[Wei Shaoxin] in the three season of Kobe McGrady is a fork of Muskmelon

The new season Kobe and Tracy McGrady three fork

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Tencent sports news August 28th although for the thunder, Westbrook is not a let people rest assured the old driver. But for life after leaving Durant, Wei little himself should still feel very happy.

style=" margin-bottom: 28px; word-break: break-word; Microsoft font-family: this, Helvetica, sans-serif; line-height: 28px; white-space: normal; text-indent: 2em; text-align: justify; background-color: RGB (255, 255, 255); "> he could be the next season there is no doubt that MVP is one of the popular candidate, because in today's Lei Tingzhong, no one can shake the status of small wei. In his 8 years in the thunder's career, because Durant and his team at the same time, so the thunder had to play in the game with more singles. Over the past three years, the number of the thunder's passing is the last of the league's teams.

and at the same time, the winning team, they put the ball as a hot potato, get a hand fast pass to a teammate.

next season without Durant, Wei still keep less if rely on their own singles, then his data to be crazy. In the past two seasons, Wei less in the absence of Durant played in 48 games. In these games he averaged 30.5 points, 9.2 assists and 7.6 rebounds in the history of the NBA, only Oscar Robertson in the season had such performance.

however, Wei less is a flawed terminator. His game style in the stunning at the same time, it will bring pain to the team. 48 games in Durant's absence, Westbrook led the team with only 25 wins and 23 losses, he led the team in the 2015 season, the thunder missed the playoffs.

discussion whether it is less Wei or Durant's responsibility responsibility is meaningless, in fact, two people are at fault. Westbrook wants his teammates to play better, so that he can lighten his load. In the past few seasons, the thunder has not been sufficient to allow the organizers to two less able to play some of the ball without the ball. From this summer's situation, the thunder general manager Presti has been aware of this problem, and began to solve. The thunder of new players in the summer all have their own shortcomings, but their different abilities can let the coach Donovan to create a more complete system, allowing Westbrook to play more role on the field.

it will be less Wei occupation career a fork.

Westbrook may like 2005-2006 Kobe did use rate as high as 38.4, but such personal data and unable to bring the thunder team success. That season, the Lakers only to the Western seventh of the playoffs, and in the first round of the playoffs out. In fact, in the history of NBA, all the hope that the team in a star who is often difficult to achieve success in the playoffs. NBA history, a total of 17 players in a single season played more than 50 games, and the use of more than 35. But in these players, only one player led his team to the finals (Iverson Allen). Of the other players, 5 were in the first round out of the game, 6 people simply did not go into the playoffs, which includes the 2014-2015 season Westbrook and thunder.

but the 17 players led the team in the regular season, a winning percentage of 52.8%, in today's competitive in the West, the thunder may need to win more games, or they may have missed the playoffs. Two years ago, the performance of the same machine double Wei less three will not let them into the playoffs. Of the 17 players including Michael Jordan, Tracey Mcgrady and Carmelo Anthony, their game may be good to hear or see, but their team has stalled. Before the next season, Wei is making a decision, it is best to think about it, because there will be no more Durant - Kevin in his time to help him make mistakes.

recent rumors, the thunder will in the next season to compete for the free player Griffin, but want to get Griffin, thunder at least show that you are capable of a championship team. Will all the balls to Wei less is not a good way, once missed the playoffs, their plan will probably will be washed away.

fortunately, Westbrook on the pitch has not been completely finalized. He was on the pitch from time to time a tell all the people, and not much less Wei mining potential. Maybe in the new season, changing the usage and the role of Wei, will activate a truly terrible Westbrook. Maybe next season will be more thunder let him play less without the ball, imagine, when the opponent's defense has been on the ball less and arranged when Wei Wei, a more diversified Shaohui to the opponent to hit what. Reducing the ball does not reduce the ball's shooting or change the style of his game, in fact, it will only make him less mistakes, let him get a higher quality offensive opportunities.

Yiduonuowan last season's coaching style, he is very inclined to attack by unilateral attack and frequent free with the ball tactics. But in the last season, Wei Shaohe Durant in the game are a large number of Donovan alone, that the implementation of this strategy can not very good. And now the rest of the thunder only less, for Donovan to carry out work is beneficial, and Wei is also very happy to accept the new system.

Wei few November will be over 28 years old, as he grew older, he could not always rely on his the ability to play sports. Therefore, the ball attack is not only able to improve the efficiency of the attack Wei, but also for him to stay in the top position of the star in the outline of the outline of a good blueprint.

as a pitcher, Wei less efficiency of worrying, but he still has a great potential. In all of the NBA players, three points in the first 8 seasons of his career, 1000 players, 300 players, Wei less hit rate is the last sixth of these people. But this does not explain all the problems in the past two seasons, Wei less in the three pointer hit the ball after the acceptable rate reached 34.9%. It was a raise in the first few seasons of his career. In fact, many Hall of fame players are to 30 years old to develop their own shooting, Magic Johnson has been 30 years old to be shot in the game of middle school, Jason Kidd shot a season best in him after the age of 30.

Westbrook when he just allow all doubt, to join the league, his lack of natural consciousness passing and vision, but in one season, Wei less of these technologies are becoming more and more outstanding. And although the Wei was less but in fact, things that vanishes in a flash, he has been reduced in the game speed. In the new season, Wei less will face some new players, yibaka lost is a huge loss for the thunder, especially on defense. But in the attack, a few big new, whether it is Sabonis or ilyasova, trustwort passer.

thunder with oladipo replaced the fluctuating state of Vettese. Oladipo in catch and shoot as Vettese, but in any other aspects are stronger than Vettese, especially on defense. The last four months of last season, the three ball oladipo hit rate is close to 40%. In the new season, mondonovo may use less Wei, oladipo and Payne played three guard lineup.

Wei extraordinary is less the thunder to obtain all the key to success, but for now, the team is equally important things for his use and his support for his teammates. To the playoffs on the road is full of hardships, Wei less can choose to walk alone, you can also find a few friends on the road with them.


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