"11 crowns" domineering debut! Real Madrid will wear special edition Jersey to play in the European Super Cup

European Super Cup Real Madrid Jersey

huangmatiyu· 2016-08-22 21:39:57

Real Madrid's super bowl jerseys will be printed on the "European Super Cup 11 champion

in Norway will be held in Trondheim, while Real Madrid will be in this game of Seville wear a special jersey. According to

of Spain "Marca" reports, Real Madrid in the European Super Cup shirt embroidered on the left sleeve of the European Cup Cup trophy will also drawings, write the number 11 inside. And the trophy is under UEFA's logo and the word "respect".

in addition, Real Madrid's Jersey on the right sleeve embroidered with the European Super Cup logo, and in the chest position, according to the results of the game, will be printed on different details.

Real Madrid hopes to win the European Super Cup third times, it is worth mentioning that, two years ago in Welsh Cardiff, Real Madrid had 2 to 0 victory over Seville to win the European Super Cup, then C, the plum to open two degrees, but this time, C Ronaldo back and just because the body is injured, can play.

Real Madrid in 2014 and 2016 champions "three years have two", Seville has completed three consecutive championships in the Europa League There was no parallel in history., so the teams will be in three years second times in the European Super Cup. Last summer, in such circumstances leave the main Baca, Seville in the European Super Cup and Barcelona into battle and 4 than 4, conceded defeat overtime. Now the case of the main absence of Real Madrid, Real Madrid to win, Seville not resigned to playing second fiddle, will face no small difficulty.

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