The United States quietly take payment license, how do financial financial layout, large enterprises will become the standard?


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the big enterprise financial enthusiasm seems to be unprecedented, a few days ago the news through the acquisition of Hengda paid to get a license, today there is news that US group also obtained through the acquisition of a paid license. In China, large enterprises one after another into the mutual gold field, finance is becoming big business standard.


Midea Group paid license

China according to the payment network reported on August 23rd, the U.S. group has completed Shenzhen sinomaster pay the acquisition curve paid license informedsource revealed the transaction price of about 300 million yuan. At present, China's employees have been incorporated into the company's financial center of the United States began to work.

data show that Shenzhen sinomaster pay was established in June 2011 June 2012 approved the payment of the license, the business scope for the development of Internet payment and mobile phone payments nationwide, the registered capital of 100 million yuan. Application for a license when the only shareholder is the annual card company in Shenzhen. Public information, Shenzhen annual card network technology Co., Ltd. was founded in January 7, 2016, in June 2006 in Hongkong listed. Year card in the field of mobile phone prepaid recharge has more than 100 million users, the peak of a single day trading volume of 1 million, allegedly in the online prepaid recharge market share ranked first.

the United States has become China to pay through the major shareholder of

sinomaster paid in April 26th this year the change of equity, "Foshan District of Shunde city beauty appliances Industrial Co. Ltd." into the list of shareholders, shares accounted for 50%, and the sole shareholder of the "Foshan District of Shunde city beauty appliances Industrial Co., the company" is the group of the United states.

the central bank website information display, sinomaster pay in August 2015, changed the legal representative, the chairman of the board of directors by the annual card and change to Huang Jun sinomaster deputy general manager Li Xiangcheng.

the central bank website on China to pay through the information to

home appliance giant acquisition payment license is not without precedent, Haier in 2014 March with the acquisition of a quick pass payment company, obtained Internet payment business license. TCL also set up a company to apply for payment before Haiway JETCO licence and has been seized.


beauty of current financial traditional financial business layout to the line based


Midea Group has set up a beautiful beautiful financial Efficient Finance Holding Ltd, WeChat financial public numbers show that since 2010 the United States, has been established for 6 years. At present, the company's president, Zhang Zhaofeng, the data show that he was a little swan financial director of listed companies. The online recruitment information, financial business is one of the group's focus on business development, industry circle group financial ecological beauty around us, the development of industrial finance, industrial chain financing, provide for the industrial chain user wealth management, beauty payment and other financial services, adhere to the "development direction combination, has formed financial companies, small loans, commercial factoring, third party payment, consumer finance, network of small loans, financial leasing, asset management and other financial business layout.

in the financial company, in 2010, 500 million of the registered capital of Foshan opened the first US financial company, providing deposits, loans, bills discounting, guarantees, for the United States members of the group of settlement and other financial services;

microfinance, a small group of beauty the loan company's beauty, the main business includes microfinance Limited by Share Ltd Shunde Foshan Midea, as well as in Anhui and Wuhu small loan companies and pawn companies, according to the "chain operation, centralized management mode for small and medium enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households, farmers and natural persons to provide microfinance services;

" in the financial leasing, the United States and Tianjin Bohai leasing limited company Company, Wuhu City Construction Investment Co., Ltd. jointly invested 3 billion yuan, in December 2011 set up a little financial leasing Limited by Share Ltd, the company has been listed on the new board at the end of 2015;

display data in the supply chain financing and sales chain finance, financial, beauty for the supply chain and distribution chain has launched the "Meisu loan" and "beauty products, provide easy loan accounts receivable pledge loans, purchase order financing, comprehensive credit products, suppliers of inventory, warehouse rent bill discounting business to the supplier. Financing is generally 100 thousand.

in consumer finance, the financial group staff for the United States launched the "beauty, loan amount 20 thousand yuan, for the purchase, Car Buying, decoration, wedding and other scenes.

in the banking business, the United States in 2009 to become one of the sponsors of the Shunde rural commercial bank, also has a stake in Zhangshu City Shunyin village bank Limited by Share Ltd, Fengcheng Shun Silver Village bank Limited by Share Ltd. 2014 began in the United States to do all kinds of private banks to do the preparatory work, and has submitted an application to the financial office of Guangdong province.

in the financial aspects of the Internet, mainly through "service of beauty, public finance" WeChat and APP, but at present the information query function, APP is not in the app store promotion. The financial aspects of the financial aspects of the United States launched a class balance treasure of financial products, "the United States of treasure", the main "capital preservation, with the deposit and take" concept. In terms of payment, the United States on February 2015 in Shenzhen, Qianhai incorporated the Midea Group Payment Technology Co. Ltd., the business scope includes the payment system of technology development, the electronic payment system, clearing system of technology development, technology transfer, the registered capital of 100 million yuan. The payment of the United States has launched the "beauty of the wallet" products. Style= box-sizing: "border-box

in addition, publicity materials, said the future of the United States will cover the financial fund, banking, securities, insurance and other financial areas.


from the above data can be found, the layout of the financial business mainly focus on the supply chain finance, is still in the traditional line of financial business, financial thought is starting from its own ecosystem, combined with the information flow and capital flow, logistics, supply industry chain of financial services for suppliers, distributors, employees and other groups.

the current U.S. financial development of Internet financial services is still in the primary stage, mutual gold products can find mainly financial, payment, can be said that American financial mutual gold layout has just begun. Today, the United States through the acquisition of the payment of a license, is an important supplement to the financial system, but also an important step in the further development of Internet banking. Prior to the United States focused on financial services in the traditional financial services, access to pay the license, the next step in the United States should focus on the strength of the field of gold.

purchase payment license, a well paid basis for subsequent mutual gold business, on the other hand, with the payment of the license approval door closed, payment of the license price will be gone. Layout in advance is also a need for a bit earlier.


beauty do financial what advantages and disadvantages?

beauty, the chain has many suppliers, dealers, contains the loans, wealth management, payment and other financial needs. As the core of the whole supply chain, the United States will grasp some of the core data resources of upstream and downstream enterprises, including financial and operational data, familiar to the downstream enterprise capital turnover, this is to determine risk, good risk control will be helpful, the core advantage of this is a big manufacturing enterprises do financial. In addition to large corporate financial strength, can withstand a large number of pre investment. Advantage of funds, large enterprises can also through the acquisition of such forms, the rapid formation of the layout of the business sector.

but the disadvantage is that as Hengda Real estate giant to enter the mutual gold faces as in the case of large enterprises from financial services to expand its own industry chain and ecosystem, lack of resources and capabilities enough to become stronger, resulting in financial business after reaching a certain size is more difficult to break through the bottleneck. For example, outside the supply chain to expand, the lack of sufficient data as a business development support. The current U.S. consumer finance business is for the group of employees, if further to the group development, the difficulty will be increased sharply.

in addition, the traditional giant beauty, to enter the field of Internet banking, and ant gold clothing, Jingdong and other Internet Financial Department of mutual gold company in technology, products may lack sufficient advantages, such as online data the accumulation, the use of big data capacity, C end user needs to grasp and understand.

believe the advantages of capital and Finance with the advantages of industry chain, can form larger amounts, but if you want to become more competitive financial companies, but also need to improve the technology and control the wind power, the formation of Internet the ability of the products.


large enterprises to do finance, something good and bad?

recent mutual gold circle continue to be large companies into the financial sector of the layout of message scraper. Su Ning, Hengda, Wanda, green, the United States, the United States and other large enterprises in more than 100 billion in revenue, want to have a financial. This can not only provide financial support for the main business, a strong eco system, but also to expand revenue and profit sources. This is the inevitable logic of business expansion, but also the lack of traditional financial services in our country.

for large companies, financial business may contribute a lot of profit in the period of economic growth, in a recession, bad debts and other factors may drag on overall performance, one disaster after another. Even if the contribution of a large number of profits, but also has a positive and negative role, although the contribution of the cash flow, but inevitably to the original main industry in the attention, the specific input and other aspects of the formation of a certain degree of exclusion. For the country, although the financial important, but if there is no industry, finance has become a bubble booster.

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