The influence of "PokemonGo" on the AR/VR industry


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"Pokemon Go" on the most prominent place is numerous game player around the world from 8 to 80 years old are playing the game, or they will be curious to watch the game or others about other people's strange experience. AR/VR is no longer the only object industry knowledge, in less than a week's time has become a mainstream phenomenon, and most industry insiders predicted a few years of development time compared to real fast not only a big cut. />

positioning, positioning, positioning />

AR is from Mars and VR is from

and the pure doctrine of Venus will still tell you that" Pokemon Go "is not AR". Is it right or wrong? />

: virtual reality world is closed (for example, users can only see the virtual world and the virtual object)

amplification: the real world and will not be closed (for example, the user can see the real world can see the virtual object)

immersion: technology will drive trick the user's brain makes it do that is the real experience of

reaction environment: one or more drive technology does not provide general and immersive experience (which is especially suitable for some AR

Reality Matrix) is composed of 4 parts, and they all contain some content to meet different game player the user needs:

/PC VR to host The user at the bottom of the virtual whale towards their swim when shies (such as HTC, Vive, Oculus, PlayStation VR)

VR mobile phone can provide a very cool VR experience, but because of the location tracking and other main drive makes its immersion and not particularly strong (for example, Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard Daydream and

) both augmented reality is equivalent to see under the real world during peaceful times the iron man holographic display based on transparent virtual objects (such as Atheer), including intelligent mobile phone / tablet computer "magic window" (for example, AR Google Project Tango

) mixed reality (MR) will be provided to the user virtual objects in a real world of reality under during peaceful times (such as Microsoft HoloLens, Magic Leap, or Meta) Be able to switch between AR and VR content (such as ODG) />

but "Go Pokemon" what is it?

it is augmented reality, but not what we understand that

the contents here may make the purists feel depressed, but I still want to continue to say. />

" so "Go Pokemon" for the development of AR/VR what does it mean?

from the consumer acceptance, it is unique. Those who don't know or haven't tried it for a few years now are in the market for VR/AR/MR. This is very useful for the industry, because it has evolved into a mass market consumer awareness.

for application developers, all people are thinking about whether the ride on this ship. Those who are on the VR/AR/MR are gradually starting to change their minds. Some engineers make first appearance also decided to join in this field. And the influx of talent for the help of this market is huge. />

Tim, Apple's chief executive, Cook

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The influence of "PokemonGo" on the AR/VR industry

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