"Tomboy" Xu Jiao has grown into a beautiful young girl: now say love "Yangtze River seven" might be a little awkward

The Yangtze River seven beautiful girl

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Tencent entertainment Zhuangao (text / Zeng Ni

Name: Xu Jiao

Jiao Jiao

nickname: date of birth: August 5th 1997

Constellation: Leo , rose Is your

skills: two dimensional animation, a wonderful girl, hand, cosplay, one get

archery experience: 2006 in the "Yangtze River seven" "Di" in a corner, known as "the smallest star girl". In 2009, she was 12 years old with this film won the twenty-eighth Hongkong Film Awards Best Newcomer award. Then, in the "Star", "Ming", "scarlet psychic VI ancient house" and other films, at present, by Xu Jiao in the TV series "-" is the hit video Tencent.

is south of the rainy season, the day of the interview Hangzhou showers continued. All weather to the scene with a layer of filter: Pink Floral dress, long hair, pink blush silhouetted against the cheek. The "filters" before Xu Jiao, has blossomed into a beautiful young girl, could not find the "Yangtze River seven" in the shadow of the small di. "If someone likes my" Changjiang seven ", I could be a little embarrassed," Xu Jiao said with a smile. "After all, it was ten years ago."

"-", "us"...... Recently Xu Jiao's television works and variety shows, but she still seems not accustomed to her as an actress, star. Her other two identity is the American Academy of Art Center Design Academy movie professional students and love Cosplay girl. Holidays to, she prefers to enjoy the leisurely pace of home in Hangzhou. Unless the filming, she seldom goes to the artists get together, acting opportunities also get together in Beijing.  

set aside an actor, Xu Jiao is the kernel of a great hole, jumping, brain waves and three brain circuits of the two dimensional girl, and she chat, you may not keep up the pace -- in just two hours, our dialogue include animation, crafts, painting, film, archery and student life a series of topics across dimensions.

has experienced in Mongolia circle, three were rolling and fine points, reporters thought finally heroic break wall dimension. Look at the sitting opposite Xu Jiao, still licking Smoothie, folded origami, eyes reveal casual and firm dislike you! Who! All! Old! The!

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persistent coser, in order to" - "sketch

Xu Jiao university three years of schooling, students can choose one semester exemptions. This year, Xu Jiao chose to drop summer course -- then she had a long holiday for nearly five months. Xu Jiao since it is difficult to find a friend in a foreign country to find a brain circuit, so a return, she was to seize the time and domestic small partner. Two days ago, she and her friends travel to Qingdao to eat barbecue at the seaside on line, joy had finished his 19 birthday. Just returned to Hangzhou, she began to raise up wildly beating gongs and drums and cosplay circle of friends make a film. "We need to hurry, because we have to go to Yunnan for a couple of days."

Xu Jiao" - "as

listened to the little girl Xinggui carefully elaborated his plan to play, Joel agent could not help but laugh:" she came back and I pledge, in addition to "come" and we TV drama "city of fantasy" propaganda, no longer take any job this summer." From 10 to 19 years old, grew up watching Xu Jiao joel.

TV drama "city of fantasy" is Xu Jiao the next Joel, "because the character itself is very suitable for her." Xu Jiao's "star track" is the dream princess, my body is very fragile, unable to grow up, the lowest level so it is sent to the palace of the astrological family. Reversal is late orbit show another identity - she is actually the imaginary snow god mountain Western Dharma, an unexpected villain BOSS.

Xu Jiao's orbit is actually a villain Boss

Xu Jiao read Guo Jingming's original novel, and with reference to the previous comics and cosplay film, automatic brain" star track "look:" long white hair, very elegant, very xian.". But the crew made Xu Jiao a little disappointed, "star track" the other is black with coloring, especially the "Xinggui blackening" after the "horn head, smokey-eye make-up". Xu Jiao did not understand why the role once the blackening appearance must be very strange. "If it still looks sweet, good, and to kill people in the invisible, not to make people feel more terrible?"

Xu Jiao also openly said, as people who love cosplay, she is serious. In order to convince the stylist to change the star of the track, Xu Jiao night painted a group of star track hair pattern, and a piece of ground to say to the stylist to listen. Finally, the stylist did adopt Xu Jiao's hand, became the final version of "western law enforcement" in the other city. Xu Jiao also said, for her heart of the star track really tried."

from "amateur player" evolved to "seriously Coser"

from junior high school, Xu Jiao fell in love with cosplay, then a get out of hand, in the two dimension on the road ran away. Xu Jiao's room, she has a closet full of from around the world to the Amoy hand to do animation (anime model), comic book is on the shelf, the wardrobe cos clothing and wigs is countless. "Actor Wood (" this is a zombie? ("the electric female and the young man"), the rattan and Allie ou ("the electric wave female and the youth male"), the vertebra name is really by the reason ("destiny stone gate") is my this life." Xu Jiao said, weekdays, spending her much in repairing cos clothing and buyers do, every time after I go shop on the walk way."

Xu Jiao is a love Cosplay two dimensional girl

because of cosplay, Xu Jiao is not only good at hand, a lot of skills also hanging open. In order to love K-on (girls), Xu Jiao specifically to learn electric guitar. "I've never had an interest in musical instruments before, but I'm really in love with the guitar now, it's all because of K-on." />

"> Xu Jiao brisk performance today in the new variety, Xu Jiao's fame in the circle of Coser is not small. But from a "amateur player" evolved into "serious Coser", Xu Jiao also suffered a lot of criticism. In 2011 the first Hangzhou Animation Festival, Xu Jiao wore a sweet christmas maid to attend the meeting, then she shared the photos in micro-blog. So that she did not expect is that these photos have caused a lot of dissatisfaction with professional Coser, a lot of people in the message to Xu Jiao attack, think she did not understand cos. />

Xu Jiao once in micro-blog to share their cos journey

in a movie conference, Xu Jiao met the famous Hangzhou Cosplay club 304. A member of a club 304, recalled the first Xu Jiao film scene: "was she (Xu Jiao) a person, not what the shelf, and soon we will be done, so we are willing to play with her." />

Xu Jiao in the variety dressed in" ink carp copy "clothing cited hot

in fact, the entertainment circle has two dimension attributes of the star is not much, in addition to Xu Jiao, another famous star is Jiro Wang coser. Joel agent admitted that in the past few years, the two dimension is not widely recognized label, even such a hobby can also affect the film side of Xu Jiao. "Around a lot of producer friends will ask, how can Xu Jiao like this thing ah." But do not know when the film and television circles and fashion circle suddenly completely absorbed the two dimension, Xu Jiao seems to have a more unique to play their own space.

"American girl" also had a tumor

as a child, Xu Jiao has a high starting point many people envy. Because in the "Yangtze River seven" as the son of Stephen Chow small Di, until now, Xu Jiao is also Stephen Chow's "star dad", often make a phone call, is their habit for many years. In addition, Xu Jiao in the film and television circles are also rich in resources. In 2009, she starred in the movie "Mulan" in 2010 as Andy Lau young Mulan; daughter in the movie "in the future the police", and then have starred in the "Star", "Ming" and other large screen works of scarlet. However, in the light of stardom, Xu Jiao chose to study abroad. This is her so far, the most important choice for life.

Xu Jiao for his role in the Stephen Chow film "Yangtze River seven" famous

at that time, almost all the media asked Xu Jiao the same question in an interview: "go to the United States now, do not worry about the domestic audience will forget you?" Her answer is very calm: "I think abroad to open a field of vision, enrich their own experience, for the future acting reserve. Do not know what to do, it is a thing that I feel very afraid of." Let Xu Jiao happy is, Dad Stephen Chow also very supportive of her decision, and even suggested that she go to the United States to study finance. />

" Dad "Stephen Chow very supportive of Xu Jiao to study in the United States

really let Xu Jiao feel uncomfortable is her boarding. In the United States, less than eighteen years of age minors, must choose to study abroad in the local people. Xu Jiao's family in a small town in Chicago on the "mother" is a nurse, very busy, four children at home, and together with Xu Jiao boarding girl in Azerbaijan, there are exactly eight people living under the same roof. />

Xu Jiao has been that day called "American girl" life: stay away from the big city, little town, no comic, no cosplay, every home and school 2.1. Although such a boring life, Xu Jiao was able to devote themselves to learning. Only when you get sick, Xu Jiao will feel alone in a foreign land alone. During

, Xu Jiao had pneumonia. The most serious time, is catching up with the mother, the family went skiing, only Xu Jiao a high fever bed, then the biggest wish is that someone gave me a saliva". As for the family home, Xu Jiao has been tight lipped about the situation. "At that time did not dare to tell her mother, afraid of her worry. Say again, wait for her to run a visa to fly to come over, my illness is all good."

Xu Jiao's strong and optimistic, to the fans but the safe

pneumonia, gave Xu Jiao health hidden trouble. The summer of 2015, Xu Jiao in the movie "psychic propaganda" when VI ancient house again burst pneumonia, high fever. Because there are obvious pleural effusion, doctors suspected tumor. Mention this, agent Joel has a lingering fear. "We all went a total of six hospitals, some say is thymic hyperplasia without surgery; some say thymoma, timely surgery; there are even said to do thoracic surgery. At the end of the diagnosis of benign mediastinal tumors." />

"Di" began when the director

is perhaps the child experienced big waves, Xu Jiao always looks beyond the age of calm and mature. In 2009, Xu Jiao with the "Yangtze River seven" defeated Lin Chiling and the star, won the twenty-eighth Hongkong Award for Best Newcomer award. When the guests get to her name, wearing a blue skirt Xu Jiao smile up steadily toward the stage, calm and self-restraint, the media have evaluation "is difficult to imagine that she was 12 years old." Back to see Xu Jiao years of interviews, all the problems she has answered exceptionally sophisticated. Today, Xu Jiao grew up, she has to face the media, much more playful and childlike innocence.

Xu Jiao calm at the time of the award,

self calm atmosphere like love before the two dimension is not accepted, and now a lot of video works" and not to rely on." Xu Jiao feel calm, no matter how, to do the real oneself is the most important. />

she remember when shooting the "Yangtze River seven", Stephen Chow performed a segment, she would imitate once, because learn too much like a standing ovation. But Xu Jiao wasn't proud. Especially when she has grown to a 19 year old adult, this imitation, she is no longer want to do.

Xu Jiao from" tomboy "has become a beautiful girl

Xu Jiao said, she wants to be acting has the connotation of the actor, the audience by respect. Now in the choice of role, "Yan control" she will not be confined to the role of the shape, but will be more inclined to have the difficulty of the rich level of the role. In the "city of fantasy", Xu Jiao would prefer Xinggui late Western law enforcement identity, "although become a villain, the character had ups and downs, including her confession, suicide, the mentality is very complex."

about every child wants to abandon their fame, then struggling to find a work, a kind of skills and ideas, in order to prove your growth. University of learning and life, Xu Jiao also began to think about some of the depth of the social topics, such as women's rights.

earlier this year, she wrote and directed a short film of feminist themes in school as their final assignment, short in two respectively with red and white roses in the female protagonists in violence against their free men, Xu Jiao expressed himself on feminist thoughts and insights.

finally, Xu Jiao film got 95 points, the teacher is the drama of "escape" director Gerd Atanis, he also claimed to hesitate to praise, become a fan of Xu Jiao. "It may be that his mouth is sweet." Xu Jiao stay awake. />

Xu Jiao and her daughter

love good, early exercise

this is a strange dialogue, we interviewed only because of Xu Jiao, Xu mother (Luan Ru), continue to add two people into the three people dialogue dialogue. Let us take a look at this pair of pro (QI) secret (PA) mother and daughter of the dialogue scene, Xu mother is how to support (CHAI) (TAI) to work with your daughter, you feel a random......

"> Xu Jiao and mother Tencent Entertainment: you fans?

Xu Jiao: I do not Starchaser, I love cartoon characters - Okabe Rintaro. (indeed the two dimension anthomaniac point is not the same) but I also love the male star, do you know who it is? />


Xu Jiao: Hu Ge. Is small when many of his "Legend of Sword and Fairy". />

who would you like to have lunch with? Is it Hu Ge?

Xu Jiao: I'll be embarrassed, I don't know what to say. The most beautiful thing is better placed in the imagination. />

you have been expressed by people?

Xu Jiao: do you think you might not have it? I made a lot of good cards. (laughs) />

was first to be expressed when?

Xu Jiao: five or six grade primary school. />

how do you reply to someone else's?

Xu Jiao: is not so romantic, I think I would like to take you as a friend, why do you want to bubble me? Then there is no then.

Tencent Entertainment: mother will worry about your love?

Xu mother: (entry) love well, can the early practice.

Xu Jiao: (interrupt) don't ask her, ask me to ask me.

Xu mother: about love thing, I do not say so directly, otherwise people will think of the mother is so wonderful. In fact, I really did not manage her, she is the control of the. I think she can see the boys should be a relatively high standard bar.

Xu Jiao: er...... />

what do you think your mother is the most worried about?

Xu mother: also have nothing to worry about, are small things. Come back, don't play too late with your classmates. For her academic performance, we do not have any requirements, as long as she is happy.

Xu Jiao: I'm so self-conscious. Self management ability is quite strong.

Xu mother: is lazy. (expose face) of homes in a complete mess, every day I help her to tidy up, how to do, get you a robot. Special for you to sweep the floor, tidy up the room...... (omitted here ten thousand words)

Xu Jiao:......

Xu mother: her things to her room burst. My magic weapon is to throw away, to send people. />

Xu Jiao won't get angry?

Xu Jiao: ...... (not enough time to say)

Xu mother: she did not know, some things quietly disappeared.

Xu Jiao: ...... (hopelessness face)

Xu mother: collection of things but I will not be lost, Lolita JK, the Hanfu, all preserved, travel box packed in our house.

Xu Jiao wearing Lolita's clothes

entertainment Tencent Meng: you know of these now?

Xu mother: I understand, she is teaching me every day.

Xu Jiao: I can't educate (dare), you learn to be a success.

Xu mother: I steal to learn. (proud) />

if you do not do actors, what do you want to do?

Xu Jiao: I have a hobby too much, to do professional archery players, it is possible. />

in interests and hobbies, your mother and daughter have differences?

Xu Jiao: kindergarten when my mother let me learn calligraphy.

Xu mother: Oh, when the psychological shadow again. In fact, I think that writes a beautiful hand fine, when she writes crooked, I am a bit anxious......

Xu Jiao: but others later (calligraphy) took the national gold medal.

Xu mother: I think the prize or should be quite water (down). But it's also a kind of encouragement. She is a very strong ability to imitate, at the time of writing is indeed very beautiful, but after the end came back to the teacher, and now also signed OK.

(+1's) Tencent Entertainment: Xu mother has such a daughter, what have any effect on your life?

Xu Mom: affect my work ah. (or face) after all, originally I also have their own work, since she was filming, I stopped working with her, officially, this is my job now.

Xu Jiao: you are now my finance minister.

Xu Mom: is actually life assistant.

Xu Jiao: or a mentor.

Xu mother: my purpose is her happy, happy. In fact, some things do not need to be perfect, not necessarily how kind of.

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