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Marathon invitation letter Beijing hacker

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distinguished developer:

2015 TechCrunch International Innovation Summit in June this year, the ShangHai Railway Station < > ending success on the west coast of Shanghai Art Center, as the internationalization, the Silicon Valley model of the top entrepreneurs party, TechCrunch in November will shock return to Beijing. Then, point technology will be combined with TechCrunch, jointly organized the conference, and Hackathon as part of a rehearsal of the conference, with this hacking contest blew like a raging fire.

Hackathon TC Disrupt conference is one of the classic "color: style= team within 24 hours of product planning and development, and finally to the public display of works, and by a panel of experts selected the outstanding project. us for this contest has invited a number of large enterprises to judge, there will also be they set a special prize waiting for you.

as the hacker marathon official only code hosting platform, GitCafe invites you to share with us the developers

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: from now on 20 March -10

registration" Olor: RGB (32, 32, 32); font-family: Helvetica; font-size: 13px; line-height: 24px; background-color: RGB (255, 255, 255); ">:TechCrunch

color: RGB stage :10.21-10.30
by login TC official website registration success, successfully passed the audit The team will have the opportunity to arrive at Hackathon site , the judges selected the winning team.


: according to the final evaluation smoothly through the sea election team, and select 5 groups of top team awards.

all successful contestants submit project from the TC

challenge task -1:PSA Peugeot Citroen
challenge: the Internet of things has been popularized gradually in people's lives, , to create the most talented and innovative thinking of the Internet car project. How will you use data? What can you do to solve the problem? The use of

: the task reward the winners will receive $20000 cash prize +PSA hatching plans (worth $50000). also presented each participant 1 PSA hacker marathon custom t-shirt.

RGB (32, 32, 32); font-family: Helvetica; line-height: 24px; white-space: normal; background-color: RGB (255, 255, 255" span "/><); style= font-family: Helvetica; line-height: 24px; color: RGB (0, 128, 0); font-size: 16px; background-c Olor: RGB (255, 255, 255); ">1, intellectual property and confidentiality agreement
we respect teams in the hacker marathon during the creation of all project. team can be used freely according to their own wishes, domination.
; participants must sign the relevant agreement in the APIs 2015TechCrunch />Hackathon site

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you can individual entry together with other people or teams.
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demo program you must demonstrate your program. Don't be afraid if you don't finish...... Never mind that,
the jury will be composed of representatives from experts and organizers and sponsors and at the end of the event, will be selected prize and special prize winning team. The number of members of if you have a strong willingness to participate but no suitable buddy, and selected the team and individual final competition.

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the hacker loose all code needs to be submitted to the GitCafe, GitCafe provides a mature platform for the project's activities including" managed code "and" project collaboration project shows" Demo demo "and other functions, help better accomplish its development and project presentation form.

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judges will judge all the scoring system of GitCafe platform, which includes" the quality of the code "

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invited partner:

other partners:

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we in Beijing waiting for you to come! Class= P1 "

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