Be careful! When these chemicals are on fire, do not use water to put out the fire.


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by burning must have some basic conditions that the basic principle is to destroy the fire to stop the combustion reaction of the combustion conditions. The basic principle for the following four aspects:

1.: general cooling fire One of the conditions that can be sustained by the combustion is that they are at a temperature of fire or heat. Therefore, the general combustible fire, fuel cooled to its ignition or flash point below the combustion reaction will be discontinued. The fire extinguishing mechanism of water is mainly cooling. Style= white-space: "normal

2. choking fire: all kinds of fuel combustion must be carried out at the minimum oxygen concentration, otherwise the combustion can not continue to carry out. Therefore, by reducing the oxygen concentration around the combustion can play a role in the fire. Commonly used carbon dioxide, nitrogen, water vapor and other fire extinguishing mechanism is mainly the role of suffocation. Style= white-space: "normal

3. isolation fire: the fuel and the fire or oxygen isolation, the reaction will be automatically suspended combustion. The fire, close the valve, cut off the flow of fire zone of combustible gas and liquid channel; open the valve, to have combustion vessel or combustible liquid container is threatened by the fire in the pipeline through guide to safe areas are isolation fire extinguishing measures. Style= white-space: "normal

4. chemical suppression fire extinguishing: is the use of fire extinguishing agent and chain reaction intermediate free radical reaction, so that the burning of the chain reaction interrupted so that combustion can not be sustained. The main fire extinguishing mechanism of dry powder fire extinguishing agent and fire extinguishing agent is the chemical inhibition effect. Style= white-space: "normal

some of the following chemicals:

1, the alkali metals

is the alkali metal elements in the periodic table of the elements of metal elements in the first column, referred to as lithium, sodium or potassium or rubidium or cesium, francium. This kind of metal is very active in chemical property, oxygen in air at room temperature and can react violently burning under the condition of heating, and water will rapidly react to form hydrogen and release a lot of heat, even igniting the hydrogen explosion.


; calcium carbide calcium carbide chemical name (chemical formula CaC2), white crystal, industrial products for the black block, is an important basic chemical raw materials, mainly used to produce combustible gas acetylene, non combustible, but in response, severe water acetylene and release a lot of heat. Acetylene is easy to react with oxygen in the air to release a lot of heat.


chemical formula C6H15Al or Al (C2H5) 3. Colorless liquid, mainly used in organic synthesis, also used as rocket fuel. Chemical nature of the active, can be in the air in spontaneous combustion, the reaction of water to produce a combustible gas and emit a lot of heat, will cause the explosion.

4, a lower density than water and water insoluble flammable liquid

is common gasoline, kerosene, vegetable oil and benzene in the kitchen, such items as the nature of a lower density than water and insoluble in water, burning if put out with water and often ineffective and even lead to the spread of fire. If a small amount of vegetable oil in the combustion available lid off. />

above the part of the water to fight the fire of chemicals, because of the special nature of these chemicals, fighting methods are very complex. If there is a fire in the warehouse for such chemicals, it must be the first time to notify the fire department, and to inform the type and quantity of the chemicals stored.

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