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; remember the primary school age, watch the Barcelona legend: OZORA TSUBASA (air wing) documentary, he started from the primary school age, every day, a word not just outside the area to inverted hanging hooks of gold, the time is long, the ball quickly. The tricky angle makes his barb will become the goal. Even the future of the Bundesliga goalkeeper WAKABAYASHI (if Linyuan three) are afraid of him

because can play successfully hanging hooks of gold is handsome, many fans want to master, but when the machine's right. But because of this some danger, make a lot of friends from. Today, " Rose "game will bring you the right hook method.

before the introduction of the technical essentials, first want to say is to practice the barb must not be afraid to fall and hurt, because in the course of practice is certainly accompanied by a fall, and there is no guarantee that will not hurt. So do mental preparation and then practice the hook.

2. - feet (assuming right foot) step forward

3.  at the same time will be the focus to the rear, leaned back to the top of head, looking at the ball.

4. fell on the ball, to lift left foot, the body further tilted back

5.  foot up, with one foot with his right foot vertical take-off, the body immediately fell back. Style= text-align: "center

6. to maintain the trunk parallel to the ground, the body began to fall in the moment, with the waist and abdomen power will be the right foot hook to the ball.

8. landing first hands a support

then the waist and back immediately landing

9. if not love first with both hands to support the ground. Can also choose to like Ibrahimovic in the ball, take advantage of the body to the left turn, landing with the left shoulder and left arm.

complete barb action is this: "

2.  no matter how landing, do not use the head or cervical position to the first landing.


teaching here, can practice achievement depends on your own good fortune. Xiao Bian believe, to be patient, not to give up, can always be practiced.

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