30 bold thoughts on China's future business model


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now China transformation can even change rapidly, king. But eventually, when you begin to pay attention to the change of nature, rather than the results of transformation. You will be more and more profound understanding of the stock of the regular wave.

7, Chinese industry chain is to counter attack. Before it is the first production and consumption: Producer - Dealer - consumer. The future must be the first consumer reproduction: consumers - the designer - producer. Therefore, the traditional dealer of this group will disappear, but can be converted into a product according to the idea of consumers will be a large number of designers. />
9, China commercial competition has experienced lots of fans: - flow - three stages, the real estate business is the location, the traditional Internet business is traffic, since the media business is fans. And the future is the influence and appeal of the dispute, the core of the fans of the moment linkage is the future of commercial gravitational waves". />
23, the rule of law is the rule of man, the highest level of men is no cure. What is no cure? That rely on the interests of the association of mutual checks and balances in the Internet era, everyone has a connection with the outside world, depending on the connection point, each person's situation will directly bind their behavior, greed, laziness, ignorance of human nature as the negative, will be natural restraint.

24, China commercial theme within the next ten years will cannot do without "cross-border Internet", to Internet plus basis, between different industry mutual penetration, merger, combination, to form a new commercial superstructure. This is the "cross border war," a book described in the book (published on the market). Different formats will be checks and balances, and eventually reach a state of balance, so as to form a new business ecosystem.

25, China improvement of future society, cannot do without a group of "originality": that is the man of the earth. For example, artisans, designers, programmers, writers, writers, artists and so on, because the Internet has made the social framework is completed, the rest is the soul of filling! So even ordinary jobs, their social status will be promoted, will gain respect. />
29, Chinese wealth has experienced: food stamps (spend power) - deposit (digital cash), real estate (fixed assets) - valuation (virtual wealth) four stages, the future must be in the form of wealth or market valuation, tends to be virtual and abstract, just a number. How much money do you have, it doesn't mean that you can easily spend the money, but you have the power to control the money, how much wealth means to mobilize the size of the resources. Investigate its essence, is the whole society more and more shared, open, public.

30, China will build a great "super Internet Co", BAT bag, through effective collaboration and industry segments, all kinds of resources to optimize the allocation of society, including a variety of large and small, the corners of the parts, do not waste a screw, do not give up a soul, big circulation the whole society to create value and absorption. />

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