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360 Q5 style= box-sizing: border-box margin: 1.4em 20px; line-height:; 1.7rem; color: RGB (40, 40, 40); text-align: left;" > in the past one or two years, intelligent mobile phone sales gradually from high growth growth into maturity, market growth is slowing down, "revolutionary product innovation" has become increasingly difficult.

this led to the current market for smart mobile phone products showed two distinct trends: thousand machines are getting better and better, the flagship machine more and more boring. especially on hand resources is limited compared to the domestic brand flagship mobile phone, basically in a "you have I have you", the brand is very difficult to find the difference obviously in their own products. Style= box-sizing: "border-box margin:; 1.4em 20px

"flagship" enough hardware configuration "box-sizing: border-box

according to the Convention, we take a look at Q5 Plus's hardware configuration, we pay attention to standard dark place.

  • SoC: Qualcomm snapdragon 820 (highest frequency 2.15GHz)

  • : 4GB / 6GB LPDDR4

  • running memory built-in memory: 128GB, maximum support Micro SD card expansion (take up a SIM card slot)

  • screen:

  • rear camera: double 13 million pixel S5K2M8 sensor, Samsung , f/2.0 aperture, phase focusing, no optical image stabilization

  • front camera: 13 million pixels, IMX258 sensor, f/2.0 aperture. Before The lights

  • size: 156.6 * 80 * 8.3 mm weight:

  • 175g

  • system: 360 OS 2 (Android based 6.0.1)

  • battery capacity: 3700 MAH

  • power adapter: maximum power of about 20W (9V, 2.2A), Qualcomm QC3.0

  • mobile network support dual sim card" or "full Netcom, and other

  • card slot: no NFC, no IR, USB Type-C

  • official price: 2599 yuan (4GB memory), 2799 yuan (6GB memory)

2.5D front glass, full metal body integration, AMOLED screen, narrow frame and fast fingerprint identification module (in the North), Xiaolong 820, "4GB + 128GB", storage battery, fast charging...... These have become the "standard" domestic flagship Q5 Plus a lot.

Samsung Note7 (left) and Q5 Plus (right)

but used to see the recent launch of the" flagship "of many domestic, we should have been on the above parameters" immune ". Fortunately, Plus Q5 is not only the "flagship" configuration, in the "security" of the "old line", Plus Q5 has done some quite interesting attempt.

"built-in" style= "security encryption chip

and some time ago, Jin launched M6 / M6 is similar to Plus, 360 Q5 Plus has built-in security encryption chip independent.

360 said, security encryption chip Q5 Plus is built with Obert, Infineon development cooperation, reached the safety standards of CC EAL5+, is currently the "bank card, smart card chip highest certification grade".

with certification details and working principle we do not discuss, if everyone interested can go to 360 on the official website to see, here introduces several Q5 Plus functions.

"encrypted phone" and "

in addition to the regular telephone and SMS function, Q5 Plus also built the "encryption" and "telephone" encrypted SMS two more "safe" communication.

at the press conference, Zhou Hongyi said, "Q5 Plus" using the data encryption telephone channel exclusive, can do the whole data encryption. In the use of "encrypted phone", can be set to not let the other use, can only use the phone answer, do not allow recording, can even set in after the phone call, automatically remove the call records.

"encrypted SMS" function similar to this, in addition to the full data encryption, user can use SMS settings to "burn after reading", and can be withdrawn at any time. ".

it is due to the bottom of the system permissions, "encryption" and "telephone" encrypted messages are limited to 360 mobile phone, a mobile phone can not be used instead of 360.

in third party app

in WeChat, micro-blog, WhatsApp etc. These 360 cannot control the third party communication app, 360 also provides an encryption scheme, the principle is to use the input method" plaintext "to" ciphertext ".

for example, in the use of WeChat send message (Figure 1) finish, message, click the input on the upper right corner of the "T" sign, 360 mobile phone will automatically select information, and automatically converted into a ciphertext (Figure two), received encrypted information, duplicate messages (Figure three), "" will automatically decrypt input dialog box in the original information (Figure four).

in addition, because this function is realized by the input method, Android only need to install 360 mobile phone input method can also achieve the palm of the hand.


in addition to conventional the desktop, Q5 Plus has a "private" system function.

this system and the conventional desktop built here is completely independent, telephone, SMS, etc. app camera system, record calls and text messages generated and photographs in the conventional desktop is not found to the.

in addition, users can also used app transfer to the "private" system after the transfer, conventional desktop will not see these app. For WeChat, micro-blog and other social software, you can also use the application of avatar, put one on conventional desktop, one on the "private" system.

the user can set a separate fingerprint into "private" system, such as using the index set to unlock enter the normal desktop, use the finger to unlock access to "private" system. Interestingly, this feature is not an entry on a regular desktop, and can only be triggered when the fingerprint is read to the private system. Style= box-sizing: "border-box margin:; 1.4em 20px

mobile phone stolen how to do?

first, Q5 Plus was unable to shut down in the state of the lock screen, it is necessary to verify the fingerprint to unlock the normal shutdown. After the thief stole the phone, the first time can not be shut down, so as to fight for the follow-up time.

mobile phone is lost, users can log on the web side 360 cloud services then the remote mobile phone to set a false alarm, in this case, the thief often subconsciously have to turn off the alarm clock, in a flash off, Q5 Plus will automatically use the front camera to take a picture and send it back. Style= box-sizing: "border-box margin:; 1.4em 20px

well, the thief can not shut down, then pull the phone card how to do? The most exaggerated part came......

in the thief pulled out mobile phone card, if not in 30 seconds to unlock the mobile phone, Q5 Plus will automatically lock the lock in the mobile phone, mobile phone hardware level, the system in data transmission the bottom forced disconnection of the USB interface, which can not ROOT, brush and other ways to force unlock.

although many other intelligent mobile phone has similar remote positioning and locking functions, but these functions consider so thorough, the 360 should be the only one. Style= box-sizing: "border-box

handle: unlike 6 inch large screen mobile phone

in addition to" security ", we talk about the mobile phone itself.

Q5 Plus screen size, even now, there is still a real "big screen". How to put a 6 inch mobile phone made easy to grip has become a major problem, but Q5 Plus in this regard is well done.

in large screen mobile phone, taking into account the problem of structural strength, it is difficult to control the border to very narrow, the frame can" Max "Happy Valley millet and glory NOTE8 is a living example. Style= box-sizing: "border-box Q5 although also used the "ID no border" design, but the border width control is very good, the official data is 2.7 mm.

Q5 Plus uses the "integration" of domestic flagship standard full metal body, sandblasting process and metal plastic strip antenna are good.

in order to let more fit the palm cover, Q5 Plus back on the design of a large arc , with the border is very narrow and smooth in front of the 2.5D glass, let Q5 Plus with and without a 6 inch giant screen "" mobile phone in the hand feeling.

is relative, after all, is a 6 inch screen mobile phone, single hand operation what don't think.

dual camera: easy to use but not stunning

filed a dual camera, probably a lot of people think of first is the HUAWEI P9, but before the P9, launched last year, 360 mobile phone version geeks have used "black and white" Dual Camera + color scheme. Style= box-sizing: "border-box margin:; 1.4em 20px

Q5 uses a dual camera design, one for the conventional color CMOS, one for black and white CMOS. CMOS model is from the Samsung S5K2M81300 million pixels, a single pixel size of 1.34 microns, matching the lens aperture is f/2.0.

Q5 Plus ZUK Z2 Pro in addition, use should also be a CMOS. According to our experience in Z2 Pro, S5K2M8 of the CMOS quality from the SONY IMX298 a slight gap, but it does not become a significant bottleneck, and the Q5 Plus with two S5K2M8.

Q5 Plus pixel front camera has reached 13 million pixels, CMOS IMX258, rear camera Pro and Charm Blue E red rice is also used in the star CMOS.

pull over parameters, here we have direct access to the real part of proofs.

daytime performance is not much to say, and most of the price of the domestic machine, the imaging quality of Q5 Plus good enough, no obvious focus, light what problem, enough.

in the night light is not sufficient, Q5 Plus still maintain a fast focus speed and high rate, and the basic one and 3 at the same level. But in the imaging quality, Q5 Plus can be said to the law-abiding.

Q5 Plus (left) and a 3 (right)

" Audi camera in our building to run a sub "link, Q5 Plus default exposure is not enough, the loss of details is much more, and one plus 3 compared to the gap is still obviously.

Q5 Plus (left) and Q5 Plus (right) night mode

Q5 Plus app camera also provides a night mode. After opening, the phone will prompt the default enabled Plus Q5 auxiliary black and white camera. In the night mode, the imaging quality of Q5 Plus has been significantly improved, photos of higher brightness, tolerance has also been significant progress, imaging performance has been very close to a 3 . But after opening night mode, Plus Q5 will lengthen the exposure time, the camera will have a significant decline in the rate of film. unless you hand particularly unstable or put the mobile phone three tripod, otherwise we do not suggest that you open the Q5 Plus night mode.

the following proofs is a similar case, Q5 Plus's performance is acceptable, but more than one plus 3 or less.

Q5 Plus

; like P9, Q5 Plus black and white camera can also be used alone to take black and white photos. Because the camera does not need to record the color information, Plus Q5 shoot out of the black and white photo details of a more rich, more texture. The following two pictures, the first is to use 360 Q5 Plus "black and white" shot, with a second plus 3 plus Lofter ink I filters, we can feel the difference picture.

Q5 Plus

; in addition, dual camera Q5 Plus can also simulate" as a single SLR "bokeh effect, practical effect, basic and red rice Pro, HUAWEI P9 almost, We have a small function when the "bonus".

Q5 Plus (left) and a 3 (right)

overall, Q5 Plus's camera part deserves a good evaluation. Imaging quality, although there is a distance between the highest level, but Plus Q5 reached the standard of domestic flagship, and the same use of dual camera HUAWEI P9 roughly at the same level. In the camera experience, Plus Q5 performance is also good enough, and more than a good use of the "black and white photography" function.

is worth buying? Style= box-sizing: "border-box margin:; 1.4em 20px

in addition to the appearance and camera, Plus Q5 there are several noteworthy details.

Q5 Plus is equipped with a Super from Samsung AMOLED screen, 6 inches 1080p resolution, setting standards, provides a number of eye, black and white color optional mode.

for the OLED screen, the pixel arrangement, 6 inch 1080p is not enough. practical experience, in the use of Q5 Plus to read the text, is easy to feel the screen "pixel", if all of the clarity of the screen "obsessive-compulsive disorder", recommended to look before buying. But in addition, Q5 Plus this screen look very good, brightness and color performance is very good.

in addition, although the big radian of back cover will affect the internal space utilization of mobile phone but, "with" 6 inch big screen, Q5 Plus battery capacity still maintained at 3700 mah. In our use of a few days, Plus Q5's life is better than one plus 3, roughly and 3600 Ma when the Samsung edge S7 at the same level, two days do not hold, one day enough. Style= box-sizing: "border-box margin:; 1.4em 20px

in addition to Plus Q5, 360 also released a 5.5 inch screen Q5. Compared to Q5 Plus, in addition to different screen sizes, Q5 in SoC (Xiaolong 652) and built-in storage (eMMC) slightly shrink.

Q5 is divided into standard and antibacterial version of the two versions, the latter used antibacterial metal body, the ordinary metal, priced at 1999 yuan and 2199 yuan, while a larger screen and higher configuration Q5 Plus is priced at 2599 yuan (4GB memory) and 2799 yuan (6GB memory), Q5 / storage capacity of the four versions of Q5 Plus are   128GB.

360   compared N4 and N4S; the two main cost-effective products, Q5 / Q5 Plus price is not so "burst", but also compared the main safety, but the configuration is much lower

and these products compared to Q5 Plus, the biggest advantage is its security features rich, but on the other hand, even if you think these security features nothing useful, Q5 is still Plus one of the outstanding domestic mobile phone. Of course, the premise is that you can accept the Plus Q5 that block up to 6 inches of screen.

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