Zhou Hongyi: the founder's energy is the company's most valuable resources

Zhou Hongyi founder resource

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a person's energy is limited, so everyone firewood high flame, do you should do, the rest can be handed over to someone else to do, to be good at the people, the right people to do the right thing.

-   Muzi

; Author: Lu Xucheng

source: entrepreneurs (ID:chuangyejia)

" why China's large Internet Co popular demolition company? The essence is the founder of a serious shortage of energy resources.

"death across privatization"

in the media of communication" 360 China regression ", 360 founder Zhou Hongyi a bit tired.

360 obviously, the privatization of this regression too frustrating people, even as the founder of the cardinal so tough, but also to withstand the severe test, from mental to physical.

2015 June 17th Zhou Hongyi proposed Qihoo 360 privatization offer, intended to be equivalent to $77 per American Depositary Shares in cash for the acquisition of ordinary shares in issue. July 29, 2016, 360 officially from the NYSE delisting, completed the privatization. The whole time is up to 1 years and 1 months and a half months. This is not the end, followed by the demolition of VIE, whether the backdoor listing (although Zhou Hongyi site will not be backdoor), etc..

but Zhou Hongyi has done the most difficult step, have to say his good luck.

privatization this step put a lot of thought of the China company in return like a swarm of bees The.

6 on the evening of 15 August, togetherness Times announced formally terminated the privatization process. July 1st, Kingsoft announced, said the board of directors of the company to inform the shareholders of the company and potential investors, Kingsoft, Bobby Chan and violet formed in the summer of last year international buyers Union has sent a letter to vianet , will withdraw from the private last summer suggestion letter, and immediate effect. In late August 18th, style= color: "RGB , announced that the buyer consortium will withdraw the offer of privatization.

these star Internet Co like other obviously want to rely on arbitrage with broken halberds defeat, the return of A shares of shares in the company, but not for regulators to allow.

360 but successful delisting, can not only thanks to the "luck" is also Zhou Hongyi for many years focused on safety, strategizing results.

360 from the most simple free antivirus development until now to network attack and defense surveillance , according to Zhou Hongyi said, "these aspects have been with the United States walk on one level" and "in Wuzhen last year, the general secretary came to our booth, we told him that this global network attack warning system, in the past two years, a total of 21 national level was caught on Chinese national sensitive mechanism of network attack."

Zhou Hongyi explains the 360 principle can do - even if the national wood Horse and hacker attacks, with a lot of vulnerabilities and techniques, and civil hackers with a similar technology, and sometimes share code. 360 once observed, there are some new Trojan, can access to a communication node, many hackers will leave a communication gateway, 360 will detect the flow, a national unit of A IP, there will be no regular access to the node flow. Logically speaking, A should not visit this site. 360 find A communication, then start protection software, quickly put it inside the hidden Trojan position two years out. If only in the A firewall, A every day there are countless applications, millions of computers access to probably millions of Web site or IP, do not know which visit is questionable.

Zhou Hongyi two years increase the penetration of the enterprise security market, now has more than 100 million customers. "China's many large national units have unwittingly become a 360 security users. We are China's largest security company in charge of the safety of the company." In recent years the country will improve network security to the height of national security, said the 360 will go to.

"in such difficult circumstances, we are able to successfully complete. One is the country a lot of units of the understanding and support of this strategy, there is a team of our execution." Zhou Hongyi said.

thousands of billion yuan worth of "class= Powered-by-XIUMI V5" imagine

360 when privatization is settled, we naturally look in 360 when the domestic market? After the listing of the imagination in where? Here is a company that is available for reference.

the first step to complete the privatization of the Focus Media, completed in mid April after the issuance of 5 billion yuan, by means of listed shell HEDY holding completed, the Focus Media to become a market capitalization of over 130 billion yuan of the company. Focus Media in 2012 from the NASDAQ delisting, the total valuation of $3 billion 500 million (about 22 billion yuan), turned about 6 times.

360 delisting market value of about $10 billion, if this ratio, it is listed on the A stock market value will exceed 360 billion yuan. No wonder the agency predicts, 360 A shares listed on the market value of 380 billion yuan, beyond the market value of Baidu's $60 billion 200 million, becoming second only to Tencent and Ali third pole.

but Zhou Hongyi is very clear, the security and the search is currently 360 absolute enough to support the industry, 360 listed A shares, so how to make 360 after the listing remains firm? Must continue to hatch future business.

so, he now busy in addition to the return of A shares listed, a large focus on business innovation, do "two business". According to public reports, 360 of the financial, desktop, mobile phones, health business spin off, and Zhou Hongyi more than once for the Chinese prickly ash.

this is a large Internet Co such as Baidu video, independent financing 1 billion yuan, Taobao movie by Amoy ticket, independent financing 1 billion 700 million yuan. Not to mention the music as sports, music, as the mobile phone and other crazy split and financing.

why China large Internet Co popular demolition company?

" , the first big company, and want to keep innovation, maintain speed the two is a contradiction. a lot of people, including you, in a big business department, sometimes you will find that although the Department on behalf of the future, is a new business, but because you are not to make money, you make money with the Department of PK, that you can't get what resources. Big companies will have some rules and an unnecessary and overelaborate formalities, but startups, as long as doing business, it will be able to develop. The other thing nothing to be feared. In a large company, business department said to the people, the human resources department will say, head almost, sorry, next month to join.

I do in YAHOO, I especially hate (this) unnecessary and overelaborate formalities. But the company to a certain extent, we now have the size of 10 thousand people, although not large companies, but really can not return to the original dozens of small companies. When a voice command, all in one direction; now you say a word at the top, transfer to different departments, we understand early is not the same, each department has its own ideas.

Second, in order to encourage Enthusiasm。 360 in the early years, there are two partners, I am with Qi to the East (360 president), but the company is big, light by two partners is not enough. Each company a responsible person, you put people into each responsible partner, is not realistic. In recent years, our employees go out to start a business, doing very well. If you let all the people in the company of this system, the corporate governance structure must be a Pyramid, it is impossible to become an inverted Pyramid.

some is our core business, of course, be removed; some is the core business in the future, but it is in a rapid development and pioneering stage, I removed the. You see me to open business, are uncertain future, needs a team hard venture of two. Style= box-sizing: "border-box

Third, interest Power。 Internet industry is developing rapidly, in fact, there are a lot of human things, a lot of shares to share with employees, unlike the traditional company, money is the boss of the. I often say, I am not the kind that employees do not love money boss, that is very hypocritical, you let employees do not make money, what do you do?

Internet has a mechanism, a lot of people think hard dry years, did not earn a wages, the future of listed companies can achieve financial freedom. Each of the company's stock is become less and less, the sooner people must share more, 360 newly established, not what the stock value, such as a master, he may take a young 240 thousand yuan, he shares to 240 thousand shares, then who knows a stock to sell more than and 70 dollars, you don't say with hundreds of thousands of shares, with tens of thousands of stocks are rich. Google's first one hundred employees, may be more than Google executives take the money.

today you left the venture, abandoning the company's treatment, take their own stock, there are some risks, but after some 360 business incubators and verification, go out can do well, do some time. I can put that part of the stock buy back."

in 360, Zhou Hongyi is the biggest individual shareholder, Qi Xiangdong long Zhou Hongyi deputy. Now, Zhou Hongyi also put him into a captain, 360 enterprise security group chairman and CEO, get more shares to allow enterprises to secure business playing chicken with the same ", quickly achieve revenue and market share of the first.

Zhou Hongyi has done VC, he felt that "VC is the happiest thing in the world". Zhou Hongyi turned out to be 360 of all departments and middle-level cadres, and constantly tell them how to do, but also regularly check, check in time, they encountered problems but also find him. "In the past seven days a week, 10 hours a day to consider safety one thing. Then we made a mistake, 360, although smaller than the BAT, but the business complexity than people
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