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as the food industry direction, has led the industry innovation. The April 21st launch of public comment flash benefits, Green Tea first opened, opened only half a month, Shan Hui trade volume has exceeded 3 million, and in August this figure has more than ten million, behind a huge volume of transactions is the cashier to improve the efficiency and enhance the rate of over taiwan. From the earliest to open the central kitchen recently launched the first flash Hui, every Green Tea innovations are based on a deep understanding of the industry, looking for a breakthrough solution, and these innovations also bring huge Green Tea first mover advantage.

"A18, Green Tea please eat", this is probably a restaurant every Green Tea mall most often heard the sound. Average queuing time 1-2 hours, a single day passenger flow of more than 1500 passengers, the turnover rate of each chain stores up to 4 times, green tea restaurant why so fire?

Green Tea compared to the catering sector Zara and H& M was born in Zhejiang, Shaoxing he and many Zhejiang have the same thinking: the thing to do, some low price, quality with quantity. But the "quality with quantity" and "quality" is not an easy thing to do, "we do a lot of attempts, fine decoration, attentive service, do not eat your fusion dishes, but after all we only insist on one thing, is to improve the user experience." Customer evaluation did not live up to Green Tea, public comment, Green Tea restaurant average evaluation in four and a half above, many of them even up to five.

" system experience based "

faced with the Internet thinking to do catering menacing, Wang Qinsong has his own views. "There are things that the Internet can solve, but there are some things that can't be." In his view, the Internet can solve the problem of food and beverage products to solve quickly, but can not solve the atmosphere, can not solve the exchange. China is a hunger breeds discontentment to eat in the country, China does not only mean to eat, or exchange and communication, if everyone can not always rely on takeaway food, there is no way to ensure that the quality of life. So green tea also has its own insistence, absorb the thinking of the Internet to innovate, to do marketing, but stick to the user experience.

is because of user experience to Green Tea has been a chain business model, it also allows people to join a piece of moving from the crooked brains, there emerged a lot of fake Green Tea stores, and some even directly use Green Tea logo. "It took us more than and 10 years to develop a brand of green tea restaurant and get the exclusive right to use the brand, and we will continue to run this brand for a long time. "Wang Qinsong said, starting in October, Green Tea activism will be carried out in country, Green Tea restaurant and maintain the legitimate rights and interests of consumers against. Fake, no longer tolerate false Green Tea damage brand image, will not condone false false Green Tea restaurant, Green Tea company and Hangzhou Green Tea fraudulent use of tort.


style= "font-family: Microsoft YaHei, sans-serif; font-size: 14px;" > Green Tea history research is not difficult to find, the development of Internet and the development of Green Tea is quite similar. We have been walking in front of, has embraced the Internet for seven or eight years, the most typical is the cooperation and public comment." Green Tea public comment and maintain a very benign cooperation, "and we comment cooperation has been seven or eight years, each of them to launch a product, I will come up with their best to support the highest traffic stores".

Wang Qinsong is very frank, "the Internet is not Green Tea strengths, but the traditional food is, I will not take their own short board and others to PK, but I will rely on the cooperation and public comment to complement."

twelve years for public comment on the recognition of the deep and delicacy of public comment on the food industry reputation, Green Tea restaurant has been carried out in-depth cooperation and public comment. "I think the public comment and green tea have many similar places, we all have their own insistence." Wang Qinsong said Zhang Tao understand themselves, understand the public comment Green Tea, in his opinion a lot of public comment products are actually in business for users to consider, "the Internet is not Green Tea strengths, but public comment strengths and our cooperation is complementary advantages of public comment. "

in the public comment search in an arbitrary Green Tea stores, not only can see the evaluation, recommended dishes, also supports online reservations, arranging payment, flash hui. Public comment has been constructed in the dining O2O closed loop Green Tea restaurant is obvious, " users choose restaurant through the public comment score, save time by locating reservations and arranging, through recommended dishes complete meal again, pay by flash Hui payment is completed, complete the evaluation in the public comment so as to form a benign loop.

" "

; speaking of group purchase business, Green Tea is in a restaurant "in the restaurant offbeat, group purchase the early opening or a valid, but not a permanent solution. Green tea and reviews do not do a long ago, we have been exploring new models". In the most popular group purchase early, even the hotel launched 9 block 9 to eat a meal, but this is a kind of damage to the brand in the eyes of many businesses, its price is not high Green Tea can only rely on cheaper group purchase to attract consumers, sell more but pay more to attract consumers, no the formation of brand preference, this is not a normal business logic.

Microsoft YaHei, sans-serif; font-size: 14px; "> and public comment CEO Zhang Tao Hui as a strategic product flash agree without prior without previous consultation, public comment, a self revolution means no damage to the low profit group purchase business, there is no coupon cumbersome," font-family: directly enter the amount of consumption, the background deduction according to the business custom discount, the next day to account the mechanism and ensure business cash flow.

Microsoft YaHei, sans-serif; font-size: 14px;" > in April 21st this year, the public comment release flash Hui after green tea restaurant opened quickly flash hui. In Wang Qinsong's view, " flash is Hui trend: not only ensure the profits of the business, and for the convenience of consumers, but also improve the efficiency of the cash register. this and green tea has been adhering to the "quality belt" is quite consistent, consumers pay a better experience, improve the efficiency of cash register to improve the rate of turn up. Thanks to the convenience, the amount of the transaction amount of green tea has been 5 times the amount of trading, while the current green tea monthly turnover reached 5 times the opening of the month.

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