Jing Bairan Ni Ni live together agent: Spring Festival is good

Jing Bairan agent

yulebanbianjibu· 2016-08-24 16:45:23

3 3 days late at night, Ni Ni took the scene after the car came to Jing Bairan live in the district. 4 afternoon, Jing Bairan went out in black, until the early morning to return to the district. That night, Ni Ni again appeared in the work area, more direct credit card into the Jing Bairan live unit, did not leave until the morning.

for this relationship, the two sides have to admit brokers. Jing Bairan broker said, two is the Spring Festival together, but their personalities are more low-key, so low-key exchanges, "as a team we wish, because two people are familiar with each other's good friend, hope they can go together very well." Ni Ni broker also said that two people from the spring festival began to try to contact, I hope you can give both some space, a lot of blessings.

Jing Bairan Ni Ni two people have worked with the film, and so on the wind and so on. Style= text-align:center "

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Jing Bairan Ni Ni live together agent: Spring Festival is good

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