lin Dan personally sent the most familiar opponent to enter the finals, embrace the moment, many years of mutual competition and understanding beyond the outcome.

legend is called the legend, due to its unconventional process, due to its firm belief. Olympic mark, not every legend has a perfect ending. The tears of the carnival and the loss of a smile, in the Olympic record is the most harmonious contradictions, the most beautiful bloom. The bright red China, rendering the 2016 Rio, about the story, is written in the final chapter, but on China sports, about China Olympic Legend, there will continue to update, more brilliant.

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At China Rio: Legend and Olympic heritage