Poor reviews? IPhone7 has not yet released a big cattle unhappy


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from the official release has been less than 10 days, iPhone 7 rumors have been exposed almost . Because Cook no longer make strict demands on Apple products, iPhone 7 became the most exposed Apple phone generation.

iPhone 7 spy, may only be

the day before and" reversed "news broke yesterday, then broke a display, iPhone 7 may not be called iPhone 7, but" iPhone 6SE". Fortunately, someone pointed out that the so-called spy but is PS today. There is a lot of evidence that this is a parody of Chinese users, is based on SE PS's packaging box for iPhone's work".

iPhone 6SE the exposure of

this view, iPhone 7 has been coming That's final.

if released this year, mobile phone is not iPhone 7 and iPhone 6SE, means that iPhone will face a hitherto unknown debacle. IPhone 6S relative to the iPhone 6 update is very small, only 3D-Touch this is still not popular neither painful nor itching, and the appearance of segment is not big, the dismal market performance. A new generation of mobile phone called the iPhone 6SE iPhone 6S means that only continue, update less, users will not be strong desire to switch. So, we have no reason not to release Apple waited two years for "max-width: 100% iPhone 7.

"the biggest bright spot is to cancel the 3.5mm headset hole", many people said they did not accept the design, especially the fruit powder, cancel hole means headset user optional headset will be minimal.

representative of this attitude is that Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak (Steve Wozniak). The Australian media recently in an interview said: "

I don't love blue Teeth, hoping to retain the new iPhone headset interface. If (New iPhone) without the 3.5mm headphone jack, it will lead to a large number of customer loss.

< P "style= line-height: 2em > Apple users need to select a specific headset, and few options. Bluetooth headset more, or through bluetooth access to the car, but it means lower sound quality. Apple will provide the adapter to the user to Lightning interface to the 3.5mm headset line conversion, however, this is not a very elegant solution, is destined to not be popular. Also, cancel the 3.5mm interface so that the headset shared with charging line, mean while listening to music while charging (synchronization) becomes very difficult, unless the use of Bluetooth, which in turn will lower the quality.

Apple 3.5mm headset to cancel some holes, in order to persist in wilfully and arbitrarily changing, and for innovation and innovation . Disappointing, co-founder of defection, is to cancel the practice of Apple headset hole drew a big question mark.

another close to Apple's well-known technology columnist Mossberg said, iPhone 7 must give the user a surprise, otherwise it will fail. Style= max-width: "

now, iPhone 7 no surprise. Dr. Mo I propose 7 expectations for the iPhone 7: the battery breakthrough, fast charging, narrow frame, optical zoom, 32GB (three), more robust and starting prices, strengthen the mobile phone App, only the last one may be reflected. There are a lot of news that iPhone 7 will be 32GB, however, the price will rise, Dr. Mo's another expectation. Style= max-width: "

no surprise, and will make people disappointed iPhone 7 has been doomed to failure? Perhaps, we are now seeing is false news, iPhone 9 will bring us a great surprise after 7 days, welcome to the attention of ray technology (WeChat ID:leitech).

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