Online to the line diversion is not reliable? O2O's GAP marketing conversion rate is as high as 50%!

Conversion rate

O2Ozuiqianxian· 2016-08-23 14:44:30

do shopping and offline retail the store marketing colleagues know, let the line to the next line of this diversion, seems to have been not reliable: value-added effect is not obvious, the store delivery value cannot be quantified, target customers are not accurate, the diversion effect is not obvious, customer loyalty is not high enough. Tried a lot of platform, the effect is not very obvious. Yesterday, the public comment of people told me that their diversion efficiency as high as 65%!!


this figure is far higher than other media because it looks like "not too real" especially in everyone's minds, although large but seems to be in the big new shopping areas or recruits".


they draw 65% diversion efficiency activities is in December, U.S. in Ray-Ban, NIKE, Old attracted Navy, GAP, Levi' s, more than 50 international brands to participate in the activities, covering the Brand of more than 5 thousand cities in the country's 180 stores. U.S. group public comment on its own official App on the activities of push, but also synchronized landing WeChat and QQ related platforms, so as to guide online users to receive coupons to line shopping.


I ask WeChat Beauty Group - responsible for public comment on the shopping channel Zhou Jichuan tried to inquire about the 65% in the water".


unexpectedly, he asked me: "do you imagine, if you is a fan of the brand, go to the mall to dinner or a movie that stores the brand shop just to have activities, whether you will be interested in Go shopping?"


he asked, the scenes of life really visible before the eyes. Now shopping center is to eat out to play out, go to the mall to eat the movie's consumers are also likely to go shopping. Zhou Jichuan added, "a lot of cases, consumers go to eat after the movie left, she did not know that there is a favorite brand in the promotion or just on the new."

he explains: "for us, this is not only a kind of scene matching and anastomosis, the height of the matching attribute is the crowd. Access to services in the United States - idle away in seeking pleasure public comment on the user and the cable under the shopping needs of users a very high degree of coincidence. From the use of the habit of view, the user in the U.S. group - public comment to get a need to shop for the use of concessions are also very suitable."


; that is to say, a high degree of coincidence Beauty Group - mass comment on massive users and users shopping idle away in seeking pleasure that we see higher to store drainage efficiency and considerable traffic to the store is not surprising.


said participating retail brand is also very satisfied.


GAP, is one of the largest apparel companies in the United States, global fashion marketing brand. In Chinese taking O2O shopping marketing pace strides is very steady, a conversion rate of up to 50%. GAP senior marketing director Irene Kao expressed admiration: "help GAP cooperation with the review to find new people want to buy brand part, also very easy to measure the effect of stable transformation, this part of the crowd, people buy discount of nearly 50% into the actual consumption, higher than the conversion of other new media cooperation rate, average the price is also higher than the head shop and shopping."


a widely known to Chinese fast fashion brand, HOTWIND a hot, O2O marketing exposure, has brought considerable traffic to the next line store, according to statistics, during the event reviews to generate sales accounted for the overall drainage Sales of nearly 20%. Huang Yuying, director of the marketing department of hot air, said: "hot air in the review of shopping channels through the O2O" 1 yuan purchase "trade diversion, exposure to the hot air brand while effectively stimulating the purchase desire of potential consumer groups."


  in October 2015, the U.S. group and public comment after reaching cooperation, the known as the new big companies to store catering, leisure and entertainment, catering, movies and so on business has been leading case, start Pushing from 2014 to start operating O2O shopping platform, the effect is still satisfactory from the point of view.


pushing shopping seems to have been such a giant or quasi giants to carve up the field, the general sense is not rational. But in fact, the electricity supplier shopping shopping with O2O is two "Internet plus shopping" a completely different way, mode of shopping online and offline interaction in China has just started. Ali, Wanda and other giants have also aimed at this piece of big cake, have put the new continent has not been developed.


in recent years, on the line of the O2O dispute over. About the overall size of the overall retail shopping online only 10%, "Internet plus" will become the main force to save the line retail seems to have become a consensus. However, how to do, it seems that everyone is still feeling the stones across the river.


"guided" this is new big O2O shopping given answer.


the so-called "precision guided by the key words to summarize: Diversion accurate, traceable, namely the use of online user portrait platform for the next line, the introduction and brand target customers flow, and provide Data available for tracking. It can be said that the U.S. group - the public comment of the precise guidance to hit the line of the pain points of retail businesses, effectively solve the efficiency and assessment of O2O diversion.


except mentioned at the beginning of Gap and hot air, other brands and mass comment on the shopping channel cooperation seems to be very much.


NINE WEST Chinese Department Marketing Director Zheng Rui said: "before we O2O try to focus on online shopping and the media, but the added value for the store is not obvious, the value of the delivery amount to The target audience is not accurate enough, diversion effect is not obvious, the customer is not high viscosity. Public comment cooperation from the purchase of the transformed data are very transparent, and then connected to the actual store data, the entire effect at a glance."


new base number, in addition to the diversion of high efficiency besides, the actual traffic is quite amazing.


new large user penetration based on powerful field marketing almost to achieve "no dead", even more remote places diversion effect is very significant. Baidu group assistant president Wu Xiang said, in the 15 years of the end of November to early December for a company in Nanjing factory store sale activities to find comment shopping channel cooperation. Because the location of the participating entities in remote locations, so diversion is difficult; however, cooperation with the public comment on the store traffic increased by about 30%.



new large shopping channel began to force in the short term, the whole industry recognized is slowgoing promotion. In this matter, O2O shopping marketing, new big in the future is really worth looking forward to. />

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