The boss to do reference | annual budget of! In 2016, how do you make a high return on advertising?

Advertising budget

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every year beginning at the end of the year, new year, is often a review of business owners Results, the manager to develop a new year's budget plan, which, the new year marketing, advertising costs how to arrange, is an important part of the budget plan. Now the market environment changes quickly, more and more diversified and personalized consumer demand, businesses between the increasingly fierce competition, how to get as much as possible the target consumer businesses have become the focus of the low cost of advertising and marketing.
in the talk about the problem before, I want to tell a little story to farmers.
A farmers, mainly for sale organic vegetables, compared to other farmers, his food cost ratio Higher, which means that once sold, his losses will be much higher than other peers. But by two months, farmers A opened the market, not only a good business, but there are more than 80% day old customers. The farmers how to do? He summed up the three methodology:

first, choose a person to flow in larger markets. First of all, farmers know A to open the food market, the most basic premise is to reach as many customers as possible; secondly, he chose the market is in an upscale residential neighborhood, he felt that the residents of this district and his organic vegetable potential consumer object is fit, these consumers are sensitive to price the degree is relatively low, and the higher requirement on the quality of life.

Second, advertising in their stalls in front of a real-time understanding of the advertising effect. Over a period of time, farmers want to expand the market on the basis of the original, intended to make advertisement. But the market's advertising column on such a big place, grab the location of a lot of peers, also do not know how many people saw the ad, but can not count how many people are watching the ad before he went to his home to buy food. So, farmers made a big billboard in front of their stalls. In this way, he did not have to grab an ad with other people, two also understand that the customer is to see the advertising into the shop.

< section class= "tn-Powered-by-XIUMI" style= "box-sizing: border-box;" > Third, to buy him food are what types of consumers for advertising they. After a period of time, farmers found that his customers are mainly two types, one is the young girl, the other is a nine to fiver. In this regard, the young girl, for example when he sells organic radish, he played the slogan: "my radish sweet first love"; and for his work customers, no time to buy food in the morning, he would try to work around 6 to provide more fresh, more varieties of vegetables, to facilitate their purchase.

border-box; although a large businesses compared to a small vegetable business is more complicated, but the method of A's marketing farmers can learn, summarize the experience, is nothing more than three a passenger, the crowd, the effect is good. So what in the actual combat to do? In 2016 the new year, advertising marketing promotion in the end how to do? Especially at present all mobile phone from the body, in the mobile Internet era, need to use what tools can worry more goals?
I recently a lot of research industry advertising products, beauty group - public comment" Guangtong "is a try option. The total sentence through the promotion, the user traffic bonus of local businesses not only share the beauty group - public comment on the domestic first entrance and idle away in seeking pleasure, precise marketing of a clear consumer motivation of users, the cost to reach the broadest target consumers with the least amount of advertising investment, to maximize advertising the effect of the. Specifically, the author wants to talk about understanding from three aspects for this product:
first, through the promotion of the United States is behind group - public comment 600 million accurate idle away in seeking pleasure consumers.
Second, through the promotion of intelligent understanding of user online trajectory, accurately grasp the target no blind users, precise push advertising.
according to my understanding, is through the promotion of the U.S. group and the public comment advertising business open jointly launched an upgraded version of the O2O mobile advertising products, open sides advertising system. For businesses, will harvest 2 1+1> interest. How do you understand?

< section class= "tn-Powered-by-XIUMI" style= "box-sizing: border-box;" > - beauty group public comment on the strategic cooperation, the two sides through user data and resource value will the aggregation of data exponentially amplified. The use of large data through the promotion of beauty group public comments, according to user search, browse, buy online payment track, understand the user's consumption preference and price level, frequented place or district, the establishment of user demand model clear, provide the basis for matching business advertising. So, through the promotion of businesses, users can push him more in line with consumer scene advertising; for users, businesses to push him is not only advertising, but also useful consumer information, can refer to. The advantage of this model is that the realization of the value of commercial advertising at the same time, to ensure that the natural search results reveal, do not hurt the user experience.

< section class= "tn-Powered-by-XIUMI" style= "box-sizing: border-box;" > for example, users to search the nearby coffee shop, beauty group - public comment according to the user in real time the location of the user, brand preference, as he recommended near the "diffuse coffee", but also according to user according to the number before the consumer price level, recommend nearby businesses and offers users love.

< section class= "tn-Powered-by-XIUMI" style= "box-sizing: border-box;" > I understand that in the promotion through the promotion in the league, and WeChat and QQ company the behavior of users in the past, idle away in seeking pleasure to chat online, as well as his trajectory, all dimensions of data tracking. For example, a user before ordering take out, through online tracking know he has been playing online games between 6 points to 10 points in the evening, then give him recommend a takeaway products, the conversion rate will be much higher than usual.

I think, this large data based on mobile advertising products in the future will be the mainstream choice of advertisers. The reason is that the mobile Internet special value: where is the mobile Internet, in which attributes bundled mobile Internet and accurate "people, time, place, behavior" will be the birth of the traditional Internet can not realize the value, but only a mobile phone, the screen itself is too small, the mobile terminal advertising is the scarcity of resources, advertising must be in the user experience, business ROI, to find a balance between platform three to get revenue. But I speculate that the promotion of the emergence of the pass, has let the balance to accelerate the arrival of.

Third, can help businesses achieve the maximum effectiveness of advertising investment promotion, flexible adjustment of budgets.
here in the advertising effect maximization can have two levels of understanding, first of all, is to maximize the exposure of resources. In the United States - public comment after the advertising system to get through, the use of the promotion of the business, just for a launch, you can get from the U.S. group - the public comment on the two platforms of high-quality advertising resources.
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Second, is advertising effect the budget can be adjusted and controlled. Promotion through the advertising model is that only when the user clicks on the shop or service after the system will automatically generate deduction. Businesses can not only monitor the effect of advertising, but also flexibly adjust the advertising budget at any time and at any time according to the effect, to ensure maximum input and output. For the transformation effect through the promotion, a well-known restaurant chain in Taiwan as an example, through the promotion of its ROI (return on investment) reached 10-11, that is, through the promotion of investment, 1 yuan to store advertising, can bring 10 yuan of water.

summary: for businesses, precision marketing is to rely on big data analysis of consumer. For example, the country's largest electronic business platform - the Alibaba is also trying to big data marketing, through the analysis of the background mass of users shopping data, thousands of thousands of faces, the ad precise push. In the local life consumption, beauty group - public comment has been gradually established ecological O2O advertising, through the promotion of businesses through online to shop with a passenger, the user search, browsing, booking, menu, group purchase, payment, buy flash Hui write comments and other acts more and more offline to line up user behavior, track record more and more advertising will be more accurate, to ensure optimal unified user experience, business ROI and three party platform.
if you want to know more information through the promotion, please stamp
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