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intelligent hardware is a very broad concept, is a collection of many intelligent devices, including wearable devices, smart home, health care, intelligent car etc.. Because there is no exact boundaries, many manufacturers for electronic devices with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth module, then make a rough APP known as intelligent hardware, every entrepreneur in intelligent hardware, make intelligent hardware like the vegetable market.

I think, according to the needs of intelligent hardware can be divided into two kinds, one kind of experience, a kind of improved demand creation.

improvement experience is already in existence or have mature market equipment, the new intelligent interconnection module on the basis of the original, add a user friendly interface, realize experience is simple, remote interaction, sharing and other functions. At present the improvement experience of such intelligent hardware accounted for the majority, such as intelligent routing, Internet TV, smart glass etc..

create demand is that don't exist, in recent years the new concept of new technologies, create new forms and new functions with intelligent equipment. At present, creating demand for such intelligent hardware accounted for only a small part, such as the smart Bracelet , aerial drones, motion cameras, virtual reality (VR) glasses, voice machine etc..

as the category is complicated, there are a lot of intelligent hardware classification method, current situation and development prospects of each category are not the same, some categories have been close to mature, there are some preliminary monopoly; category and category to subvert the market has just started. On the whole, to improve the experience of intelligent hardware in front, the crux of the intelligence, to create a demand class is still groping, the crux of the hardware.

improvement experience: style=" padding-bottom: problem in the intelligent

" intelligent hardware "this phrase is the subject of hardware, attributive is intelligent. And improve the experience of the class is not the crux of the hardware, and in the smart. Because they have existed or have a mature market, a relatively complete industrial chain, the production of hardware is not a big problem, now in the intelligent efforts to find the user pain points and potential demand, make the function more perfect, more friendly experience.

find the user pain points and the potential demand for most of the time and not technology can solve, but close to the user psychology, is actually very difficult. The current improvement experience of intelligent hardware development is uneven, only a few hit user pain points, more is playing a live, create a lot of false demand.

the best example is the 699 yuan millet 2 air purifier purification capacity, CCTV test has not lost 2000 yuan, but was broke friends do not install mobile phone APP filter has been still showed air purification. This is not the poor quality of the purifier hardware, but the problem of APP algorithm, APP display of the clean data is not accurate. Millet 2 air purifier hardware standards, but it is a smart module gimmick, selling just posted a smart label, much cheaper.

Internet TV: content is king

perfect so far, hit the user pain points intelligent hardware is the Internet TV, the leader is letv. When the traditional TV manufacturers grappling in display technology, music as ecological and content cut, then millet, storm, PPTV, a large number of popular brands to follow suit to the traditional TV manufacturers transformation Internet tv. Now consumers buy TV not only to see the hardware, more is to look at the content.

Although Internet brand technical reserves far outnumbered the traditional TV manufacturers, but the content is strong, consumers buy it. TV sales this year, more than 3 million units, coupled with other brands of sales, the overall sales of Internet TV is expected to break through 5 million units. Internet TV is already a strong force in 2016 will further grow, competition is more intense, at the end of 16, the overall sales of at least 8 million.

smart Home Furnishing:

intelligent Home Furnishing proposed has more than 20 years, has also not been able to achieve. Smart home is a complete home scene solutions, the need for interoperability of various devices, is the real smart home. Current smart home equipment to solve a single demand, has not yet formed a full set of solutions. Only in existing products, Internet TV, smart routing of a few devices hit user pain points, such as smart bulbs, smart scales, smart glass etc. most of the products increased only seems interesting, is not what big.

with smart bulbs, millet and Meizu (third party brand) have launched, only to change the color, the function of timing switch is chicken ribs the market was on hiatus, no iterative product. Millet launched a smart home package to calculate a preliminary solution, the basis of functional comparison, play or can, the value is not practical.

since 2013, intelligent hardware business is hot, in the capital and entrepreneurial boom driven by the upsurge, a lot of intelligent hardware product manager is imaginary, and without effective market research, and also did not find the user pain points, just increase the intelligent module, how can be accepted by consumers?

smart travel: we have to wait a few years

2015 the electric smart car (Dallas electric), smart bike (bicycle, music as a super C1, millet Yunma No. 9) the balance of the car, the market response well, the Dallas electric also introduced the" butter "lost directly to a new, very intimate. But they all have a common problem, the intelligent module is the main reason for consumers to buy incast, hardware is awesome.

improved experience intelligent hardware first hardware should be excellent, the intelligent module for smart and intelligent to close, just a pseudo demand, need to be differentiated pricing and core technology, coupled with the high quality products in order to make the final influence talent shows itself. After several years of accumulation and precipitation and the baptism of the winter of 2015, the capital will be more rational, more pragmatic products.

2016 new intelligent hardware will be more intimate, Internet TV, smart routing has to identify the location of products will accelerate development; there will be less some intelligent hardware identify the direction, to usher in a small outbreak, do not rule out a small number of intelligent hardware will be hot; of course most intelligent products will be spent in the rough in 2016, until the hit user pain points.

: create demand problem in the hardware

and improvement experience of such intelligent hardware instead, creating demand for smart key the hardware in the hardware. Create the demand of intelligent hardware innovation greatly, from new product into the trial, from the trial into the production process, the need to invest a lot of manpower and time cost, the success is very difficult.

class=" hrefStyle ">VR ( virtual reality equipment

the best example is VR (virtual reality equipment), 2015 VR special hot, Samsung, SONY, HTC, Facebook and a long list of well-known enterprises to promote. But there is also a problem behind the fiery, close technical restrictions on all giants also can not solve the problem of a perfect vertigo, distortion and other issues. VR is just a carrier, video and game content is the key to the outbreak of VR, the current production of film and television content is high, the difficulty of the game development (VIVE HTC only a few experience scenes). The author believes that in 2016 VR prospect open, or usher in a wave of small outbreaks, the real outbreak also takes time, at least it takes two years.

> , "padding-bottom: style= smart watch

the smart watches to create a kind of demand, is considered the traditional time demand is weak, has become a symbol of taste and identity, the main function of the smart watch is not a matter of time , but the extension of the phone screen, is a small screen ecosystem.

smart watch has been developed for several years, the thought of Apple Watch listing will drive the industry to mature quickly, not to Apple Watch is not popular far from the consumer expectations, not to mention the other brands of smart watches. The reason is that smart watches are a small screen ecology, now who do not know what is the ecological small screen, many third party App are very poor and life, chicken ribs, the problem of data record. Ecological exploration there is a lot of uncertainty, all the author also can not say how smart watches in 2016 will be, the good news is the global hardware and software companies are working hard, I believe that soon be able to find the right way.

smart Bracelet sales have suffered, but the explosion of overdoing it, millet Bracelet cumulative sales have exceeded 10 million a millet Bracelet also appears to kill a large number of entrepreneurs. The vast majority of people who buy millet bracelet is cheap, low cost of trial and error. In fact, only millet Bracelet step counter, heart rate and other functions, provide only simple data records, and cannot be analyzed in effectively on the basis of the data, and give the user a reasonable life guidance, so the user stickiness is not large, often with a few days aside. Industry in front of the class= Fitbit, Zhuo rod, Misfit also can not get away, so Fitbit below the issue price, Misfit sold. The only exception is GPS SPORTS BRACELET, positioning users cleaning degree is high, but relatively small. 2016 smart bracelet to do is precipitation and then precipitation, mining the user's real needs.

two examples can be seen, creating demand class= intelligent hardware will be a long road, 2016 is still the exploration period, is also not subversion. But there are exceptions, aerial drones, motion cameras, children watch a few categories have hit the user pain points, 2016 is spring, but faced follower market competition, successfully attracted a large number of new entrants, competition can hardly be avoided.

summary: 2016 is not the dawn of the

can be seen from the above analysis, the majority of intelligent hardware is not down to earth, consumption habits have not formed, the industry chain is not mature, the 2016 is still a period of exploration. Only part of the category breakthrough, is on the way to subvert the traditional way. From the industry point of view, 2016 intelligent hardware is not the dawn of the search, but also in the dark. It can be said that the development of intelligent hardware and the irreversible trend of the future, the future in the distance, the distance of the road must be step by step out.

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