Get please watch movies at home perfect equipment

Watching movies at home equipment

ZEALERzhongguo· 2016-08-24 22:55:45

but sometimes troublesome and do not want to go out how to break?

so, in order to have more experience with a sense of the movie, movie lovers or video movies with fancier equipment. Style= font-size: "14px

so someone asked, this is not going to spend a lot of money, but the nouveau riche. However, to see how their own definition of.

the theme of private custom:

style= for widescreen display with a pair of stereo is to create in the minds of the private theater perfect equipment;

in the home place of carefully selected projector and install a curtain as well as build mind in the private theater perfect equipment;

or with a long, but also to create a headset in mind the private theater perfect equipment...... Style= font-size: "14px

their own definition of the idea of the film's perfect equipment, regardless of the price.

Indoorsman's housekeeping Magic - PaPa style= font-size: 14px

bitchy mouth" font-size: 14px; ">

[private custom] the designers of the intelligent projector -5 yuan a

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see small Z which is envy. Would like to now order a projector!

full thermal cavity Z friends, share what you think of watching movies at home perfect gear!

style= activity:

8.20 - 8.28

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we will select the best written 1, send the value of 399   m home white intelligent camera "font-size: 14px;"


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Get please watch movies at home perfect equipment

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