Huang Yiqing exposed his ex-wife Huang Yi married: finally entered the third round, Huang Yifang denied: the current single!


nandouyulezhoukan· 2016-08-24 18:46:42

6 9 PM 2 pm, Huang Yiqing wrote on the micro-blog: "Congratulations finally entered the third round, and the incumbent how to have to do a new baby to go to the bar ~" suspected his ex-wife Huang Yi re married.

divorce war three years whirling

2009 in August, Huang Yiyu financial investor Jiang Kai know 41 days in May 2010 but the lightning flash marriage, divorce. In November 2012, Huang Yiyu micro-blog certified as "SSCC- Shanghai supercar club chairman, heart - charity fund sponsors" Huang Yiqing love exposure, and her daughter in two months later to become, guessed half a year after the two began to launch "divorce" in micro-blog, mutual accusations of fault, not when Huang Yi came off the rails, Huang Yiqing is "pseudo rich" male domestic violence "rumors, much raise a Babel of criticism of. October 2014, two people officially signed a divorce in the court.

Huang Yi staff: two people currently single married

each other repeatedly "the face" has let the crowd thoroughly confused, the Qing Huang Yi has exposed Huang Yi remarried, called for her daughter to her, and the media linked to Huang Yi's side the staff, the other has said Huang Yi is currently single, never married, and became a "rashomon". />

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