Who is the "software defined data center" of the "net red"?

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we have to admit that software began to penetrate into every corner of our life, the software is around. Software is not just to change the transport, retail, financial and telecommunications industry, software, almost all of the business model on the earth, it makes business more convenient, more intelligent.

Data Center Network  

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NSX; "height: is the most widely used SDN platform in the production environment, and it is also a sales champion in the field.". VMware is selected in the quadrant of the vendor, the only does not provide hardware products.

if the company has highly virtualized VMware production system, and in consideration of improving network agility, security and infrastructure layout, it should be considered NSX.

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however, flash appears to make the relationship The path winds along mountain ridges. computing and storage. With the price of life, "short board" gradually eliminated, all flash data center ready. If the entire data center likened to a barrel, in the calculation, storage, network of these pieces of wood, and now the network is likely to be the shortest. in addition to the factors of performance in computing and storage have generally realized virtualization, and run in software defined on the road, SDN (Software Defined Network) to the landing at top speed.


SDN; "the concept of time is not short, but in the application of landing has greater progress in nearly two or three years. Especially in the concept of software defined data center gradually became popular, SDN as a software defined data center method core, also attracted the attention of users.

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in the VMware software defined data center, NSX VMware has assumed the responsibility of the network and security.

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VMware is designed for software defined data center to build the network virtualization platform. In NSX VMware, including the exchange, routing and firewall, network functions are embedded in the Hypervisor, and distributed throughout the environment. this creates a network Hypervisor that can act as both a virtual network and a service platform ". so-called virtual network, that is, the user can be independent of the underlying hardware, programming in the way of deployment and management. The network model can reproduce by means of software, so as to create a more secure environment in nature, and only a few seconds to create and deploy any network topology to multilayer complex network from simple network can be easily achieved.

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don't let network drag" software defined data center ". If you're on a software defined network deployment and hesitation, or you want to know more about VMware NSX, as in the August 31st "NSX Fundamentals Online virtual assembly" look, it will tell you a shortcut to the software defined data center.


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NSX and network virtualization to achieve the following advantages:

  • simplify network operation, enables network administrators to in a few minutes or even seconds of the deployment of the entire network

  • to support affordable microsegmentation and zero trust security architecture

  • support network isolation and multi tenant

  • realize workload placement and mobile

  • realize dynamic scalability and visibility of

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source: Top XL (micro signal: ITXXXL), Chinese cloud newspaper (micro signal: GTcloud)
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Who is the "software defined data center" of the "net red"?

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