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Sense of worth

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  completely geeks develop guidelines, is write editors at the weekend of less severe column. & nbsp;

this wish is a Japanese vocabulary, it is

" buried in the bottom of the heart's desire; the original hope; intention; long cherished wish. -- Excerpted from the daijisen "

in the story, we can understand early in the heart of the protagonist, but as the protagonist in the step by step forward, at the beginning of this part of the heart has been the man covered. Before the story begins, to clarify the relationship between a person: "box-sizing:

immature scum swing

throughout the beginning of the story is "alternative" relationship. Both wheat and fireworks between mutual love instead of, or fireworks as early seedling love trauma after comfort, most of the story characters are puberty hormones tinkering with the body. In this kind of action is attracted by each other's body, this is a normal thing.

"the specific as heterosexual (can be a relationship of objects) than breathing also simple. "Qian

and fireworks just is" in addition to the heart, the other part is you ", this physical relationship. In mutual consolation, the two will have a sexual fantasy, but it is to use each other. However, love also seems to be remnants of a trace of the would. She would feel guilty about "taking advantage" of the early seedlings, and she would feel the weight of others' good intentions. Had been to and feminine charm and Qian confrontation, but her own character and the growth experience is always can not hold a candle to the.

life heart inferiority all source in this -- a desire others praise beauty and identity and mental life how many there will be fireworks. Even that is being used, will hesitate pounced to; the others will have a sense of guilt, so people need not equal, but by the need of feeling.

"> scum of the existence

< P = "box-sizing: border box; margin: 1.4em 20px; line-height: 1.7rem;" > in the relationship between "substitutes", although each other is necessary for each other, but the certain will compromise is a party and master the initiative. Often, in a relationship, mastering the initiative is a male. But sin is not on the side of the compromise. In "awakening" -- consciousness to release charm won't be eaten, she had already stepped into the road of "scum" the.

"such" squeezed "side, dead all don't want to become like this. "Qian

so Qian with respect to the fireworks is opposite to feel no guilt to take advantage of others. Sin is a hunter, she does not need to win recognition, because she was born to be recognized by a man - around the lack of a male partner, her value always do not have to prove themselves. But no one has ever taught her what it means to be a sense of being pressed to fill one's void. Style= box-sizing: "border-box margin:; 1.4em 20px line-height:; 1.7rem

from another aspect, a woman like sin is poor. She can be as easy as blowing off dust can get you want a man. The man who has not received the hand of the people do not have the suffering, it will not have the joy of hand. So she keeps on feeding, just to fill the emptiness inside. She can get pleasure from the friction of the body, but it has not been able to feel the joy of love. Her joy has been twisted into the form of "squeezing" someone else. < br style = "box-sizing: border box; />

if you no longer believe in pure love cartoon, see the cartoon melody taste. If you experience is still shallow, take a look at the comic book, have help you to understand the form of love in the world; as for straight cancer, is to look at the comic book, maybe it can help you to identify the side such as Qian general woman.

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bird The electronic screen capture nest geek Hao Jun, to win the prize!

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