Design a good business notebook, what is the thing to be able to give up?

Business Notebook

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a good business notebook computer should have what characteristics?

you may immediately think of many, such as strong performance, excellent heat dissipation, excellent hand feeling keyboard and touchpad, a day of battery life and enough interface...... In addition, in order to meet the needs of mobile office, an outstanding business notebook should be thin enough.

but "thin" is a lot of problems "source"

in the notebook computer body material, energy consumption ratio, battery technology has a major breakthrough in the case, if the PC vendors "thin" forced, often will bring a lot of problems, here are two examples.

the first example is Samsung Notebook 9 900X3L. When equipped with a 13.3 inch screen, low voltage core I processor and rich interfaces, it weighs only 840 grams of exaggeration, look perfect? But in order to the ultimate thin, Samsung Notebook 9 900X3L is only equipped with a 30Wh battery. In Windows, that is, the use of low voltage processor, in the daily office use, the battery capacity is also very difficult to adhere to more than 5 hours, "to meet one day office" is more out of the question.

second example is 12 of apple MacBook (New MacBook). and Samsung Notebook 9 900X3L just the opposite, 12 inches MacBook in the case of the body weight of only 920 grams, the battery capacity has reached 41Wh. With poor performance, but more energy saving core M processor and macOS better control, use the same intensity, 12 inch Mac can adhere to 10 or even 11 hours. But in order to be thin, 12 inches MacBook but also at the expense of the body interface and keyboard touch, which greatly limits its application scenarios.

can be said, how to balance the notebook computer "thin" and many other aspects, is a "world class" problem facing manufacturers PC. And style= box-sizing: "border-box

where conditions permit, the notebook computer is the lighter the better, but on the other hand, no restrictions do thin will bring some "no solution" problem. With 12 inches of MacBook as an example, when the thickness of the body it is only 13 mm case, remove the screen and cover thickness, without damage to the overall design of the case, it is almost impossible to "plug" in full size USB interface.

so in the type and quantity of interface tend to have higher requirements of the business notebook, "extreme thin" is not necessarily a good thing.

due to the different nature of the work, and not everyone needs a light of this

for professional designers, video editors etc., they often need a precise color screen, enough to" work "of the performance and scalability of the more powerful (e.g. upgrade hardware, connecting peripherals), the core of this kind of product is how powerful processor and graphics in" plug "condition, ensure excellent heat dissipation. By contrast, light and light is a relatively minor and insignificant point.

in the design of a business notebook, which cannot be compromised? And what are the things that you can give up for a while? in this period "geek" choose cooperation version of "Thinker " in the US; and from the Microsoft Office marketing manager and a senior design director chatted about this topic.

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