Need to spend half a year of major projects, the premier league schedule is how to arrange?

Premier League schedule project

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2016-17 Premier League season in August 13th opened the curtain, but in fact, as early as June 15th, the new Premier League fixtures have been announced in early. Surely you must be curious about how the Premier League fixtures are arranged? />

seemingly simple schedule, in fact, is a need to spend nearly half a year's major projects, involving a variety of details.

usually at the beginning of the year, the Premier League next season schedule work already started, the Premier League will first make a date for the game table, first remove the FIFA in this the date in international matches, Champions League Cup match of the day, the rest of the date, then Lie Yingchao, FA Cup, League Cup race in England.

, a scheduling rule

team any 5 consecutive games must be 3 or 2 main and 2 guest host 3 guests, there are 3 or more than 3 games playing consecutive away games home court or any team not.

during the Christmas season, if the festival is to play a team at home, the new year's day, the team will go to play in the game. Each team will try to balance the number of times and the home and away games on Saturday.

many teams have rivals or the same area of Derby, then need to consider the time schedule when the home court to avoid conflict, such as city rivals Manchester United and Manchester City, Everton and Liverpool. And as a result of the new season, there are five English Premier League team, the situation is more complex.

the season third round race


around March, the Premier League clubs to send a form, collect the question: whether what day do not want for home court game? Boxing day hope to face the opponent? Boxing day does not want to play against which team?

schedule can not meet all the requirements of the club, for those who are unable to meet the requirements of the Premier League will try to meet the needs of the main club. The actual situation is that most of the requirements of each season, the club will often be met.

in Liverpool for example, released in June 15th of the race, the Red Army should return home court against burnley. However, due to Enfield's grandstand expansion has not been completed, Liverpool and Burnley must be the second round of consultation, will be moved to Burnley home court. As a result, Liverpool at the start of the season will even play three away, and the twenty-eighth round into a home court game against Burnley.

A Sen This season the Premier League


usually takes 2 days to check the schedule, ensure to meet all requirements. The computer will play a role in this stage, once a game time needs to be adjusted, the computer will directly select the right date, rangingand one adjustment often means that there are other games should be adjusted.

all league, FA and fans union representatives in the race will be established before and after the meeting, determine the schedule in some key matches, such as the opener, christmas. />

in terms of transportation, review to ensure that the fans of multiple teams from the same area on the same day are on the same railway or highway route. Boxing day and new year's war schedule will be calculated by the computer, as far as possible to the team's travel distance to the shortest possible. />

Liverpool this season, the Premier League

four, time changes in two factors of

with the season, the Premier League the schedule has been changed, mainly affected by domestic and international competitions and television's two major factors.

the Champions League and UEFA Cup is in the middle of the week, the official Premier League will arrange European fixtures in the UEFA after adjustment for the weekend time. The influence of the Europa League on schedule, because most of the Games were scheduled for Thursday night, we must ensure that these teams plenty of time to rest. So in general, attending the Europa League team this week Premier League on Sunday. />

in addition to the UEFA Champions league tournament, the FA Cup and the League Cup will also lead to changes in the Premier League. The FA Cup semi-final and the final of the League Cup are scheduled for the weekend, so the League will have to be postponed. This is why every second half of the season, there will always be less than one or more teams one or two teams. />

in addition, the premier league schedule will be adjusted according to the interests of broadcasters. In general, these changes will be announced in advance of five to six weeks. Top ranked teams are often more likely to be affected by the impact of the factors, Ferguson as early as 2011, has publicly condemned the practice of television broadcasters in order to benefit from the schedule.

Manchester United this season, the Premier League

five, 2016-17 Premier League top seven small league fixtures

defending champion Leicester the city and six other despots - A Senna, Tottenham, Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, totaling more than 42 field" Seven Little League "most attention. The distribution of the Premier League for these matches is very uniform, almost every round will have their battle, the search of football lists for these specific rounds against you:

first round 2016.8.13 & nbsp;   vs

the second round of the 2016.8.20     vs; Leicester

third round 2016.8.27     vs; Liverpool

fourth round 2016.9.10     vs; Liverpool, Leicester; vs Manchester City

fifth 2016.9.17     Chelsea vs Liverpool  

sixth round 2016.9.24     vs; Chelsea vs Manchester United arsenal; Leicester  

seventh round 2016.10.1     vs

eighth round 2016.10.15   Chelsea vs vs in Liverpool; Leicester;

ninth 2016.10.22  

tenth round 2016.10.29   vs Leicester

eleventh round 2016.11.5   VS  

twelfth 2016.11.19   A Sen VS Manchester United Nano  

thirteenth round 2016.11.26   Chelsea VS  

fourteenth round 2016.12.3   VS  

fifteenth round 2016.12.10   Leicester VS Manchester City; Manchester VS Tottenham  

seventeenth round 2016.12.17   VS  

< br Arsenal Manchester; />

nineteenth round 2016.12.31   VS

twentieth round 2017.1.2     VS

twenty-first round 2017.1.14   Leicester city VS Chelsea VS

twenty-second round 2017.1.21   VS  

twenty-third round 2017.2.1     VS; Liverpool

twenty-fourth round 2017.2.4     Chelsea VS Arsenal; Leicester city VS

twenty-fifth 2017.2.11   Liverpool VS  

twenty-sixth round 2017.2.25   Leicester city VS Liverpool VS

twenty-seventh round 2017.3.4     Liverpool Arsenal VS  

twenty-eighth round 2017.3.11   Arsenal VS Leicester city  

twenty-ninth round 2017.3.18   VS  

thirtieth round 2017.4.1     VS

thirty-first round 2017.4.5     VS;     Chelsea Manchester;

thirty-third round 2017.4.15   VS

thirty-fourth round 2017.4.22   VS

thirty-fifth 2017.4.29   VS's


thirty-sixth round 2017.5.6     VS;  

thirty-seventh round 2017.5.13   VS Manchester; Leicester city; VS

< br />

it is the official only preliminary schedule arrange the kick-off time will be adjusted according to demand and other events broadcast time conflict situation.

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