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editor's note: two months ago, the geek (micro signal: GeekChoice) Once with you in the first time to share the Bose's new wireless headset noise QuietComfort 35 (QC35) use experience, click this link to view the .

two months later, QC35's country line version has been officially listed ($2888), its people around to buy" color: up more gradually. As for the headset itself, geek choice has created some new understanding, so in this paper a more complete evaluation of the article.

many manufacturers have launched the headset audio noise, but the Bose product is absolutely accepted the highest degree. But compared to the domestic manufacturers (especially mobile phone manufacturers), Bose products change speed is slow enough, a head mounted noise reduction headset QC25 released in September 2014, after nearly two years to bring this new product: QC35.

in the past two years, QC25 has excellent noise reduction effect is "Dabian the invincible hand". But there is no denying that it has some limitations, such as the power supply of 7 battery can not be charged at any time, and the cable headset configuration does not meet the needs of all people.

"+" is a noise reduction Bluetooth best partner

Bluetooth headset can help us get rid of the shackles of the wire, for noise reduction headset common travel will be more valuable to use the scene said. I believe many people have encountered a crowded bus or plane when the headset is linked to, or embarrassing situations a nap when his pull to headset line...... With QC35 you can bid farewell to these problems, "Bluetooth + noise reduction" is the best partner in the journey. Style= box-sizing: "border-box margin:; 1.4em 20px

and QC25, QC35 is to control the noise reduction mode switch through the buttons on the headset, but due to the addition of the Bluetooth function, this button has also been given the " Bluetooth / Bluetooth devices function. At the same time the original remote control function can also be transferred to the headset at the QC35 side to see three ear independent keys, are responsible for the adjust volume, play / pause music / wake voice assistant and call line-height: 1.7rem; box-sizing: border-box; "> the answer / end call .

QC35 in ear side can also see a NFC logo, it is another new feature -- a touch can be connected with mobile phone. In theory, the "handshake" of NFC can be done more quickly with the Bluetooth connection.

note that the Bluetooth QC35 does not support any high quality. Including Qualcomm's aptX, aptX-Lossless, and advocated by SONY LDAC. Although Bose's products are not the main sound quality, these technologies also need to play the device support, but consider this is a 2000 file Bluetooth headset, or make people feel a little pity.

QC35 button, display interface (source: Bose official website" box-sizing: border-box style=

QC35 to built-in lithium battery. The QC35 has three modes of operation, reduction in life time is not the same: "

- wired mode (noise reduction Bluetooth off / off) - equivalent to ordinary

- Cable noise (noise reduction mode on / off Bluetooth) - a life time of 40 hours

- wireless mode noise (noise reduction / blue tooth open) - a life time of 20 hours

and QC25's life time is 35 hours, and QC35's "cable noise reduction mode" almost. It should be noted that the QC35 turn on the Bluetooth can not be closed after the noise reduction, so the life time is shortened to 20 hours. But rest assured, this time will be enough to support any long distance flights on earth.

noise is still strong, finally do not have to worry about wasting electricity

noise reduction effect is QC35 on the body" most proud ", it is the best you could buy civilian noise reduction headset. In view of the noise reduction effect of QC25 has been very good, so leave the space to enhance the QC35 is not much, but the latter is to reduce the noise of the latter when the ear of the "pressure" to reduce a lot.

plane noise reduction headset and a typical application scenario, but I believe there are a lot of people just open the switch and no noise music -- because once more adapt to this quiet environment, it is not difficult to wear the headset. For people who travel frequently, QC35 will become a weapon of travel ".

before did not specify that the noise canceling principle of QC35. Current noise reduction headphones can be divided into passive and active noise reduction - the former is through the physical way to "block the ear", the latter is the use of digital signals "active". Have two to capture the environmental noise in the Bose ear microphone inside and outside, they will two chip digital noise signals to correspond to the left and right ear, after calculating the noise elimination of signal generation and reverse, and then superimposed with the original audio signal can achieve the effect of noise reduction.

there is a misunderstanding, we talk about the noise reduction effect of Bose does not mean that it can be "good" in fact can be completely soundproof, is for the low frequency noise filtering, direct correspondence is all kinds of traffic tools and the roar of the engine.

it is worth mentioning that, as with the   when QC35 phone or mobile phone to activate voice assistant, headset while preserving the noise reduction effect of the voice the frequency bands of sound in (somewhat similar to the ear noise reduction headset QC20   Aware  Mode). We all know that people can not help but increase the voice when wearing headphones, this feature will be able to avoid the voice of your speech is too noisy to others.

QC25 users must have had to forget off the battery runs out of the "dilemma" because it is completely dependent on the switch noise of a physical button, the headset itself does not have any power saving strategies. The Bose has brought a new product called "Connect Bose" of the mobile phone terminal app, and finally can set the headset automatic shutdown time...... In addition, the app can also achieve increase or decrease in volume, the management of paired devices and other operations.

as to the sound quality, QC35 is not a pursuit of sound quality of the headset, but it "listening" may be beyond everyone's expectations. Most of our songs are not quiet at this time "hear" than the "excellent" sound better around the ears and felt. There is also a need to pay attention to before and after the switch QC35 sound performance has a more obvious difference, because the noise reduction mode will be processed by DSP, the specific performance of the sound field is narrow, but the voice is more prominent.

compared to QC25, QC35 also joined the named "volume-optimized EQ" characteristics and it can make headset can guarantee the outstanding performance in any sound volume. To sum up, the performance of the QC35 in the sound quality will not let you down.

appearance low-key many accessories, almost did not change

QC25 design with color matching, only limited edition is all black, while QC35 is currently only two black and silver color version. At least 5 different materials were used in the part of QC35, and Bose kept them in a unified tone as much as possible.

frankly, color design make QC35 less "smart" feeling, but more calm and low-key. Although the aesthetic Different people, different views. but such change, really meet the audience's taste Bose.  

in the headset, QC35 is not a light weight (309g), but the material of the elegant and larger space surrounded by the earmuffs and let it wear a long time will not give ear too much burden. One detail, QC35 beam near the head part of the skin using a synthetic material Alcantara (touch similar to suede), it feels very soft but not greasy feeling that artificial leather. For long haul flights, these tiny details are quite evident in the sense of wearing.

accessories, and QC35 is almost the same as the previous generation of products, including the same bag aviation headset adapter, line, just because of the increase of Bluetooth function added a charging line.

QC35 Accessories Show (source: Bose official website)

< P style= "box-sizing: border-box; margin: 1.4em 20px; line-height: 1.7rem; color: RGB (40, 40, 40);" > although many manufacturers have a storage bag the traditional, but this quality Bose don't know what to say. And thanks to the headset itself can be folded, the flat storage package will not take up too much space inside the space.

present best buy "box-sizing: border-box style=

Bose's most successful is that it does not want to launch a perfect "full function type" headset, it is only the noise a function point to the extreme, it has been recognized by everyone. I have investigated friends around the use of Bose noise reduction headphones, they often use the headset at least two to three. But as long as the business will be installed in the bag Bose.

QC35 the price is 2888 yuan, compared with $349.95 in the International Edition the price (about 2324 yuan), 500 yuan price difference or to accept the. If you are not bad money, direct buy country line version is a time saving and labor saving option.

although digital products "buy new old" do not buy, but between QC35 and QC25 are not perfect substitutes. In fact, now QC25 is still Bose  in the sale of products, but also in the noise reduction of working time and can be used to choose the color has a certain advantage. And if you don't need wireless, QC25 is still a better choice (and now the price is right).

we are talking about those who can bring happiness to the science and technology products, full automatic washing machine, dishwasher, sweeping robot often think of these "liberation" labor force equipment. But having a quiet, comfortable living environment is not a happy thing? Style= box-sizing: "border-box margin:; 1.4em 20px

a quiet environment is worth your money, QC35 is the best choice for the moment.

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