The NAO robot hit off the marathon second wave swept through the Empire, "the king of battle" smoke again! - set the public imagination, creative dance

Marathon robot creativity

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2015 "in August 2nd, set the public imagination," font-size: 14px style= " NAO creative robot programming marathon hit off the ShangHai Railway Station, continues to go through 5 days of game perfect ending. The 17 team through the struggle for NAO day in and day out, in the field of intelligent Home Furnishing, health care, daily life, entertainment, communication, academic research, the creation of new ideas, agreed by all the judges and the audience of the spectators. The contestants, the harvest is not only the result of the competition, but during the game and many guests gathered together, encourage each other to explore and learn each other. This is the "set the public imagination," font-size: style= dance " center! Following the ShangHai Railway Station, Beijing future battles, this would be a "king of war", let us look forward to the strongest appear "King"!

set the public imagination, creative dance

is now facing the country hit off a hero, waiting for you to fight!

NAO Aldebaran Robotics French robot is a robot of artificial intelligence. It has a cool appearance, with a higher level of artificial intelligence, to interact with the human kind, is currently the world academic field with the most extensive humanoid robot. NAO supports a variety of programming methods, allowing users to explore a variety of practical applications, has attracted a large number of developers worldwide. By hosting the NAO robot hit off the programming marathon, we hope to provide a direct contact with the country hit off the world's top robot hardware and software development environment for learning and communication platform, give full play to the ability to achieve a guest of creativity and technology, for the NAO robot and even the entire service robot industry faster into the practical, into the family and life everyday a force.

Beijing (detailed address in the audit after that, a specialist

10 30 + opening training guide to

10 the 31 day programming Marathon

11 1 programming marathon open competitions, awards

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from the NAO robot in real life and the commercial application perspective, encourage design innovation, form is not restricted, teams are free to play. The use of NAO robot programming games unified control and practice of debugging, from the innovative and practical and interesting directions for creative programming, such as: the development of new human-computer interaction program, NAO robot in daily life applications and other intelligent hardware such as iPhone, iPad, NAO and smart wristbands and other cooperative work, face recognition, speech recognition applications. Style= white-space: "normal >

NAO robot programming marathon as an international tour events, open, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and international creative team registration.

1, the team a total of 20 groups

2, 3-4

3, members must be over 12 years of age and above

4, academic and professional team the

contestants welfare

1 provide free training, the development of artificial intelligence course

2, have the opportunity to use the value of 180 thousand yuan for the development of intelligent robot

3, winner can get bonuses

deadline: October 22, 2015

click on the lower left corner of the" reading "registration, prediction is successful, please sign the basic information (team name, team name, contact, email, technical background) is sent to, the organizers will be screened on the registration personnel, the conformity of the staff will receive phone call

Tel: 13592531201021-34185000

newspaper players should prepare the computer and programming tools

you want to become the strongest" King "? As long as you want, you can do it. To participate in this event, to become the strongest style= font-size: "14px is not just a dream.

sign players to bring their own computer and programming tools

Click on the bottom left "read"

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