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China digital advertising market has great potential and has been an upward trend in the past. In one year, China advertisers in the digital advertising spending more than $32 billion, and this number will continue to rise. The world's leading performance management company Nelson released the latest "business leaders" creative confidence index report, " in the coming year, the effect of marketing budget is still the most valued advertisers, nearly half of the respondents said that the future will be the main advertising continue to increase the effect of budget. for advertisers, the bad news is that when the media becomes more and more fragmented, they face greater confused, do not know how to effectively put in different terminals, do not know whether the ads precise touch of the target customer group, it is not clear in the end who watched their digital advertising?

as a company with nearly a hundred years of history, Nelson has been committed to helping enterprises better performance management, enterprise performance to solve pain points. In view of the current market demand, Nelson launched the Nelson digital advertising ratings (hereinafter referred to as Digital (Ad Rating DAR). Nelson said, " to optimize the digital advertising investment returns, to solve the target audience reach, resonate and converted into buyers three key moments, regardless of which step, the key is to have to understand the audience, DAR to To solve this problem.

DAR business director Wu Yuyu said, DAR is from 7 years ago in the United States and Facebook cooperation, Nelson data provided by Facebook digital advertising revenue as the rate of measurement, Facebook was chosen because accurate touch up to sample the great support, Facebook is the most widely used social media. Best to read the age and gender information. Today DAR products have been in the global promotion, and entered the Chinese market last year.

in Chinese, Nelson, Sina and Tencent QQ micro-blog data collaboration, let Nelson become a leading digital advertising ratings of big data solutions worthy of the advertising and marketing industry as domestic digital. Based on the Tencent's 832 million account, which is about 450 million registered users as a DAR sample box, covering 70% of Chinese Internet users, and such a large user sample size is unique in the current domestic.

according to Wu Yuyu Nelson, digital advertising ratings are big data products built in high-tech and accurate scientific research significance, consumer data by the Tencent and micro-blog billion level, in a large data base, calculating the consumer advertising campaign with a mass of samples, so with the current products on the market than it it is the biggest characteristic of very precise and stable, almost all the facts. In addition, DAR also has an advantage, that is, cross screen research. Nelson is the only company in the world with cross screen ratings research and the allocation of resources across the screen, so on the basis of this, a very important feature of DAR is the overlapping data between PC terminal and mobile phone terminal removed, according to the data of the overlap between the two sets of proportional selection screen advertising ratio, help advertising in the frequency control and reach to make more appropriate choice.

Nelson and Sina micro-blog partnership. Nelson, vice president of marketing optimization Lin Wenda (Del Levin) said that Nelson wants to add more data partners, so that the sample data is more comprehensive, increase user label dimensions. In addition to the previous age, gender read, this could allow Nelson to consumers, advertisers reporting other label information, for example through the micro-blog label interest can understand the registered users in Sina forums, blogs and web browsing preferences, in order to more precise meaning of Internet users, help advertisers and media companies according to the characteristics of the crowd adjust advertising strategy.

Wu Yuyu summarizes the four advantages of DAR.

1, DAR is really big data products.

Tencent and Sina and micro-blog cooperation, let Nelson to be the two major platform of the registered account as the analysis samples, so that the data covered about 70% of the netizens Chinese. Different from the small sample in the sample data report error down to the point of the city and is very large, a large sample of Nelson let Nelson can be used in digital advertising monitoring dimension ratings share more stable and more accurate segmentation, monitoring results in turn can guide the advertisers on the advertising.

Second, DAR and cookie.

this means Nielsen has an important advantage, can achieve cross device to touch up rate. In fact, advertisement to know is their own advertising in the end how many people see, but in contrast, other digital advertising monitoring to monitor only cookie, cookie record is a behavior based on the use of terminal equipment. Nelson is the use of digital advertising ratings monitoring behavior independent audience network, from the consumer age, gender, living area, consumer behavior, cross position, site, equipment, the full range of depicting the target audience reach portrait. is simply through the use of DAR to know the exposure at the same time in different terminal is advertising for the same person, so as to solve the problem of repeated contact rate problem of different terminals. Therefore, advertisers can know what kind of person to see through the PC side and the mobile terminal advertising, which has a number of percentage of repeat, repeat rate is the number of. By understanding the repeated touch of different terminals to reach the situation, you can further decide whether to re adjust the ad budget allocation in different terminals.

Third, DAR data report daily update, immediately report the situation ratings.

compared to small sample monitoring must accumulate after a certain period of time to complete the report, Nelson because of the large data sample, with a high touch up rate, can make a daily updated data report. This has a great significance for advertisers, to help them quickly make adjustments.

Fourth, active localization.

to Nielsen both the introduction of advanced technologies and concepts are also rooted in the localization of performance data for all DAR in China processing and maintenance, and DAR in China will according to different customer needs for research and development of Chinese customers, to provide better service to China advertisers.

in addition, in order to ensure the impartiality and independence, Nelson still adhere to the usual practice in the world Chinese, only advertising monitoring strategy tool don't do any advertising products.

for process involves user data security and privacy issues, Lin Wenda believes that all products or services without also should not be at the expense of the cost of user privacy, this is not a zero sum game, but should be a win-win. Nelson's approach, before sharing data, the data collected will be anonymous, masks, aggregation, which can not be traced to a single specific user information.

forest for advertisers China Venda advice:" as more and more diverse consumer behavior now, and the network environment fragmentation for advertisers in such a complicated environment clearly grasp the target audience is very important. And traditional marketing methods can not meet this demand, which should be completed by means of large data.

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