Ali pictures to build their own theater! Want to be second Wanda?

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8 Sept. 11 news, the recent pictures of Ali is preparing to enter the real cinema, seeking more line of discourse Right. In addition to this form of investment alone, but also the holding of the theater, the future is likely to self built theater.

once Ali pictures of the theater business can really develop, so it can form Ali pictures from the production, to distribution, to the whole industry chain vertical projection, become after Wanda, the film industry's second big macs.

source: Sina / Xu Wen, Zhang Lei; South Korea Airlines

aliying preparing to enter the real cinema, want more right to speak

8 Sept. 11, prior to the investment test after the theater," pictures are preparing to enter the real cinema, seeking more offline discourse. in addition to the simple investment in this form, but also the holding of the theater, the future is likely to self built theater.

it is reported that at present, in several regional theater operator of Shanghai and Chongqing to Zhejiang, and has pictures of Ali talks, involving capital injection, scene docking technology. Previously, the regional media reported that the Great Wall Academy of fine arts and fertile lines have Guangyu Ali pictures signed a cooperation agreement.

aliying seek more line voice

Ali pictures are no longer satisfied with the simple film producer, is seeking to expand their line of discourse. In fact, earlier, Ali pictures has invested over the line of traditional cinema. In May 9th this year, Ali pictures announced, through a subsidiary for the theater 1 billion yuan of convertible bonds. The subscription agreement, Ali pictures can be within the agreed time limit will be turned to the bond principal earth theater equity investment. Exercise right after the exchange, Ali pictures will indirectly hold Guangdong earth (earth theater Affiliated Companies) about 4.76% of the enlarged share.

announced that after the completion of the acquisition, the two sides will conduct film marketing and promotion of cooperation, as well as the joint development of the film market and related e-commerce business.

according to the investment bank said, " Ali pictures will use its own funds to participate directly in the cinema industry investment, including holding shares or self import theater and cinema, seeking through mergers and acquisitions to achieve rapid scale maximization.

at present, Ali pictures has set up a special theater building and operation departments in the company structure, and in the third party platform recruitment recruitment theater design experts, the job requirements in theater project planning and design conditions demonstration, project design and management.

pictures of Ali eager to reached the cinema line, also saw the Line Cinema strong position.

see Wanda Group advantage

for example, the current cinema investment in the next line of the largest Wanda Group, now on the domestic entity cinema control hasacceptance. Previously, Wanda Group with a $2 billion 600 million global ranking second in the American cinema AMC 100% stake in the company, and recently, Wanda has been successful acquisition of U.S. AMC cinemas announced to 921 million pounds acquisition of the first European theaters - Odeon & UCI.

and the acquisition once approved by the European Union, means that Wanda in North America, China and Europe, the three largest film market will occupy a leading position.

in the last month, Wanda studios also because the line cinema is strong, has been a movie accused of Huayi Brothers investment ban, although this distance between Wanda cinema said three days over the weekend, Wanda cinema's studios all has the film ranked piece, more than the average daily schedule 500, " but can be seen under the line of cinema film row piece of choice, to influence or even control a movie at the box office.

at the same time, in addition to Wanda, we can see that Baidu also extends the film business to the next line. Public data shows, Baidu spent HK $150 million stake in stellar holdings, and the depth of the binding of the star. Stellar will be through the capital market, capital and mortgage with Baidu theater and other ways to raise public finance expansion plan by the end of the expansion to 180 cinemas, theaters.

Ali pictures to become second Wanda?

if Ali pictures really want to access to the theater investment operations, so the aliying cannot be said to be a great risk. In the final analysis, the theater is a kind of heavy assets, whether it is buying to build their own theater, or rent a mall in the location of the need for the transformation of the huge capital investment.

and all of this is not from the Internet started aliying best.

but still want to invest Ali pictures theater, this might be because the cinema business itself role. Once Ali Pictures film to the cinema, so their nature will give some convenience in a row piece. On the other hand, has a strong cinema also can enhance the dispersing ability and Ali pictures, as the chips to get to participate in a number of high-quality film project opportunities. />

become second Wanda?

in fact, once Ali pictures of the theater business can really develop, so it can form Ali pictures from the production, to distribution, to the whole industry chain vertical projection, become after Wanda, the film industry second big mac.

all this makes China film industry now looks like the Hollywood in 1930s, when the studio is all this big mac. By a monopoly, they can reduce the cost of the film, the average cost of each film in 1947 was only $732 thousand, while net income increased to $1 million 600 thousand. They therefore have a good day for many years, until 1948 was sentenced to paramount antitrust, after the Hollywood studios are not allowed in the theater business. />

half a month ago, Ali pictures issued a profit warning, said that because the ticket Amoy marketing spending to June 2016 six months, Ali pictures is expected to be a loss of 4 to 450 million yuan. If we count the investment theater business required to spend money, then aliying may be a period of time in the future earnings is not too good.

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